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Sorry, I didn't notice that this jam required completely homemade graphics, I spent a day making this game and it gave me a good test of my technical prowess, and I'm already satisfied, thanks for this jam

I also because of the direction key button set and vexed, the game is developed on PC at the beginning, so using the keyboard control is convenient and flexible, but when the game is running on a mobile phone I have to give players ready button, but the button Settings will always take the line of sight of players from the square, I still try to use a better UI, it is not easy, thank you for your love, thank you

Because of the delay, the game is not finished yet, I also plan to add shells from all sides, the player needs to eat carrots while dodging, if the shells hit the player on one of the axis of zoom +1, increase the difficulty

Thank you for your video comments. I didn't think it was that much fun when I made this game, and maybe no one will be interested in it, but your comments give me hope. Thank you very much

  • Fun game, hope to continue in depth

Sure, but software that can extract ZIP files should also be able to extract 7Z format

  • Thank you very much for adding my game to the video.

  • This game is so great, it's ready to hit the shelves!

I only have a screenshot of the game, where the main idea is to move the rectangle so that the target rectangle can go through the gap, and the rectangle can only move back and forth on the longer side

Thank you for liking my work. I will continue to improve it when I have time. Before that, I have to overcome my procrastination

I modified my submission and added the project source code. Thank you for your reminding. Thank you