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The game itself is difficult but the game is so short that the lot of deaths happen in just an instant, which makes it quite light to practice doing it quickly, apart from that, the fact that there are multiple endings motivates you to explore it a bit and see how you can improve. (or get worse) in multiple games as you get familiar with the levels or start to feel like your fingers start to hurt from the precision you occupy and the high number of times one has to use the jump button.

An interesting theme in the game is that all the endings where one seeks to further extend one's existence feel like bad endings, the protagonist has long since passed his natural life with an artificial heart and every scenario where one survives is full of regret and desire. to reach the end. Only when the end of life is accepted is when one is freed from regrets and can rest in peace with the time he has had to live, whether it is saving a young woman who has her life ahead of her or simply stop running and admiring the beautiful night sky for the last time.

Definitely a good game.

It is quite well written and has many variations for a free game, plus all the character models that are not demons are adorable and the dialogues were often quite funny to me.

I like the general theme of the work of looking for the best in moments of grief and making the most of what life has to offer, unfortunately the protagonists have to learn their lesson in the middle of the end of their world. Of course, special mention to the adventure of trying chocolate even knowing that as canines that is lethal, since I saw that scene I can't stop thinking about it and every time someone has a dog and chocolate nearby, I can't stop thinking about it. "the forbidden flavor".

Interesting game that shows the passage of a person's life in the form of a platform game, a game to reflect on what it is to live, grow and know oneself.

It is curious how birthday cakes are used as save points, I have heard that human beings are bad at perceiving the passage of time and rely on anniversaries to be able to realize the elapsed time and delimit the periods of change.

Another curious aspect is that the game gives me the impression that it is a space civilization because of the suits, even though what delimits the last face of growth is climbing a tree which is a natural symbol rather than a modern one that I suppose makes sense by trying to connect with one's own life, something that is more an introspection of the nature of man than of the technological environment.

I was not familiar with the Bitsy 3D engine but without a doubt this game has a rather curious aesthetic and the theme is quite nice of someone exploring the house accompanied by the sound of a pleasant rain.

Of course, I can't fully understand what the role of the control room at the end is but I suppose it is a creation of the ghost to control the doors and other things that make the protagonist end up outside in the rain while going for a walk outside , although it may all just be a strange dream that ends in the end as a peaceful dream.

The concept is nice and both the protagonist has a personality, unlike the antagonist who looks a bit generic but maybe that's the point. The controls could be improved, everything feels frictionless which makes it a bit difficult to give exact movements but the game is nice even though I would have preferred to change the scheme of the magic attack since I had problems using it even after reviewing the game controls.

A platform game with a hint of a puzzle that is a bit small but quite cute, the music is quite simple but I liked the simple graphics and the mechanics of reversing gravity.

The game is a bit short but the environment is intriguing and the mechanics of magnetism feel quite good with some curious puzzles, I hope they eventually expand the idea.

The atmosphere feels quite oppressive, with muted colors and those giant machines that react when they feel something move. It makes me think of a world where machines destroyed the world and when there is nothing left they sleep forever until they detect that something still exists in the world.

Will there still be a world beyond the storm clouds?

Curious platform game that tries to convey the feeling of being a person with "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" in which one tries to do everything right but everyone acts badly and they act as if one can't do anything right, tasks simple become complex getting lost, not being able to remember information and simply being poorly valued since what for one is a difficult task, others see it as a trivial task in which we are pathetic.

A short experience but with an interesting message.

The game is quite abstract in the environments but the important thing is the music and how it feels to control the kitten, in general it is controlled well with the stick but the direction pad does not seem to detect it well, apart from that the sensation of speed that is interesting is one can reach in the game and the second zone that reacts noticeably is interesting to listen to.

I liked the concept even though I think the levels could be polished a bit so that the music sounds better when climbing (for example in a rest or holding a suitable note), but the concept is quite striking.

Curious stories of ghosts, the environment described by the texts is very atmospheric and it is a surprise when trying to make an offering to a forgotten altar found to later find a condemned spirit that portends doom.

This game reminded me visually of Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight in the light effects and the strange red spots that faintly appeared on the screen from time to time, visually it is quite interesting and little by little it becomes more and more strange.

The combat style is initially more similar to Cave Story with a short range shot, although with upgrades it becomes a bit easier to shoot. The movements and jumps are very responsive, although I suppose that the initial discomfort in combat is fine to feel how it improves.

From the story... I'm not sure what's going on, it's like a combination of the Twin Peaks series with Momodora 1. A detective wakes up in the forest, her mind is confused but she's looking for clues of a homicide, but when she returns to Her hometown begins to have strange visions of the past together with a strange deer man, her companion does not seem to see anything strange, which makes us question the sanity of the protagonist. The visions get worse and the visions seem to indicate that what we see is not a memory of our own. Was it a past life or maybe someone we knew?

