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Yo! Love this thing, its working great in my game. 

Is there any way to export the data? Or at least be able to copy and paste the data to an external document?

Hey Friends, 

Looking for gameplay feedback on my demo version of Hermit Hemp Farmer.

What do you think of the gameplay so far. 

I've hard quite a few folks say its a little too difficult. What aspect seems the most difficult?

Is 5 minutes enough time to start with?

Does the intro explain the objective good enough?

Thank you, 


Hermit Hemp Farmer-

Happy to announce my first title - Hermit Hemp Farmer is up on!

I'm making this Free to Download until the end of next week!

Test your skills in this fast paced action packed Farming FPS! 

You play as an old curmudgeonly hemp grower living in the mountains. How much hemp can you harvest and sell while being bombarded by Chads, Hipster Lawyers, State Inspectors, abominable plant diseases, and dudes spraying illegal pesticides? You start with 5 minutes and your old trusty shotgun.

 The object of the game is to plant hemp seeds in your greenhouse. Watch as the hemp grows right before your eyes! When it starts to glow, that hemp is ready to go! 

Harvest the plants then find the "Internet" laptop.

 Sell your hemp plants for cash and buy-

 -More Seeds! 

-4 different types of shotgun ammo 

-3 super powerful guns 

-"Homies" to help you fight. 

-Extra Time 

Plus the Bee Box, a movable box that spawns bees to attack your enemies.

 Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the online leaderboard?