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This is really cool! I kept getting viscously killed however, gonna dive back in soon! I feel like there's some cool stuff hidden...

The swap to the mundane other world was mind-blowing really, I totally did not expect that! It's like I chose an entirely different game right at the very beginning and it was like "ok, here you go!" and it really existed. Very cool, I'll keep looking out for your stuff!

yes! Make this please!

Very inventive! I'd like to see more of this world and style! Seems it could go on a shelf right next to Crypt Worlds!

Liked the main character too

oh no really? I'm doomed

Good time, baby!

This game rules! Love the theme and tight design. There are already some very fun builds. Toothpick strats ftw!

I encourage you to expand it! 

There are many small and large persons to shoot. Play it!

This version looks pretty cool. But what happened to the old one?

cool! Happy to see devlogs on here! How many levels will there be or is that spoilertown?

what's good?

You need human flesh/organ to start (ie: the eye). Tho I guess if you're talking literal pork bacon, you could have an inside-out pig mummy on your hands. Do give me any ideas!! hehe

this is one of the coolest reviews I've gotten in quite some time! Thanks a lot!

The encouragement is always super welcome. But yeah, you're right. I won't be stopping anytime soon, haha!

Eye know right?

I really appreciate the nice words!

wow that's a great review! thanks for taking the time!

Thanks! It's originally inspired by games in CHAIN (check my itch page under "collabs") where, without talking to each other, a whole slew of the games coincidentally defaulted to being about collecting books and running from eyeballs. Collecting pages is a common task in slender-alikes, and you see eyeballs a lot in indie horror. There's something elemental and meta about them, like a basic archetype monster. I could prob do another game about it haha!

hey thanks! Glad I can always supply the craziness!

There will never not be eyes looking at you. Freaky, no?

cool thanks for playing! was the glitch just something you could see on your other monitor (no evidence in the video)? Players have had issues with dual monitor setups in my games before. I'll see what I can do!

Thank you (I've run out of eye jokes!)

Thanks! I want to do a bit more with the battle system down the line!

I took out the death mechanic. It saved time and I didn't really know how to balance what would be a fair fight. The eyes basically appear in random spots.

With the oppressive bells and eyes bearing down on you, I figured it was scary enough. Thought players would assume they could die (and bonus: think they did a great tactical job in killing them on first go!)

Eye wouldn't know weird if it poked them in the eye.

Seems you got the meta element to it! Not sure if you played CHAIN, an HPS1 project, but this was a reaction trying to grasp with why so many of the games defaulted to "running from eyeballs, collecting pages."

Thanks! We all have our own understandings of what eyeballs are doing lurking in hidden spaces humans aren't allowed to enter.

thanks! I like that you didn't figure out the lightning til the very end so you had to deal with this terrible eyeball column the whole time! Might've given me an idea!

weirder every day is my motto!

...but you haven't played the ending of Mummy Sandbox yet! Soon tho! Thanks a lot for playing!

Most days lately I have felt like a mourning cube.

Cool game!

Also I'm gonna get to the bottom of this "optiplane" business some day.

This went from Kafka to the most apocalyptic thing I've experienced in some time in 3 routine days. Very hopeless. But an immensely enjoyable and beautiful world to look at. Great colors and characters!

Amazing job! I'd love more stories in this world!

you're the best, Johnny!

Thanks! I'm experimenting with turn-based tactical combat in 1st person. I kinda did it in a hacky way here, just to see how it works. Glad you liked it!

btw, been seeing giraffecat/synnah from Wizjam in HauntedPS1 circles lately. It would be cool if you came over too!

I got the ref! (heh, captainamerica.gif or w/e) I guess the idea of ripping eyeballs sorta just made me think "oh no, should there be a thing?" heh, disregard. Thanks again!

whoa! you beat it already? Thanks a lot!

You reminded me to put the content warning in the description. Should there be, like, an "eye injury" warning I wonder?

open to all interpretations!

My weirdest game is Pause Screen 2 I think, kinda a bizarre epic. Tho if you like glitchy puzzles there's Bone Warper, and Red Mummy if you like atmosphere/story.

I've been seeing lots of people with that bug (none of the curation team had it tho weirdly). It's something to do with how GMS captures the mouse, maybe dual monitor. I'll hopefully fix it for the full release!

Thanks for playing! If you play any of my other games, lemme know what you think!

It's the same, more or less. Play it again tho!

I saw the video! Thanks a lot. You are like my official LPer!