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First we need secure the griefer problem! Then we got a lot of ideas to improve the game. But if the devs won't support us in that problem, i think we should leave mindustry forever...

Hello guys ! Names Thomas! 

I like your game, but we need serious help from the devs. There is a lot of griefers. All the servers are down cuz of them ( players constantly core nuking, or deleting stuff) We need nothing to big guys, just a little vote system change or plugin. Add a new system called V2B ( Vote 2 Build). That means if a new player join the server the others need to vote (at least 2-3) to give them right to build or delete. Otherwise they can't build. That will fix the deleting griefers. The bann system need to be changed as well. Fasten up a little bit! We need 2-3 min to bann someone ( in that time he can delete belts or generators, nodes etc) 

V2B system: The player who joins the server first automatically gain the right to build, the second one need to get the right from the 1st one, etc. It's a good game guys, make it better. 

Ingame name ZonTeX. You can find me in 3000 probably every good player know me there. We working on to fix the griefer rage. I hope you will help us ! Thumbs up from Hungary!