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my favorites always die first T_T

all that aside though, very well made game that I really enjoyed, honestly did not expect it to be this good but I had fun:)) anyways STOP KILLING MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS PLZ 

I'm so hyped for this gameeeee! is there a release date, month or year yet?!

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I really enjoyed the demo! this must have been a ton of work!

holy shit i did not see that third ending coming

loved the game, had no troubles:)

such a cute game, I absolutely adored it~ the art and music is so good and I'm happy so see more games/stories with this kind of representation:)) 

i know!! i can only get the bad ending T_T

so cute, got me thinking. cute art and music~

oml yes~~

wow.... it`s...

this is a rlly good game,i like the glitch concept and it was just overall fun to play~

im dying- just finished starry flowers and there is another game~~ I love this^^

my favorite shitting game of all time~~

so friggin cute and I- you- i love thi

omg i love this comment he do be fine tho

the game is a good play!^^ the music is great and the animation is very nice~ looking forward to playing the whole game~~

i`m no game expert or gamer in general but i just really enjoyed it :) loved the vibes and comfort this game gave off~

someone got me to press alt f4 when i was near the end so had to play it again... really good game though a little hard, I really enjoyed trying to figure things out and finally getting it right~

you shithead u got me to do it while i was so close to finishing! aghhh guess imma play again

loved it^^  I play it when i`m stressed or just want a comforting time:) the small animations are really cute and i love the drawing style~~

i loved it! it was so cute n simple, even though it was short i really enjoyed it:)

I played it not knowing how long or beautiful this game was going to be, although it was a long game it felt short bc i enjoyed it the whole time, played the other game to^^ they were so cute n I just really loved this game:) 

this was so cute, nice short game really sad tho

please say there are more endings! it was a really good game, i really liked it.. i cried at the end tho i`m an easy crier:)