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Jumping on this late, but I was happy to see you devlogging this on itch after following you on the bird app saying you are "making a mega-dungeon." Plus, cool Arx inspo!

I'm really into your content! I'm hoping to run this as the start of a campaign soon (sorta a beach/tide pool world). 

Anywhere I can hit you up online? I think you deleted your twitter (I don't blame you hah).

Fantastic! Great feel (Thief-like?) and atmosphere. I liked puzzling out the world.

I can't wait to see how this develops (probably obvious, but a save game is needed)! Keep up the awesomeness!

the game's code is inside various objects/instances in (a version I don't have anymore of) gamemaker's script editor. If there's some way to get a different, whatever re-ordered code GMS converts it to to run the game off of (if that's how it actually works? dunno) I have no idea how that is done/acquired at all. Maybe look into how people mod old GMS games like Hotline Miami? 

Sorry about those soft locks! Yeah my platformers did that a lot I remember.

haha I checked your WR speedrun video. That's very cool! I'm glad to know this exists. And happy you were able to find an exploit that didn't make the whole game hard crash! Doesn't that happen, like, a whole bunch when you try to find skips/etc for speedrunning?

Gamemaker's scripting language: GML. It was created with GMS1 (I forget the exact version)

game looks exciting!

Even if it's overhead you could always zoom the camera down and around for cutscenes!

Happy Madvent to one & all!

Thanks Alex! All the 3d characters and levels were made in crocotile btw!

That was it! (I wasn't even looking in preferences!) Thanks so so much for dealing with my issue!

just noticed on your screenshot it has something mine does not: under meshes window "Type: Standard/Terrain." Not present for me in the program.

I've been toggling that, yes. I even went thru Appdata and deleted all folders/files with "ddd" (in case it was grabbing old customization info from there somehow) before I installed the version you just put up (no crash in viewer settings thanks!). Could it be my video card somehow?

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downloaded and unzipped again and still not showing! I'm toggling everything in "more" and "vertex format" and "viewer settings" to no avail haha (btw "reset" in "viewer settings" crashes the prog every time for me). I'm baffled why it's not working.

sure. Just a 12 tri mound with some colors on it I was using to test

dropbox link

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yes. Tho they are weird long decimals on the colored vertexes I think.

o Default
v 0 4.75 3.125 1 1 1
v 5 9.75 0 1 1 1
v 0 9.75 3.125 0.32156863808631897 0.5686274766921997 0.7607843279838562
v 5 4.75 0 0.7019608020782471 0.10196078568696976 0.03921568766236305
v -5 4.75 0 0.7019608020782471 0.10196078568696976 0.03921568766236305
v 0 4.75 3.125 1 1 1
v -5 9.75 0 1 1 1
v 0 9.75 3.125 0.32156863808631897 0.5686274766921997 0.7607843279838562
v 0 9.75 3.125 1 0.8509804010391235 0.4588235318660736


(and yes, I made sure to get the beta version)

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whoa it's so cool you are helping me (and other croc users) out on this! I tried the beta version, but may be doing something wrong tho. If I export to .obj from Crocotile (a model with vertex colors obviously, and checkmark "Vertex Colors") then add mesh into Penguin they should be showing up, right? It's still blank for me. The creator of Crocotile told me this when I asked, dunno if it helps: 

"crocotile adds the vertex r g b values to the end of the vertex x y z data in the .obj, if vertex colors is checked on export.. it's not a standard of obj, but some programs might read the vertex data such as MeshLab."

That would be very appreciated! Thank you!

just learned simply exporting to obj is wiping the vertex color info. I didn't know that. Any tips for doing what I'm trying ? (get vertex colors working in gamemaker?)

Hello! Just downloaded a newer version than I had and seems like a lot of new features! Thanks!

Any hints on why I can't seem to get vertex color from obj files exported from Crocotile working? (I've figured out the alpha inverting bit)

Thanks! Yeah the Dread X community are pals!

The demo for this was on The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021. Go check those out (if you haven't already!) and want a similar anthology to the Dread collections. The third one is on its way soon!

good stuff!

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This is really cool! I kept getting viscously killed however, gonna dive back in soon! I feel like there's some cool stuff hidden...

The swap to the mundane other world was mind-blowing really, I totally did not expect that! It's like I chose an entirely different game right at the very beginning and it was like "ok, here you go!" and it really existed. Very cool, I'll keep looking out for your stuff!

yes! Make this please!

Very inventive! I'd like to see more of this world and style! Seems it could go on a shelf right next to Crypt Worlds!

Liked the main character too

oh no really? I'm doomed

Good time, baby!

This game rules! Love the theme and tight design. There are already some very fun builds. Toothpick strats ftw!

I encourage you to expand it! 

There are many small and large persons to shoot. Play it!

cool! Happy to see devlogs on here! How many levels will there be or is that spoilertown?

what's good?

You need human flesh/organ to start (ie: the eye). Tho I guess if you're talking literal pork bacon, you could have an inside-out pig mummy on your hands. Do give me any ideas!! hehe

this is one of the coolest reviews I've gotten in quite some time! Thanks a lot!

The encouragement is always super welcome. But yeah, you're right. I won't be stopping anytime soon, haha!

Eye know right?

I really appreciate the nice words!

wow that's a great review! thanks for taking the time!

Thanks! It's originally inspired by games in CHAIN (check my itch page under "collabs") where, without talking to each other, a whole slew of the games coincidentally defaulted to being about collecting books and running from eyeballs. Collecting pages is a common task in slender-alikes, and you see eyeballs a lot in indie horror. There's something elemental and meta about them, like a basic archetype monster. I could prob do another game about it haha!

hey thanks! Glad I can always supply the craziness!

There will never not be eyes looking at you. Freaky, no?

cool thanks for playing! was the glitch just something you could see on your other monitor (no evidence in the video)? Players have had issues with dual monitor setups in my games before. I'll see what I can do!