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Thanks very much for the link, and thanks for the jam!

Hi, I'd like to get a late submission link for my project for the jam:


Small query, are we allowed to have borders in the game window for larger/smaller resolutions, but the game is still restricted to its 64x64 resolutions? 

Basically what I was thinking was using a RenderTexture square in Unity and projecting the game onto that so the scale can be seen on larger resolutions, and have a border around the box to leave less blank space lying about. 

Thanks in advance. 

Thanks for being a host of this jam. It was a great opportunity for me to actually start AND finish a project, and actually motivated me to work on more game projects again. So thanks for giving a jam that sparked my game making drive again! 

It should still allow you to edit the page. Don't think that will affect your submission time. 

Nevermind, I got a proper twist now: gonna turn it into a bullet hell. Not much of a twist, but I reckon I can make it fun.

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The twist in mine is that I'm actually twisting a classic anime and instead injecting that into a classic game, Uridium 2. Not much of a twist admittedly, but I might have worked out a proper twist by then. Thought it would be fun though and take one classic and mash it with another classic.

I'm solo-ing the game outside of music and possibly SFX (could end up not being the case since he's busy a bit through this week), which will be by Mairu.