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You should be able to run the .pck file or the source code using the Linux version of Godot 3.3.4 without any problem.

But I wouldn't recommend it since the resolution of this app is stuck at 1280*480, which is not suitable for any other monitor than the one on DevTerm, it's more of a proof-of-concept thing than a practical app.

Anyway here is the Linux test build:

Haha, I made it initially for me and my partner to study together in university, I'm so happy you find it useful ;)

Thank you for your feedback, we didn't have a lot of time to tweak the control/difficulty in 4 hours, it will probably be adjusted after the jam is over. It had an easier aim in the early version but it appears to be too easy, but now it appears to be too difficult :(


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Why is this a thing ∑(;°Д°)

No requirements, I'll contact you directly for translation related stuffs.

We are currently looking for people to translate the game into Chinese, but unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed at this moment.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have a place to host a public server or server list, you will need to download the server app and host it yourself, sorry :/

Glad you enjoyed it :) We are already working on the tutorial level, with a proper UI and better scheme control text in future releases.

Hi MGCVald, thank you for the feedback. Fullscreen mode along with other game settings will be available in the future, the game mechanics are not 100% finalized yet thus we haven't bothered to make an options menu for now. A detailed tutorial explaining how to use ship skills to dodge and how weapon upgrade works in the game will also be added later.

It is a simple game so you didn't miss much, and you can always come back in the future when you can completely experience it ;)

Hi, all the versions come with the source code, you can use love to run the directory directly.

Yeah, I agree that the gameplay is a little bit too simple, maybe I can add a realtime mode in the future, that could be easier and probably interesting t to throw off the other player lol.

Glad you enjoyed it, I did use this jam as an opportunity to practice making multiplayer games, thankfully it worked in the end haha.

Actually, that could be an interesting idea, maybe I'll make a proper reimagination of Simon Says next jam ;)

I'm sorry I cannot replicate the bug, I made a HTML5 build but during the voting it won't allow me to upload, it looks slightly darker than the desktop version it can be downloaded from here:

Is it the Windows version or Linux, does it popup error or it won't acturally show anything at all?

I see you are using Godot engine as well lol, I really like the design of Godot engine, and it is free and open source, hopefully in the future it will gain enough popularity that I can use it in workplace rather than using Unity because "it is popular and it has more support" X_X

Glad you like it, I was not sure how  "frustrating" it needs to be for a flappy bird game, but seems like it is frustrating  enough XD

Thanks for the feedback, some of the news are actually tied to the market price of one or all stocks, it will affect the tendency and amplitude of price changes for a period of time, I may have made it too small to be noticeable. As for the graph, it is indeed a good feature to have, I might add it later after the voting is over.

Thank you for your support, I certainly had a lot of fun making it, glad you find the game enjoyable.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I updated the game with quite a few bug fixes, it should fix the stability issue.

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I've added the auto window resize function to the macOS build, other builds will be updated later today. The game window should be resizable, can you try to maximize the window see if that fix the problem temporarily?

Update: Unfortunately during the GMTK Game Jam voting period I am not able to make any changes to files, but you can find the binary build on GitLab repository here if interested:

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That is a very good point, thank you for pointing that out, the new 1.12 version I changed the font to Open Sans, should be easier to read than before.

Thank you for feedback, there are quite a few bugs I did not pick up during the test play, it will be fixed pretty soon, and I am glad to hear your friend enjoy the game I made.

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Thank you for checking out my game, I had a lot of fun in the past 3 days by making this, I'm glad that you enjoy playing it as well ;)