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Awesome, cant wait for the full version :D

Not out of the box, but there is a plugin that converts c# scripts to Lua (that Defold uses)

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now port it to defold engine and do a comparison! ;)

Good read none the less, Thank you for the post!

You can just press "More info" and then "Run anyway"

I tried to roleplay my stay here and got the perfect jammer ending <3

This is amazing, super cool game!


that's it, good luck everyone!

This jam is not the same as the game jam at so you will have to bring that up with them!

Nice job, an idle clicker that you can win, I love that you had time to fix the splash screen :D

Cool game, sorry about the theme location :P

It took a few rounds before I got it, made it about 3 laps. the colors below tricked me a bit but then I looked at the player color and it was better. Just need a score counter so you can compete with others :)

would be a nice mini-game with multiplayer as well. Well done!

This was the least stressed I've been for one of these jams but I agree, it's sooooo much stress.

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Looks magic! Will try it tomorrow.


Yeah, I guess I should post it on the main page of the jam as well. Lesson learned for next year, thank you for the feedback.

Because the server doesn't switch time at the same as the event, so we had to set it with margin, or else it will bug out. So plenty of time to submit.

I'm sorry if people get confused, I've added the link, let me know if you need anything else.

Yes, it's one more hour until this event starts.

I have added a link to your site on the event page.

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Here is the theme video

Everyone is free to join even if they don't have daylights savings (not all countries do), and also Sweden will probably remove it in a few years.

Yes, I heard about it a few years ago and loved the concept, wanted to make my own local event but it has just grown a bit each year :)

Love the new updates, great font selection, backgrounds and music. Lots of atmospher. Found a bug in the last section with the big gears, the music stoped looping. I got over the chasm but then I coun't progress. Perhaps ad some text for restart when you are standing still, cant move and not touching any gears.

I enjoyed it.

I think there is a problem with how unity 2020 builds webGL, I had a lot of trouble building my game until I used unity 2019 for it. So it's probably something on my end.

Like that you can play in the menu. The player is perhaps a bit big. the art is great! Since I have larger resolution, I can hide outside the play area and stay safe forever there. I liked it.

I like the esthetics and how the levels starts. Should give the player more instructions. The game was perhaps a bit to big in scope for the jam.

Simple game, could use some sound and music. You can hide outside the screen and be safe there. (put a static spike that kills you to prevent that) And the player should be a bit more responsive, less acceleration. Still not bad for 0h of work :)

ehm, windows defender claims this is a trojan? Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml

Super nice game, looks great :D Missing some sounds and feedback, would be nice to see hits left and how many enemies you have defeated. Great feeling in the swing!

Can't get the game to run :(

I have no idea how this works.. what does the numbers indicate? how do I know where to click?

Can't get the game to run. Not sure why.

Cool game, great effects, sound and music. But it lacks progression, should perhaps get harder or count score. It's a bit to easy. But impressive work and cool trail when jumping with the player.

I don't understand a thing, but I like the creativeness of making a game in html for the jam.

This game shows how important art and sound is for a game. Amazing work in 0 hours time!

This game was super hard, made it to the end when I ignored all the pills. Needs sounds and slightly less sensitive controls.

Managed 31s. The game really needs a reset button, but hey it's a nice game for zero time.

Cool game! like the sound and music. Needed a reset if you fall out from the screen. Got 86 as a high score. Not a very spiky game but the pencil got a point.

Really cool, lots of atmosphere. Like the art, though the game was infinite there for a while. Good music, a nice experience :)

I agree that this is more then anyone not participating. I like the twist ending.

Super nice game, looks great :D Missing some sounds and feedback, would be nice to see hits left and how many enemies you have defeated.