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A member registered Sep 16, 2022

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first try. also, i like how doppelgangers show up here

and then this

86 moves, despite learning certain things about halfway through. not a bad game tho

i know this is a year later but, it appears whenever you move them left or down they dont take a move

oh, thats what R stands for

so you can not only solve your own murder, but also solve a murder you commit?

the multiplier i decided to end onthe damage

(2 edits)

4th try6th try5th try(no idea how i screwed up the order)

(1 edit)

the game was made in 2019 -_-

(1 edit)

full house! (and another 6, im dumb)

note: when you do this, you cannot continue or restart

i think i did it right

played again now, broke it more


i cannot move from here

speedrun (i literally only pushed r)

a bit more

i love breaking games



am i supposed to be able to phase green through walls?


due to flash death, cant play sadly

you said the last level

you can die on the thanks for playing screen without using a turtle

the turtle is being held in place by them

"start" is now an end

(1 edit)

I found a thing

probably with your legs

1st try2nd try

why do i need to push up to get into the game, but space is jump and not up?

i think i broke it

i think i did it even more correctly now

but why the  ._.?

upon looking at the tutorial again, im just blind

pretty good, beat it without knowing about dodge, also did this

first try