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Exceptionally cool game! It totally nails the sci-fi Dying Earth genre: exploring a long dead space, sifting thru layers of culture, trash, etc, but making meaning out if none of it. The rooms are crazy detailed and exact, no bit ever repeated. The "crafted pixel by pixel" method really suits the gameplay/setting, where you ponder over each intricate bit, taking of it what you can then moving on. The fact that each area is 100% fillied with something, even if it's rubble or layers of paint...this is an area that has been lived in so much it's impossible to understand!

I look forward to your future output. Great stuff!

Yep! You beat it! Thanks for playing and I hope you liked it! Check out some of my other games, Bone Warper is puzzley/glitchy as well!

It should quit if you hit Esc and then "T".

I'm very glad you liked it! More is on the way!

Thanks! I'm glad the puzzles work, and that I've got/faked a good hacker feel. I basically started with "wouldn't it be weird if you could do this here" and built the puzzles around that!

I'll give you a hint for the place you are stuck over on the forums! (Tho I will give hints to anyone who needs them here too)

This is a weird one...You might be asking what this has to do with Battletoads. But, spilling the beans here, not much. Something I did when I starting making games 5 years ago is rip assets from NES games and "glitch them out." So I thought I'd do that again, use that as a springboard to some real madness this time!

Game uses keyboard & mouse. And figuring out what to do is precisely how you are supposed to play! I don't want to reveal any of the surprises here!

Have fun and lemme know your thoughts...

Thank you! An ovation? Wow. That's great to hear and I'm glad people are still finding this game!

I'm intending to repackage all my weird platformers into a collection, so you'll find more along these lines to enjoy from me soon!

Ah dang. Sorry the hard combat got you. My idea was to make it "deliberate" where each move mattered, and emulate a slow, powerful barbarian. It very well could suck!

I'm a huge fan of Scioli (and Kirby) so that's amazing to hear! Thanks for playing!

Oh and you found the hidden potato beast! 

Are you stuck on a particular fight? If you are having trouble with one, there is a skip you can do. Let me know if you want this forbidden power! (This goes for other players too: I'll tell you, but only if you all want the temptation of knowing it!)

"Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top" is a blurb I'll definitely take! I like that it's hitting that mark for you. Thanks so much for playing & your comment!

Thank you! My current plan is 4 issues. Stay tuned (though I'll have some other games come out in between issues!)

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This was a perfect game to play Halloween night! 

I really loved it. The ambiguity worked in its favor quite a bit. I loved how it refrained from adding lore or text, and let these cursed worlds exist on their own, justify their own meaning. I even came to like the title of the game as super fitting: so, guess I'm collecting artifacts to power up a blood god. Okay with me!

I figured out the codes, but not what is supposed to go on the tombstone. Is it possible we are still missing a secret in this game?

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Itch download page here!  Please Post in the comments if you play!

Comic Book cover!

I hope you like it! 

I'm so glad you liked it!

I loved this. The world of the game especially seems so fantastic and eerie, weird in all the proper ways! it seems so "of a piece" with your previous game, and also some to the gifs you've posted. I'm absolutely ecstatic about seeing more!

Is this still in development? I couldn't get the scope to work at all, and noticed strange gray walls around the pyramid. It's also a tad unclear if you've "done everything" and got the real ending.

Absolutely stellar game!

This game makes me happy! Thanks for making it!

It had an enjoyable vibe and cool world that sorta reminded me of StarTropics...and some neat puzzles! 

I like that you kept it ambiguous what your original form was, it keeps the overall metaphor of the game really strong: You are what you choose to be!

I found 7 gems on my own, so I'm glad I saw the hint.txt to get to the endgame stuff. You really went the extra mile in terms of completeness.

Though if you make a sequel, please make a seperate transmute selection screen! The scrolling was a tiny annoyance, but actually became a mechanic with the 2 duels, becoming like a memory challenge (which was cool but not esp worth the annoyance imo haha).

Keep making games!

I'm glad the skip level cheat helped you see all the weirdness. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the new mechanics and ending! Thanks!

Thanks for playing!

oooh really liked the way this one controlled. It felt mostly puzzley, but a bit like a roguelike (a Brough staple imo). Cool art!

