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Thanks! Oh cool, you liked the sound? I  went with intentionally (what felt to me like) "broken" audio and was curious if anyone was into it!

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but is this the best place to find info on when the next lowrezjam is happening?

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New devlog! I'm basically prettying up the vegetable city, trying to get it to a level of detail & polish I'm happy with.


  • Animations for the main character (she's asymmetric!)
  • Cape & dropshadows
  • Tighter, nicer background elements/landscapes
  • Much improved tileset
  • Tile layers (character can move behind tiles)
  • Parallax tweaking
  • Carrot Punks. You can kick them!

Here's a devlog video:

The plan is to have the Player able to kick everything while in town.

Something I'll be working on soon is the game area for this concept art, which is a trash-filled moonscape.

Also, concurrently with the game I'm creating "comic panels" for the game's interactive cutscenes. Here's a sneak of the pen & ink art for that!

I am trying to intentionally overload you with art. Is it working?

Next up:

  • Afore-mentioned Trash Moon
  • Panel/cutscene  groundwork & effects
  • Figure out how to make a map screen
  • Hitboxes! Actual fighting!

Thanks for the vid! Glad you ended up liking it!

Did it seem *more* pixelated than other pixelated games? I'm curious.

Thanks a lot, man! Cool video!

Cool! I saw this on the itch front page and thought it looked great. But really nice to see some of its origins here!

Does the deck that you build carry through campaigns? Or is it new campaign, new deck?

Awesome! Thank you so much for checking it out!

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Hello! I'm going to do a devlog of my upcoming game right here on itch.io!

It is codenamed PROJECT QUINOA!

It's very early days still. BUT, I'll have you know it is:

  • A Space game (in outerspace)
  • Starring a Space Barbarian
  • A cinematic platformer that incorporates comic book panels like my previous game The Red Mummy

I do a video series about my excursion into gamedev and the first one about this game is right here:

The first area is a vegetable spaceport with organic veggie structures and villagers. Here is some concept art!

That's all for now. More to come, this game is going to be my biggest yet and probably take me forever to make! I've decided this is the spot I want to talk about the game. itch.io is the best!

(here is a slime skeleton that I made the project's icon because I haven't made a logo yet...)

Hi! Thanks a lot for checking this out!

You are talking about the video, right? Don't worry, that's all placeholder and the finished art will be much nicer. The environment will match the concept art better (but still pixel art). The main character will be animated & much more interesting to look at. She's going to be cool, I promise! 

I'm glad you like the concept art! Thanks again & keep checking back!

This is cool! I really liked the jam game!

Thanks! Your playthrough was fantastic! I'm not sure what happened when it locked up at the cowboy at the end. Sorry about that!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll try to figure it out and get back to you. 

Also, it was made in Game Maker 8 in case you need that info.

Thank you Raithias! I'm glad you liked it! Good video!

Thanks a ton for playing it!

Thanks! The mummy will be able to handle maybe a six pack in the next game! Really cool video!

Thank you PseudoGrimm! I'm glad people are liking these odd characters. A few have gotten the exact response out of the sad ape that I was hoping for. They are so misunderstood!

My next game is in progress as we speak!

Hello again! I'm very glad you are enjoying it so much!

Stephen's Sausage Roll is one of the most incredible gaming experiences I've ever had. Which I never would've predicted going in!

Some other semi-recent faves: Full Bore, Corrypt, Baba is You.

I appreciate the article & thanks for the Rusty Lake recommendation!

Hey! The look of this is really cool. Lots of potential, I hope you can span it into something bigger!

Haha, weirded you out, did I? I've been known to do that. Probably best not to read into the meaning too much...but thanks for sticking with it!

And you successfully Identified the credits track! If you listen closely you can spot riffs from that song throughout the game's other tracks.

Hey Rostiger! Wow, your expressions are great and really translate! I could tell you are into it and that made my day!
You had the right idea for a second there! You have to hit the hoops with your attack! You will start swinging.
Thanks so much for playing. I'm glad to have players from Germany!

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Oh, sweet! My first let's play! You are the man! 

You can definitely kill the captive and see him(!) in the ghost room instead of the warlock. You actually did the less violent choice in both the beginning and the end.

Looks like Bankenstein and some of the controls gave you a hard time. Sorry about that! Also, x-box controllers should work!

Thanks! More wild times are in planning as we speak!

Yes! Thank you! A retro/modern day contradiction, this mummy is!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to play & comment!

Great game! Good mix of brawler & old school dungeon crawl!

This is fantastic, man! 

I have no idea the connection between the pod bits and the bird scene, but amazingly well done and I greatly enjoy the experimental weirdness on display!

This is fantastic, man! 

I have no idea the connection between the pod bits and the bird scene, but amazingly well done and I greatly enjoy the experimental weirdness on display!

This might be the slickest tower defense game I've played.

I failed the main levels but had no problem with cool.txt (which I made).

Yes! I enjoyed visiting The Black Lodge for a bit! Well done and great atmosphere. Something about it reminds me of the Dark Engine too (the original Thief games, System Shock 2)....the big surreal spaces and sound maybe.

Man, this collection would have changed everything in 1989!

Xoo: Xeno Safari is the highlight, just a chill out and explore pseudo-RPG. I had a fondness for Owlbears as well.

Check it out!

Man, this collection would have changed everything in 1989!

Xoo: Xeno Safari is the highlight, just a chill out and explore pseudo-RPG. I had a fondness for Owlbears as well.

Check it out!

At first I didn't like the level structure, wanting one big sprawling city with no rules. But really I'd be doing the same things, so I got used to it. What if the naming was themed around "North South East West" or districts? "1-1, 2-1" etc just puts me in mind of endless downward dungeons, which doesn't seem to fit with the game's theme to me.

Also, is there currently an end point? I've only made it to 2-2. Big fan if the bomb levels!

I've been loving this game! All about the Wrestler and Jock weirdly.

Posted in SYMBOL comments

Hi. I've been enjoying the hell out of your games lately. I played Crypt Worlds a while back, but have been revisiting these others and I have a new appreciation for the worlds you create. I can't wait the see what you've got planned next!

(PS- Symbol was my fav of the ones here, I think b/c it felt the most complete, but they are all damned exceptional.)

This game is phenomenal. It's a no-holds-barred JRPG that sometimes feels like a roguelike or paper/pencil RPG. And it's even got mild puzzles. The way you build your character will determine your path.

If fighting through an intensely bizarre, dense dungeon/prison, barely surviving, sounds like fun to you, you gotta experience the Void Pyramid.

Thank you so much for this game. It might be my favorite on itchio.