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Technically you could combine FreeDoom Phase 2, Zandronum and both PK3s with a map of your choice or even your making, but unsure if it’d be legal

Throws an exception, saying theme song “doesn’t exist” when run in Project 64

Actually, Bardbarian and Nimble Quest both predate Vampire/Magic Survival and can be considered the oldest examples of autoshooter/逆弾幕 if you wanna go super-deep, IIRC the TurboGrafx had an autoshooter with ludicrous bullet spread as the firmware embedded test “game”…

Some Japanese YTer described this game as a 逆弾幕 (Reverse Bullet Curtain), which it’s not. It’s a normal shooter, whereas 逆弾幕 specifically refers to Magic/Vampire Survivors. The less SEO-friendly term for 逆弾幕 is “autoshooter”.

Please rename the game, as it pops into #1 result when people look for the trilogy by Digital Eel and may mistake this for a related project

Actually, both FreeDoom2 and GZDoom licenses allow commercial use so you can just sell this as a full prototype rather than a mod under NYOP

Darker outline when valid + a buffer to offload one bad piece could be welcome additions to the title.

Itch featured you on Twitter…

sadly, yes you need to replace permanently statused heroes. That’s why you get more heroes than loot.

I have, sadly, overspent myself on gaming recently - else I’d consider buying this, though it does remind me of Dice Hunter for Android (but without that game’s p2w)

Itch’s official Twitter featured you. btw, sorry, dude, you got the controls wrong. It’s usually WASD to move and arrows to shoot.

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Cthon is smoother, less buggy, and and not trying to do the Diablo “hand” gimmick like 1MD. I hope in the sequel the pumps and such won’t be weapon specific, and that you could spend coolant-mana in addition to ammo. I’d like you to also publish a core data pack for GZDoom, which could be used with any level generators available for the engine.

Bought it on Steam, and I was wondering if it’s possible to have a SMG. This is way better executed than One More Dungeon, the Unity-based Hexen-rogue on Switch/PC by Ratalaika and (forgot the dev name)

"DOOM & DOOM II" community · Created a new topic FreeDoom

Please include FreeDoom’s Phase 2 as the IWAD.

not really, it gives the thing an initial lesson

Please patch the game so that it can find the key file after it is placed in the install folder

Please add a desktop build for $5. For $10 add manual driving, where the player is the green

title says it all

Unity dev program is kinda difficult to apply to, may have more luck with TinyBuild or similar - or by porting to RPG Maker that has a free “player” app on the Switch.

Breach’s big boohoo is its isometric view, otherwise would be a fine game!

Reminds me of Chain Strike for Android, but without 3D bloat or IAP!

Can you port this to one of the game-makers available on Switch, with the actual Switch version ticket-code only visible to people who bought on Itch? (landing a deal with TinyBuild or Devolver Digital may be hard as hell)

Also, I think that there should be a limit of two active Pets on screen, plus one at most per ranger or other unit who can summon one: a Dog (as it currently is) and a Cat (Knight melee attack, Hiss repel skill)

This is the bastard son of Soda Dungeon and Auto Chess! :(

Also can't download.

Qrazy hard