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Appreciate it, Appreciate your feedback even more :)

Thanks man, Really Happy you enjoyed it even tho I feel like it's really compared to other games in this jam lol.

anytime man, it wqould be really cool if you reviewed my entry :D

anytime man, it eould be really cool if you played my game and gave me ffedback :D

anytime man :)

Plus it would be really cool if you checked out my game and gave me feedback :D

it's a nice game, liked the art style and liked the fact that you can switch to animals and different games, tho one note I can't restart the 2nd level so i had to refresh the page, fun game tho and really liked the idea

Check out my game ;)

pretty cool art

This was a pretty good game liked the graphics and post processing glow effects it's just a bit hard

Awesome game mate! you're probably gonna get in that video :D

you're getting in that video 100%

You're 100% getting in that video 

Really liked this game, loved the particle effects and glow effects one note tho whenever the player dies it's a bit sudden maybe in the future add a particle effect and sound effect to make it pop! :)

other than that this entry was pretty cool and probably beats mine :D

This game is sooo amazing and good like this just needs a bit more polish and more levels, and it could be a major steam release

same here i started learning a month ago and i'm pretty sure your better than me 😅😅

This is my first game jam, so i'm a bit confused on when to start do i start now or in 5 days??

2009? Are you 11?