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At first I didn't like the level structure, wanting one big sprawling city with no rules. But really I'd be doing the same things, so I got used to it. What if the naming was themed around "North South East West" or districts? "1-1, 2-1" etc just puts me in mind of endless downward dungeons, which doesn't seem to fit with the game's theme to me.

Also, is there currently an end point? I've only made it to 2-2. Big fan if the bomb levels!

I've been loving this game! All about the Wrestler and Jock weirdly.

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Hi. I've been enjoying the hell out of your games lately. I played Crypt Worlds a while back, but have been revisiting these others and I have a new appreciation for the worlds you create. I can't wait the see what you've got planned next!

(PS- Symbol was my fav of the ones here, I think b/c it felt the most complete, but they are all damned exceptional.)

This game is phenomenal. It's a no-holds-barred JRPG that sometimes feels like a roguelike or paper/pencil RPG. And it's even got mild puzzles. The way you build your character will determine your path.

If fighting through an intensely bizarre, dense dungeon/prison, barely surviving, sounds like fun to you, you gotta experience the Void Pyramid.

Thank you so much for this game. It might be my favorite on itchio.