It matters little since when we hunt the deer man the world ends, fades and mixes while we end up in a kind of limbo or dream world where we find someone who is looking for us to recover whatever we have stolen from him. which we hang from a tree? Your identity which we replaced? In the end none of that matters, the world has come to an end and the mistakes of the past could not be changed.

This game was more frustrating but fun than I expected, mechanically it reminded me of "Get over it" due to the not so conventional mobility, this game that confronts us with having a large lever which we must use as a lever and support to be able to climb through increasingly complicated caves.

As one understands how the character moves, everything becomes easier, but the eureka moment may take time to arrive even though it is quite satisfactory.

Something disturbing is the image of neighbors and even a father who without much consideration lets his daughter have a disastrous end, for a moment it seems something that does not make sense to me until I remember several communities that do not feel safe at home and that really they are not strangers where the family thinks it is best for everyone to get rid of a member who does not follow the canons of the community.

The story reminded me of a tabletop role-playing game called "Wraith, The oblivion" in which the players are spirits of the deceased in a kind of terrible limbo where part of their spirit manifests as a parallel being with all self-destructive thoughts that have had and whose only reason for existence is to self-destruct with the character to achieve oblivion in an attempt to calm their pain.

The ghost in the game seemed more like a specter perceiving the protagonist's darkest ideas rather than directly trying to harm her, seeking to twist the young woman's perception into accepting the sweet oblivion of death as the protagonist struggles to avoid losing control and be at the mercy of the spectrum.

Much more sinister than I expected, it makes very good use of the resources available to it given the limitations of the Jam and they also added support in Spanish, which in fact was what made me decide to give it a try.

It seems to me an interesting challenge to make a visual novel with so many limitations but part of those limitations help to use creativity to turn them around like complete black screens for bad memories or white ones for daydreams.

I found some of the bad endings of how the bunny reacts when we say inappropriate comments trying to highlight the rabbits' prejudices resulting in comical reactions, in conclusion a quite adorable game.

Trapped while the end of the world happens outside while waiting to live just a little longer until the end catches up with us. A small but interesting game where it seems that an event of proportions only describable as biblical is taking place outside.

I can imagine what the protagonist of the game would think, curiously after seeing what was happening outside, he did not come to wonder the cause of what was happening, he only thought about what was around him and that going out would only be finding certain death. Doing little things to keep the outside world in his place was something that kept him sane, just hoping to live a little longer before the end overtook him. Little by little, reality itself would begin to lose meaning, as if not even gravity, a force that seemed constant, was being twisted.

But eventually the end comes, the door opens and even though there is no escape the instinct is to run even from one more moment of meaningless existence.

The art of the game is quite adorable and cute, visually pleasing along with the calming sounds of the waves in the background. The main difficulty is being able to isolate the sounds in the mind to try to replicate them and at least with a not very trained ear it is not so easy, even though it was a fun puzzle.

What was it that produced the sound beyond the sea? We don't know but I want to think that it was someone who expected the owner of the small house to respond, a sample of life to calm the heart in times of uncertainty. I don't know if by playing the whole song he understood that we were not the owner of the house or maybe he was convinced that it was okay, but I imagine that once he had an answer, his heart calmed down and therefore it was no longer necessary to keep trying to do Contact.

It's funny how the game is about replicating something and one theme that it seems to handle in the end is memory, there are experiences that once in a lifetime enjoyed in childhood and one tries to return to them, sometimes the memories are blurry and one doesn't know what he is looking for but he knows he has not seen or heard it again, I can only think that once that infant grows up, he will probably try to replicate the song in the old tower.

Small platform game quite minimalist and nice. I find it funny that one starts without being able to jump until you get that improvement, perhaps as a nod or parody to the fact that double jumping is one of the most normal improvements in 2d exploration games. I would have preferred that the jump was only with the W button instead of also being with the up button but other than that, the mobility is quite good and the game design is quite nice.

Games made on Pico8 always amaze me because of the huge restrictions they have but they can still create quite atmospheric scenes.

As for the controls, it feels quite good, it's just to get used to the grips and when to lunge, but the save point system means that even mistakes don't cost too much, which is fine for a short experience like this.

Without a doubt, it is a curious metroidvania in which we have to explore and understand what the abilities we receive are while our character stops being more and more human to save what is left of that destroyed world.

Small visual novel about dehumanization where the protagonist is treated as a mere object or experiment, but being of human nature, such a disconnection from all her reality makes her begin to feel discomfort and want to escape from that even if she has to throw herself into the unknown or decide to stay. in comfort, live the same thing over and over again every day for the rest of your existence.

