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Oh that is weird! I had it set to a 1920x1080 aspect because during the jam I couldn't figure out how to set it up to be different sizes. I wonder if that's part of the issue?

Thank you so much! It's a good start at least.

Haha! A very scary color indeed. Can't wait to see the final version!

Super fun game! There are definitely some things I'd change for the full version that I mention in the video. Overall really love it and hope to see it more fleshed out.

Had a lot of fun playing! Going to have to spend some more time to find the other endings :)

The Itchio app actually wouldn't even let me download the game! It was weird.

Here is my review of the game!

This game was fun to play  but honestly it needs a lot of work done. There were bugs everywhere and a lot of quality of life things that I would look into.

This was super fun to play!

Thank you so much for all of this feedback! I'll be starting on making improvements to the game next week and hope to have weekly updates for the game! At first it will probably be a lot of cosmetic stuff and go deeper and deeper into the harder issues.

I played this game on my Twitch stream and it was a lot smoother than the first one! Graphics were still great and I loved the added puzzle. I'd love to see more stuff like that or a harder fighting sequence. Good stuff and keep it up!

Hello everyone!

I'd love for you all to play my game that I've been working on for 3 months! It is on sale for the first week and after that it will be full price.

The object of the game is to not let the dwarves get to the very left of the playing field. You have an increased amount of time to stop the dwarves for each of the ten levels. You are able to stop them by placing down dragons and rocks to get in their way. The dragons will do damage to the dwarves and the dwarves  are able to destroy the rocks. You must manage your gold wisely though. You start with 100 gold for each level and you can only get more by placing down gold stacks. As long as the gold stacks aren't destroyed by dwarves you will gain gold from them.

Please let me know what you think!

I wish I could have played this but it wouldn't even start up for me! I was stuck at the home screen.

This was a really fun game! Loved getting to try it out.

This is so awesome! I loved all the tree puns for sure! Music was really fun to listen to and kept me motivated while going playing.

That makes sense! I get having a time constraint. There are a lot of things that aren't as important as just getting the game working and out lol. I'll definitely be playing again! It was super cute and really good for a small project :)

So I played this game and loved it! Super cute and fun!

Yep! It has been done so it should be all good now.

Really loved this game! Didn't get too far in the video but had a lot of fun playing it. Glad the downloads started working again. I had tried to play it awhile back and couldn't get any of them to work. :)

Updated my game play of this game! Worked a lot better and really enjoyed it :)

That is a weird glitch! I never would have thought to put it out of full screen. Hopefully it's an easy enough fix for you. I hate coming across bugs that are so simple but take forever to figure out.

I'll definitely try without it because all the comments were so good and I'm still curious about the story plot and make an update video of it. Thanks!

Yeah I thought that might be the case based on testing it out but wasn't sure. Really that was my only issue though.

So it looks like I may be the only one but I actually didn't like this game. I had, I'm assuming, errors in the game that made it basically unplayable. I made a video about it here if you'd like to see what was happening to me.

Loved playing this game! It was simple but fun. :) I made a video of it here!

It was pretty good! I didn't find too many bugs. Was there a certain amount of lives that the player gets? I kinda wish that was indicated somewhere but otherwise good!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind!