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Sorry I don't understand what you say.. Is it not what I said ?

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Hi Anuke !

Well, I understand that the turrets calculate their angle of sight in relation to the future position of the enemy. But I tell myself that it would be nice to be able to disable it sometimes. Because the enemies have a path annoying because of the ground and walls and therefore the turrets have a hard time aiming correctly.

 That would be possible?

I know, I know but it don't work and I don't know why, that is why I'm here. And as Suros says, the difference between my both pc is that my pc who reborn doesn't have its files.

So, I'll try his solution and I'll tell if that resolve my problem.

Thanks anyway

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So, It works and when I launch the game it doesn't say me that there are files missing, but now it says :

I'm sorry but I really want to play :/

I have Arduino, Minecraft and Java, I'll try it thx.

I know it is not very useful for everyone, but my problem is that my pc do not has the MSVCR100.dll file (that what it says when I run Mindustry), and it's very hard to find a solution whitout pay a software who "fixes" my computer and I don't like this.

If anyone knows about this problem and knows a solution, give it to me please.(I'll give more details if someone replies and claims to have an answer)

Thank you in advance and sry for my english.

In fact, I recently reborn a laptop and I install windows 7 64bits on it. And even if I installed all perfectly, when I launch Mindustry, it says files missing like MSVCR100.dll on my computer. And after that, it says "Failed to compile shader: fragment shader(s) failed to link, vertex shader(s) linked." and create a crash report file(above).

(Sorry for my english)

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Have you a 64bits or 32bits OS platform ?

I advise you to give a screenshot of your crash report text(like me :)) or in other case, at least give more information, I guess...

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I download Mindustry on my computer and it works, but I try to download on an other pc but it don't work :

I think it's caused by the latest version because if I remember it isn't the same version I download on both. But I can't say so please, help me!

(don't tease me plz I'm french, thx)