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Hello guys ! Names Thomas! 

I like your game, but we need serious help from the devs. There is a lot of griefers. All the servers are down cuz of them ( players constantly core nuking, or deleting stuff) We need nothing to big guys, just a little vote system change or plugin. Add a new system called V2B ( Vote 2 Build). That means if a new player join the server the others need to vote (at least 2-3) to give them right to build or delete. Otherwise they can't build. That will fix the deleting griefers. The bann system need to be changed as well. Fasten up a little bit! We need 2-3 min to bann someone ( in that time he can delete belts or generators, nodes etc) 

V2B system: The player who joins the server first automatically gain the right to build, the second one need to get the right from the 1st one, etc. It's a good game guys, make it better. 

Ingame name ZonTeX. You can find me in 3000 probably every good player know me there. We working on to fix the griefer rage. I hope you will help us ! Thumbs up from Hungary!

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Anuke isnt in charge of all of the servers, they are all community hosted. So instead report these situations to the moderaters and admins.

And the V2B feature probably might already be a server plugin that exists.

problem i have noticed a griefer will never say that he is going to grief, also "currupt" people (the first on the server) could make it so nobody else could biuld (taking over the server bacicly)