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just wanted to say, i really, really enjoyed this, u did a great job on it and even tho it stands on its own very well, its also very good for unapologeticaly portraying older women as charming, attractive, and desirable, and u did that without calling attention to it but just having the young detective naturally be drawn to the women, great job with that!!!

i read in the comments that this team was only made for this project, too bad, id love to see more games from this team in the future, but hopefully u will all go on to more great projects on ur own. i really hope to see more yuri works with younger and older women together like this from u in the future!

Thank you so much! That was our goal. While we won't be creating any more games with this large team, many of us are working on other games, comics, stories, and other media with queer themes and older women.