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Great game mechanic and really fun once I figured out how to play!

Hey man. Are you playing game jam games on your next stream? If so when is it? This is my submission to Mini Jam 52. Would love it if you could play it!


Great score! Most I got was 32

Great job with particle effects. Had a blast losing the game!

Well thank you kind stranger! Invitation accepted!

cool game dude! The physics were a little frustrating to me as they don't seem to be the same as games I have played in similar genres, interesting game nonetheless!

oh my god!! LOL!!!!!

Hauo, can't thank you enough for your feedback and for playing my game! This was one of those situations where I joined late and had about a day to complete the entire game. This is really incredibly great feedback for me and I will make sure to incorporate more levels with the changes you have suggested provided I continue to develop this game. Thank you so much again dude!

Thanks so much for your feedback and for playing the game! I remember that game with the jump scare!!!!!

Thanks so much for playing!

I agree, more gun and chase levels make it more exciting. Thanks for the feedback and playing!

Awesome, great feedback thank you for playing!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!

Cool game. Tower placement sounds juicy. Next wave button that appears early on and gives user additional cash for starting may be a nice touch

Simple and satisfying. My high score was 67

Thanks so much for playing the game dude! Pro tip: you can throw coffee at her if you drag the coffee cup!

She obviously has no manners!

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if only dating was this easy!

Awesome game. "Juicy" Firing effects. Interesting concept nice job

This game looks and sounds so cool but Im confused as to how to play it

this was such a fascinating concept. Loved it. felt good to earn a dice after killing an enemy!

Thanks for your feedback Salsadix! Enjoyed the theme as it helped me come up with a new game concept!

This is a really creative and fantastic idea! If you decide to keep developing it in the future, I think a use for the coins would be a good idea!

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You are awesome man. Thanks so much for playing my game!


Thanks so much idchlife!

Much appreciated HaroGames!

Thank you Ninjaxim so much for your feedback!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Had a tough time coming up with a concept for this jam. Those were portals, although I didn't develop them past only 1 level. Thanks again for the feedback!

Really Fun and challenging. Difficulty curve ramps up pretty quickly so be prepared to lose often!!

game takes a few seconds to load during black screen

Very cool! love the satisfying saber attacks!

Loved the ending scene! great job

Cool game love the meatball enemies!!

Please make a version for mac or Browser if possible. This game looks SICK!

Thanks man! Gonna Play yours now!