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A member registered Jun 29, 2021

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I'm playing mobile and, after feeding it the first carrot, the game stops responding.

I hadn't even noticed there was a level selection menu xD Whenever I start a level it looks like this. I need to press Restart to actually see and play the level. Sometimes it will stop responding and ends up crashing. I entered now the menu and didn't have any issues with it.

Just letting you know that, if it was intended to run on mobile, it crushes all the time.

It's hard to control, I'd prefer W for jumping. Or arrow keys being UP for jumping. It was very frustrating and I left the game :(

The voices OMG xDDD

Gets sooo slow on the third day, fun to play to tho xD

I played the demo and all 15 levels were very easy, maybe too much.

Works on PC with Mozilla but not with Chrome :P

Android, Chrome. Tbh, Chrome has been a pain with some games, even on PC. I'll try later on PC with a different browser, I'm sure it will work then.

Trying to play on mobile but I only see an orange screen (not a zoom issue).

The map shows in a different browser, there's no map when playing on Chrome. Also, the character won't step on the lights, but will just appear in the other side if you move twice in that direction (also just Chrome).

I'm a bit stuck at the moment but I liking the game a lot! I can plant melons now :P

The map doesn't show but I guess I don't really need it to solve the puzzles?

It only happens with your games, that the progress is never saved and I have to start again from 0. It's very annoying. I've tried with different browsers too. I like your games a lot but can't actually play them.

It doesn't work... =(


Anyways, I'm enjoying this game a lot!