Phenomenal game and great idea! Please expand this one, I loved it!

Whoa I'm going to need a bit to figure this one out! Super true to the spirit of the jam!

Really fun with cool sprites and feel. I'm not sure how to really rack up points tho, because you seem to be rewarded for success by the waves advencing? I got to the feet, unsure what that was about..

Nice one!

I liked the theme of this, the art, and how your spacemen eternally rotated.

Cool thank you!

Cool glitch game. It seems to break almost immediately when you use your "envelope" ability and it goes negative and you have no idea what you are doing. Unsure if this is a puzzle game, adventure (town exploring) game, or a roguelike. Def keeps you guessing. 

When I killed an enemy thinking I could now get past it becomes some kind of impassable spirit? And I think I went to heaven at one point? haha!

Nice sokoban that has good pacing and ramps up nicely. I like the the classic "three blocks" puzzle showed up so late that I almost messed it up!

A simple roguelike and (I think) procedural maze game. It's a tad basic but I enjoyed the general structure!

Kind of a chess roguelike. I enjoyed the mechanics and think it could polish up, add sound, etc into a really cool thing!

Thanks! I was checking out yours earlier too. I will give it a proper play soon!

Try to escape to the surface. Using your rake!

Link to download page!

It's a jam game...a hard roguelike-inspired turn-based puzzle game. It was done in 7 days for "7 Day Broughlike" and I took influence from his puzzle games like Corrypt and others like Stephen's Sausage Roll. This is what I was able to do in the time limit but I'm intending to add more levels and a secret ending!

Thanks! Which level are you stuck on? 

Space Bar rewinds so keep trying different stuff to see what happens!

Really cool game. I love the mixing in of immersive sim feeling bits of Thief & Arx Fatalis. Atmosphere is really great! The art of the sprites suits the environments too.

The world is actually interesting, somewhat surprising when you've got dwarves & orcs & the like. I'd like to know more about this world. 

However something that hurts the immersion is the text: by default it's much too small, and if you navigate thru the 5000 options and resize it, the lines all squash together, making you not want to read the notes strewn about. I realize a lot of this is on gzdoom, but would it be impossible to have cutaway parchment notes with scribbled text as in Thief or various RPGs?

Nitpick aside, absolutely keeping my eye on this as it develops!

Whoa just learned about this! I've never made a roguelike, much less a broughlike, but it's my full intention to enter this. I use GMS2! And I'll likely make a more puzzley one ala Corrypt or Game Title.

I liked these scenes quite a bit! 

I loved the gameplay, exploration, and look of Eponymous, but sorta lost the thread of any narrative as the audio bits went on. I feel like this told a successful (though super simple) story entirely by the visuals/environment, which, in my opinion, works a tad better.

Thanks! Kinda funny but the minigame, in my head, is a hacking game....but it has nothing to do with hacking really haha.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you were into all my weird little mechanics!

Here is my game if you fancy Warping some Bones...

Great characters. I loved the minimal colors and feel of the background. 

The jumping didn't feel great. The detection with the platforms made it feel like you could "hang" below the ledge for a bit. I would have liked if you had stripped away a lot of the action bits and instead have an adventurey "explore the hive" sorta experience, but that's just me. Cheers!

I love the retro feel. It kinda feels like wandering through a forgotten NES cart that's been damaged but you can still play it somehow.

I enjoyed it. And kinda liked figuring it out without looking at the rules! It's basically low rez Plants vs. Zombies.

I did spend a little too much time in the stat upgrade menu and not looking at the game, but guess that's to be expected with the lack of space! Cool game!

This took a left turn for sure. My brain went through this: "oh it's gonna be a story-based mini JRPG alright!" then *mild disappointment* "oh it's a wave-based brawler" then "what the hell I died and am now talking to a spear?!

I like the characters, pixel art, and story bits. I wasn't able to get too far, went up to the evil boss and I think tried to possess him but the game ended because I didn't know his name. When it restarted the ghost was already there in the scene where the knight warns the king. So it's a tad janky, but I really enjoyed it and think you could span a bigger game out of this!