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Played it all day today! It was really good, and just that pick me up I needed. I still have two routes to go but I loved Jamie and Edix's routes. They are absolute sweethearts. MC is hilarious and I loved Philia and her cheese addiction xD The art and graphics were great as well. You all did an amazing job! I can't wait to see what future games you create!!

Sure thing! Send an email to and I'll send you a link :D

Hi, sorry for the confusion! We put out a dev update for this last month but I realized we forgot to change the info at the top of this page. We removed the old gamejam version of the game as we will be adding new content, voice acting, and 4 additional routes. The only version of the game available at the moment is the prologue.

However, if you'd still like to play the gamejam version, feel free to send me a message and I'll give you the link :)

So sorry it took me so long to respond! If it is the Venus, Mars, or Mercury route, those are still in progress and unavailable. However, if it is any of the other routes please let us know and we'll look into it right away!

This is really good. I'm so glad I happened to see it. I liked all the characters although my favorites have to be June and Calderon. I want to learn more about them all though! It really drew me in from start to finish and now I can't wait for the next episode :D

Thanks for the compliments and support! I've just uploaded a guide to the game page with how to get Jupiter's good end as well as all the other available characters.

Thank you for the interest in supporting us!

I have a kofi page here: 

Any donations I get I'll be donating to My Only Sunshine's development. 

Thank you! It started as a NanoReno project but we've really been working hard to make it something special!

Our team is working on a visual novel/otome called My Only Sunshine. In it you play as Sun and have the opportunity to romance one of the 9 planets (yes 9, Pluto is included although other planets aren't too thrilled about it). Currently, the game is 70,000 words and has 6 available routes to play with 3 more planned.

We've also decided to implement voice acting and we have a full cast. The plan is put out a demo with the prologue that will be completely voiced by August 2019. Besides that, we've started a patreon page to help fund the additional game features. Here's the link to our latest devlog in case you'd like to check it out! We always appreciate feedback!

Oh wow, you have no idea how happy this comment makes me >//< Thank you for taking the time to write this. Jupiter is a sweetheart, you really defined him perfectly and it's exactly how I wanted to portray him!

I'm sure he'd be a blushing fit and mutter about not being worthy of such admiration if he heard such nice things said about him :D

Thanks! Pluto is a cutie <3

{spoilers} For Ur the correct combo is R-L-L{/end spoilers}

We've left the gallery locked for now until we can finish at least one CG for every route. That's my current task right now! Thank you so much for playing our game!

*cough* R-L-L


If it still doesn't work let us know! 

Hint: Always be honest even if it might be a little harsh ;)

Aw, are you really going to make Jupiter wait any longer? He's been waiting for Sun for like a billion years :(

Lol, hope when you play through it you have fun! Next round of routes should be out next week!

Just one romance, I wanted to put my full focus on the relationship of Aiden and Alex. As for endings, there are two endings I'd say are completely different, but your choices will effect the epilogue. 

Thanks for playing and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed Blake's route so much you were hoping for more (shorties are my type too ;). Honestly, this was just supposed to be a one month project for NanoReno in 2016, but I ended up not having enough time to finish it. After that, I wanted to redo all the sprite and CGs, then add the date epilogues which I struggled with massive writer's block on, but I never want to leave a project unfinished! 

I definitely considered doing the first date but I kinda wanted the conversation to be deeper and more personal between Paige and the guys. I felt like it would be a bit strange for them to share everything on the first date. 

Thanks for donation! I sincerely appreciate it as I have plans for much bigger projects in the future and it always helps. 

Sorry about the long delay for this. I had to get a new job which has eaten up all my free time. I'm close to being finished though, so I might be able to have it done by the end of the month, but it just depends on life circumstances unfortunately :/ I'll try to post an update on twitter soon. Thanks for the continued interest in the game!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm so happy to see that you enjoyed this and my other games. I am currently in the process of making epilogues for each of the guys as well as updating the art among a few other tweaks. So just a little extra content is coming ^.^

You're welcome! Thanks for playing and I'm happy you liked it :D


Some spoilers ahead

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to write an in depth critique! I want to avoid spoilers so, I don't want to go too in depth into the reasoning behind everything, but I do want to try to clarify some stuff. When it comes to the sword, I was trying to show that as Focar doing things that would shake her confidence, and make her rethink being a soldier. Also that Aiden was overreacting a bit as Dion mentions, but I can definitely see how that can be contradictory. I understand your viewpoint about Aiden's family as well and while I have my reasons why I wrote it that way and may have hinted at it, if I had the chance, I'd like to have fleshed out some of the characters more.

When it comes to Alex possibly becoming the leader, a lot of it is because of her accomplishments and stepping up right at the time, leading people to associate her with ending the war, who she's the relative of, and also having very good, smart people around her (Helen, Dion, Aiden, and the other elders). I also tried to protray her as someone willing to learn although she may complain about it. I have played Queen's Crown and it was amazing. I just personally chose to go less of a political, detailed route when I was writing.

end spoilers

As for the art, this was also just a matter of time for me. I have been working on the game for three years and my art has changed and improved drastically during this time (the last CG is probably closest to what my art is like now, but I'm still practicing to get better every day). There were CGs and sprites that I had to go back and redo a number of times because the art was just unacceptable to me. However, it got to the point where I was just constantly redoing and improving that it was a never ending process. So I decided to stick with the art the way it is so I would be able to finish the game instead of perfecting everything. In the future, I hope my next game's art will be a lot better.

Once again, thank you for purchasing my game and giving it a try. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, it does help me to really improve and know where I need work.

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I'm glad you're enjoying it! I will upload a downloadable walkthrough for you and anyone else that would like to use it in a few hours, as soon as I get home from work :)

Thanks for purchasing the game!