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Thanks for playing! If you play any of my other games, lemme know what you think!

It's the same, more or less. Play it again tho!

I saw the video! Thanks a lot. You are like my official LPer!

all good!

It sounds like you had an issue with a shader I used for the glowing effect, considering it happened during the dog and grampa cutscenes. I'll be on the lookout to see if anyone else gets it!

I hope you stick around for the rest of Madvent even tho you didn't care for my entry!

Thanks for continuing with these reviews! 

I'll respond with more detail later, but Paralysis Penguin is a mashup of many of my dreams. Grampa is a manifestation of my sleep paralysis, a sleep disorder I have.

I really like the things you wrote, and no interpretation is invalid, so no reason to apologize or anything! Cheers!

Thanks for playing and making a video! We may have frontloaded a couple of the harder games. Most the games' controls should be easy to figure out, even if you aren't prompted: WASD to move, try both mouse buttons, and E to interact. But typically the games have prompts in them!

Thanks for taking the time to write all that! It would be cool if you continued these write-ups! Lots of games to come and lots of devs looking for reactions and feedback!

Don't worry about being critical, the devs might read here but we realize that that is part of it and we aren't perfect. We want to hear your opinions!

Several of the games are short and have abrupt endings because the original prompt was "make a haunted scene." So some are all about exploring an interesting space and that's all there is to it. 

Stick around! Some amazing stuff coming!

Nope! It's PC! Some of the games are emulating PS1 graphics, but the Haunted PS1 community at large has become more about being inspired by a retro aesthetic across a wider spectrum than just PS1.

This had a big developer overlap with CHAIN and comes from the same community! Thanks for playing!

It has been discussed! No concrete plans yet.

How did you like the game? Be sure to rate it and check out all the devs other games!

...the rattling, right?

Great video!

ooo I really appreciate your thoughts and narrative take!

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Thanks! I did a bit of 2d plus 3d combo in Pause Screen 2 (battletoads/double dragon). Check that out too if you feel inclined! I'm not sure what happened with your audio...there's not all that much in this game, but lemme know if it happens with my other games?

Nice LP! Hehe, you got scared by our cowboy hero!

Genius level game! I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope you make games forever! haha

You heard them, play it! heh.

Oh whoa, played my old game too! Now that's a supportive YTer! I really appreciate it!

Thanks! Check out The Meanderthal as well as it's a successor to the comics/games mashup idea. Tho it does get hard and I'm releasing an easy mode soon!

...And that's the blurb for the back of the box! Thank you!

Quite an endorsement! Thanks so much for playing!

Aw dang. Sorry about that! I'll keep on the lookout to see if it happens to anyone else and fix it!

whoa thanks for the review! That rules, glad you like it. Yeah the audio is a little boring on this one, mainly just the walking noises (had to be able to do the backwards sounds...and I debated making a little song that plays forwards and backwards.) It's definitely just an experiment, I wasn't able to make the shooting satisfying and it's more like it's puzzles than anything.

Thanks again!

Ah...don't think it was stuck then...

*Spoilers* You are rewinding, going backwards, so when the "flash" pops up you need to re-shoot the enemy you shot when advancing forward (it could be off in the distance or hidden among "arm" sprites depending on when you shot it!). Basically if there is a crosshair on the screen, that means there is something you can shoot!

Thanks a lot! I'm nothing if not a wellspring of odd ideas at the least!

Thanks! Where did it freeze? Do you remember? I'll need to squash that bug!

Download Here!

A fleshy western horror experience! Cowboys and ninjas meet and odd things happen... 


I made it for the Haunted PS1 Summer Jam! If you play it, lemme know what you think on the itch page comments, thanks!

haha glad you liked the ending! Cool endings are pretty important to me...I always like to end on a memorable note! So happy you returned to the game and commented! Please check out my other games if you haven't yet!

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Exceptionally cool game! It totally nails the sci-fi Dying Earth genre: exploring a long dead space, sifting thru layers of culture, trash, etc, but making meaning out if none of it. The rooms are crazy detailed and exact, no bit ever repeated. The "crafted pixel by pixel" method really suits the gameplay/setting, where you ponder over each intricate bit, taking of it what you can then moving on. The fact that each area is 100% fillied with something, even if it's rubble or layers of paint...this is an area that has been lived in so much it's impossible to understand!

I look forward to your future output. Great stuff!

Yep! You beat it! Thanks for playing and I hope you liked it! Check out some of my other games, Bone Warper is puzzley/glitchy as well!

It should quit if you hit Esc and then "T".

I'm very glad you liked it! More is on the way!

Thanks! I'm glad the puzzles work, and that I've got/faked a good hacker feel. I basically started with "wouldn't it be weird if you could do this here" and built the puzzles around that!

I'll give you a hint for the place you are stuck over on the forums! (Tho I will give hints to anyone who needs them here too)

This is a weird one...You might be asking what this has to do with Battletoads. But, spilling the beans here, not much. Something I did when I starting making games 5 years ago is rip assets from NES games and "glitch them out." So I thought I'd do that again, use that as a springboard to some real madness this time!

Game uses keyboard & mouse. And figuring out what to do is precisely how you are supposed to play! I don't want to reveal any of the surprises here!

Have fun and lemme know your thoughts...

Thank you! An ovation? Wow. That's great to hear and I'm glad people are still finding this game!

I'm intending to repackage all my weird platformers into a collection, so you'll find more along these lines to enjoy from me soon!

Ah dang. Sorry the hard combat got you. My idea was to make it "deliberate" where each move mattered, and emulate a slow, powerful barbarian. It very well could suck!

I'm a huge fan of Scioli (and Kirby) so that's amazing to hear! Thanks for playing!

Oh and you found the hidden potato beast! 

Are you stuck on a particular fight? If you are having trouble with one, there is a skip you can do. Let me know if you want this forbidden power! (This goes for other players too: I'll tell you, but only if you all want the temptation of knowing it!)

"Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top" is a blurb I'll definitely take! I like that it's hitting that mark for you. Thanks so much for playing & your comment!

Thank you! My current plan is 4 issues. Stay tuned (though I'll have some other games come out in between issues!)