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at the beginning of the game, when u first are able to walk around, if u go out into the hallway and go to the left and into the first door u see, the game crashes because it cant find a certain file in the graphics folder, with a very long name that ends in "bag"

EDIT: after downloading and reinstalling from the rar, it works - maybe its just the zip version that doesn't have the file?

this was fun and nice, good work! i hope someday we can see the r18 scene u considered adding later, but either way this was enjoyable and a good addition to yuri jam!

this was wonderfully written, the characters were engaging and real, the story was a heartfelt and captivating one, and the art and music helped bring it to life. this was a really great visual novel and i loved it!

i like it so far, will the completed version eventually be posted here?

this is a superlative work, written with creativity and a passion to connect to insightful truth about the human condition...a perfect example of what science-fiction is all about.  great work!!!

there is a lot of potential here and i look forward to seeing this when all the romance options are available!

this is sweet, lovely, interesting, and frightfully creative.  spectacular work, easily one of the best visual novels ever made!!!

this is really good! both routes are very good, well-written with engaging characters using a superhero setting skillfully. i especially like that u not only included alexa as an equal romantic option, but devoted an equal interest in her character, her relationship with syd, and their chemistry, and didn't make her age a hang-up for either character while also not pretending it was something to ignore. older/younger romantic f/f content is hard to find, especially such content that legitimately presents an aged woman as a sexually attractive person, and that utilizes but doesnt awkwardly fixate on the age gap. i usually dont have a strong connection to SFW visual novels (and if you ever entertain the idea of an 18+ patch to this, i say YES PLEASE), but i was interested in and enjoying Scrambled: Syd City right through to its end, on both routes.

this was really neat and creative!

although a masterpiece of emotion and expression is, by now, "business as usual" for ebi-hime, that doesn't make this visual novel any less wonderful. this is beautiful, cruel, and wonderful. and in being so, it is so very real. u really are spectacular, ebi-hime.

just wanted to say, i really, really enjoyed this, u did a great job on it and even tho it stands on its own very well, its also very good for unapologeticaly portraying older women as charming, attractive, and desirable, and u did that without calling attention to it but just having the young detective naturally be drawn to the women, great job with that!!!

i read in the comments that this team was only made for this project, too bad, id love to see more games from this team in the future, but hopefully u will all go on to more great projects on ur own. i really hope to see more yuri works with younger and older women together like this from u in the future!

nope...searched, found, and deleted every file labeled as "persistent" in my entire pc, even including thos from another vn, redownloaded blackberry honey, set it up, and its still the same problem. are u sure the denpa version isnt just missing a scene picture in its package? all the other adult scenes so far have worked fine...

i've tried doing this, but the error persists. the only thing i didnt delete before reinstalling were my save files, because i didnt know where their located

sorry, but its still not working. i re-downloaded from denpasoft, and that didnt fix it. then i downloaded the free dlc patch from denpasoft, and followed their instructions to install it, and that still didnt work.

i got this through denpa, theres an error, during the scene where taohua and lori are making love after lori has gotten constance's doll out of the rain, i get an IO error"Couldn't find file 'tao naked/Tao_nude_b_expr2-copy.png'". the patch from this site does not help

i had to sign up on this site so that i could say to you that this is one of the most beautiful stories ive ever experienced. thank u so much for making this. this and strawberry vinegar are my favorite visual novels of all time.....and the funny thing is, i only just found out their both by the same person.