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Thanks! I am currently working on a story mode for a mini single player game!

that is genius

Would also be cool if it was Pirate themed and you were putting together pieces of a treasure map and maybe certain pieces could just have the skull and cross bones which is death and game over

Can you get this on an IPhone this game is awesome


I am thinking maybe some heroes too and more people NPC etc

or maybe some creatures similar to the game Minit but this doesn't have the same feel so also maybe not, really you know what you are doing with the direction but those are some ideas

Maybe characters that look like Earthbound characters could work as well I don't know but you can really take it wherever you want

This is amazing would love to see more characters but this is awesome! I am not using it at the moment but still very cool so I wanted to write and let you know

Looks good, maybe less dialogue unless it adds to a fuller plot. I feel takes away from the atmosphere of the game, but nice project!

Love Connection Full Game is out now bro. On 100% sale for September 

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I think for the word battle there should be a word list like 

Attack or Hit 



Like action words that you can use instead of random words or maybe you can collect items in overworld that are words added to the word bank. So if you had the item "Sword" you could find it in the word bank once you have obtained. And different words do different damage so it feels EVEN more like an RPG

but then again its nice for it to be random because it feels like I am using whatever item I want to. Maybe if there was a text that said "Word" does 10 damage or something like that and depending on how long the word determines the amount of damage done. I think it is fine the way it is just an idea

Also I would remove the curse words just because it takes the wonder out of the game IMO but those are just my thoughts.. take em if you want em

Thanks! And I agree ran out of time with the jam but still need to add some nice atmospheric audio

Thanks yo

Thanks and yeah gotta watch out for those lol

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It did! I saw fam playing it and they had the same exact issue you described and I would have been lost on what it was if you didn't mention it but I added level transition last.. so hopefully   it is an easy fix.  But yeah it probably has to do with level transitioning if I had to guess since I did that last

Sorry to hear that brother. I was rushing to get this published working the early AM so I wasn't able to run a solid test on it I just really wanted to throw the idea out there in time. But that is most likely NOT user error and a bug from a developers standpoint. I will look into it but glad you enjoyed it bro.

Amazing game, You should make this a full release! Also I would add a little exclamation point on the end of the blue meter to just show that the other are aware of you. Just for a little immersion effect, I would make the blue bar have a little exclamation point UI on the end of it to show you have been seen or detected

It somehow feels like a TopDown platformer, very cool game!

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When is the full release?

Also did you make the art for this game, it looks amazing.

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Add more levels, maybe an increase in difficulty and you could easily publish this on Steam!

Maybe you could add more items as well. Either way if this game does make a full release I will be looking out for it!

Also another thing I would say if you do make a full release try not to add too many levels where you are just avoiding water like in the last level. It is fun a few times, but personally speaking, I had more fun bouncing off of the walls and that felt more dungeon-esque

Also adding props you would see at a Mini Golf course would be a cool addition but then it begins to lose simplicity, I just thought I would throw the idea out there. 


I will play it shortly I am trying to figure out what game I want to create now

I didn't even get the game yet, I can already tell it is good

Original idea that introduces a main game mechanic 

Retro Art Style


You said the word baddies 

well I was wondering because I want to play your full game  (I have the demo on my phone now lol) Also I am planning to make a retro Pikmin game and have not decided what style I am choosing for my game, but wanted to see if you were cool with it if I did end up using a flat zone style similar to this and pushing my game in this direction?

Hey GunTurtle is this game still being worked on?

Bruh LOL and with the username, you got me big time HAH

Dang, I thought I fixed that. Do you know which level that happened in?

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I tried making a game like this in Halo by modifying infection mode so you would not know who was infected, so finding a game that actually focuses on this concept is super cool! I am about to buy Among Us 1 and I cannot wait for Among Us 2!

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Thanks! I enjoyed Cloud Climb as well


Yeah I get that

I really like this game and the aesthetics are really different and cool! However it was a bit frustrating that I could not find other paths outside of the sand or tan colored path. If I were to make a suggestion make the sand path the quickest path but if you fall off of that I wish you could still climb to the top without it. I found myself always looking for other ways but could not find any. I think the tan path should be more of a suggested path and not necessarily the only path. Maybe there was user error on my part but it felt like that was the only option for the most part other than that I really enjoyed everything else about the game.

This game is awesome, I don't understand how it relates to climbing but the game itself is really cool. I would maybe make the enemy cars a different color, just a thought it did not really disrupt me or bother me. GG

Seems like a cool concept but I could not understand the controls

I agree with this, I think you would need a bit of invincibility or maybe when you are stunned and are not climbing then you cannot get stunned again. Also it felt a bit weird to me that there was no score. Maybe if you added a "Highest Climb" stat it would give an incentive  to the player. In the current set up it just records where I am in terms of height and I did not feel I had a reason to play because there was no stat that showed me "Your maximum height was..." I feel if this was in the game it would be very very addicting trying to beat your maximum height after you have fallen and would make you want to climb back up the ladders to pass the height you set for yourself. Maybe replace the timer with "Highest Point Reached/ Highest Climb" Stat

No problem!

Really fun game the only thing I was not a fan off was the spawning at moments in the game I felt that I had to get lucky with the drops and then play the game because at times the game would not give me any options. I think the easiest way to fix this is to change the sand? (the pixelated blocks) If you could jump through those blocks before they touched down I think it would give the player more ways to navigate the area. Other than that GG!

I liked the game a lot however I am not a fan of the speed powerup. It made me a bit dizzy when navigating around the boulders with the speed boost. Maybe if you tweaked that or replaced it with a shooting mechanic where you could shoot a shot per shot powerup to destroy a boulder instead of the speed boost? I don't know why but I really wanted to break the boulders coming at me. GG

Same thing happened to me,it was when I got to the Wizards I could no longer use the W key to go up and then I would have to shoot Wizards before being able to move up

This is so sick! I could not stop playing but I had to make sure I rated it. The only thing I could say to add, would be to make the witch maybe purple with green sleeves or maybe the wall could have a purple-green tint instead of purple-blue. That is just an idea, really didn't effect the game at all I just thought to send the idea your way. GG