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Wait, continue to wait, wait patiently, your music, just two or three, on the original basis, supplemented by a few boss battle background music, thank you very much!

Hello, music gods! I'm waiting for your new music again, can you please provide a few more scenes with the same type of music? It can be simple, just need some rhythm changes, please.

Hello, you draw the skill icon is very good, please ask if you can draw some more skill icons for sale, skill icons are a little less, can you draw some skill icons for the warrior, mage, archer and other professions, thank you very much.

Okay, thanks

It means the picture, in the space of the background, add a new picture

Very good tool, can I put the image resource into the generated background image by myself?

Hear the soundtrack again, really great, brother, please ask if you can come out some more, I wait for you

Is it possible to have more music of this type?Waiting

Hello, I donated, the music is great, just a little less, I hope there will be more music in this series.

Okay, that's really great.

Very good sound effects, please keep updating? Enrich the combat sound effects for fighters, assassins and archers?

Looking forward to your new icons, can you provide some real life or steampunk items

I really want icons of items from the cyberpunk era, and also items from the NapoléonBonaparte era, such as his hat, pistol, warhorse, cannon, etc.

You're welcome, and I'll keep following you! Go for it.

Would you consider, please, adding more loot? Not animal remains, but old medieval household items.

Very good work, my friend and I are developing a game with "wind, thunder, water, fire, earth" five element attributes, your resources are very good, but unfortunately and my project theme is still a little bit short, missing the wind, thunder, earth elements of the scene resources, a little regret.

It's been a long time, so keep up the good work!

Also would you please consider making some icons for the main interface?" For example: icons for the main interface of heroes, equipment, backpack, runes, relics, skills, etc.? "Want the same pixel style, can you do it please?

Hello, I suggest putting the "Cozy People Asset Pack" characters into the new related life animations (sleeping, eating, cooking, bathing, sitting, cleaning, etc.), and also consider adding the new "dog and cat" pet animations, what do you think?

Thank you very much, very good!

Suggestions can be based on your farm town, the interior of the house to enrich the action, such as: cleaning, eating, sleeping, bathing, cooking, sitting, farming, think this will become very perfect, think of all excited

Hello, very great resource, do you have any plans to do the new sitting, sleeping, eating and other character life actions?

It will be perfect. Thank you.

Hello, are there any monsters with similar roles

Hello, are there any monsters with similar roles
Hello, are there any monsters with similar roles

Very powerful works, will there be any plans to add cartoon cute monsters in the future?

Could you please send me an email about making scenes separately

It was a beautiful setting, and I really wanted to make a high quality indie game

I bought all of your scenes before, but because my hero is very cute, the style is not uniform, so they can not be used, it is a great pity, may I ask you to customize?

I want to buy it. Can you provide more portals with different colors?Such as: fire and ice, day and night?


Are there plans for hunter (archer), mage, priest and warlock weapon ICONS?

Brother, the work is very beautiful, you are so great, may I use these resources to develop commercial games?

Thanks for your reply, it was great!

Will there be weapon ICONS for mages and priests?

And the archers?

I'm going to plan the resources and make sure to buy

So many super beautiful pixel ICONS, super good, but the equipment is short of clothes and capes, dare not buy, afraid to use the full set, without clothes and capes

Does this include mages and warlocks?Or is there no mage or warlock weapon icon?There is no archer weapon icon in the set

With so many great pixel ICONS, it's a shame to be without these. It's really great👍👍👍

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Hello, there are plans to add some new attacks, or elemental properties "wind, fire, lightning, water, earth" pixelart effects.

1 dollar was deducted for a failed purchase.

Is this resource not for sale to China?

Why is that?

Thank you for your reply, great, go!  Expect more resources.

Nice work, I love it, think about how to make the game unique, it would be better if there were more characters, and other colors of terrain (desert, forest)

Yes, there are enough monster resources and animations to make a complete feature game. Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply!

I'm looking for very unique game resources to make creative games that are inspired

Hello, I love your work, if only more resources and animations could be provided