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i question if 4014 was a bit much for 15x15

and i was rickrolled 3 months after this

"you win" what do i win, a crashed computer?

spamming a bunch of random letters for a name

is there even a limit?


somehow, this happened

1: what? 2: this was made at least 4 years ago

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"wow, such a cute little ga- did they just kill a baby?!"

did i do it right?

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cant focus on the game to play it. edit: i closed tab and reopened it, that seemed to fix it

dang, cant play web due to flash death

is the carp magic?

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(same level) i killed two, didnt kill the other, went to space, then the screen went black and i won apparently edit: it wouldnt let me restart or continue afterwards

(different level) I HAVE ASCENDED FURTHER


ok, thanks

is there a way to increase sensitivity?

are you supposed to be able to wall jump on a screen transition?

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14 seems broken. i push the buttons and nothing happens, and when i go into light, nothing happens. also when i go to the door, nothing happens

only 9 deaths first try. is this good?

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why no up arrow/w jump? might understand now

In 413 shots

dang, flash isnt exist anymor

couldnt have had up be jump?

when you die whilst transitioning to a different screen, you are permanently dead

you know replies exist, right

now now, no need to use that kind of wording, its just a game that you are playing alone.

replies exist

theres something... Radiant about one of the attacks

pretty fun




how'd i do this so perfectly?
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wanted to play, but flash died

why is w jump, but not the up arrow key?