On the other hand, the fact that the fantasies were more real to him than his static, boring, and unstimulated reality, I suppose is a way of dealing with his problems and coping with them, such as the disconnection that entertainment consumption sometimes provides, which tends to grow In troubled times, I suppose those vivid dreams could be similar to people in sensory deprivation tanks and the mind starting to create things to fill the lack of stimuli.

I would like to think that the protagonist's mind together with the field of human curiosity created those dreams and that in turn began to generate curiosity and a desire to see more. Just as the fantasy and creativity of science fiction authors have inspired explorers and scientists, those dreams inspired you to, if you wish to take it, make the decision to escape and see the stars.

Small experimental game that shows an explorer visiting (probably) his planet. The place that it travels seems uninhabited and but containing devices that seem to represent the past of the world, as before it was full of life, the divisions between the people began and the conflicts began causing devastation between the people, once that was over the winners proceeded to create factories and consume their resources which ended up causing environmental disasters which caused more suffering. Probably the damage to the world was too much to be able to repair it before it was uninhabitable for their civilization but at least the terraforming process would continue even after its end.

Something I have to add is that the management of light is quite well done, which helps to reinforce the idea of artificiality in the world and gives a rather bleak atmosphere.

Small 2d platform game with exploration that is quite entertaining even though I would recommend playing it with the controller since at least with the keyboard I couldn't control the character well.

Although the experience is somewhat short, it does feature many concepts of exploration, finding paths that you must return to eventually when you have a key or a new ability to progress. On the other hand, the management of the jumps is somewhat complicated but with some practice it is easy to obtain most of the jumps even though the highest ones are still difficult to perform.

A fun and challenging experience that makes me wonder what else has been scheduled at PICO-8.

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Graphic adventure game that refers to the Greek character of Sisyphus who in Hades was punished for his crimes is performing over and over again the same task of pushing a rock to the top of a mountain only for it to roll downhill a bit before he succeeded, repeating the same thing relentlessly until achieving an impossible task. It could also be said that there are references to the myth of Plato's cave when starting in one where we know nothing.

The game is somewhat open to interpretations, but I like to think that that white desert is full of sisyphuses that, condemned to exist in such a place, are forced to repeat over and over again the action of digging until they generate mountains of earth and then continue digging to cover the holes created. I suppose that many times, due to the limitations of life, one is dragged into a certain routine to which meaning is later given to give meaning to what otherwise would be actions that one does not want to do or is tired of doing.

Get up, work, sleep, get up, work, sleep... it seems that for some people that is the meaning of life, especially in a world like ours where doing something is always better seen than "being lazy and do nothing" even if one is doing something just because it is not useful.

A story that reminded me of this game is "The Immortal" by Jorge Luis Borges, in which immortal beings experienced practically everything like the man in the pyramid until they reached a wild or immobile state because any action carried out ceases to have any effect. meaning and it is not until one regains mortality that one becomes human again.

At the end of the game we proceed to dig into the rock, in normal conditions the shovel would not be enough to go through it but the action of the water means that a task that perhaps took years in the end has an end when going through the stone bed of that purgatory and getting to a world where colors exist and the game ends with what I guess is the gift of mortality ending eternity.

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This little game is one of the most disturbing things I've tried in a long time, curiously while I was playing it it reminded me of Inside because of the mega structures that don't seem to make sense for people to walk through. Seeing everything so blue was confusing at first, like seeing a room with green walls (personal experience) all I could think about was the abstract concept of the color blue and how it filled everything.

Something that I suppose I appreciate is that there really is only a narrow path to follow to progress but even so, when taking a turn I easily got lost until a message made me realize that I could not distinguish directions, I suppose that is the same way that one finds You can lose on a beach walking in a straight line, without support points, distances and directions lose meaning really quickly.

Curious game that introduces us to a couple of employees of a pet food company but with the twist that the thing they have to feed is a monster that devours human corpses and if it has the opportunity, fresher prey.

Although it is not dealt with directly in the game, it makes me think about the job insecurity with which people simply would not lend themselves to jobs as amoral and dangerous as those carried out by the characters. There's probably also some corruption or at least ineptness on the part of the government so people aren't so worried about strange buildings and disappearances.

A somewhat short experience but graphically it is interesting and the dubbing of the game seems good to me, nothing bad for a while and there is never too much fiction about fish.

One of The most pleasant aspects of the game is that the characters have good charisma or at least I liked the jokes that they threw at each other.

Mechanically it's somewhat simple yet it certainly feels a bit more varied on the second difficulty but not much different if you've got some practice playing music games.

The music was fine but I feel like I couldn't always listen to it completely, without a doubt a curious and pleasant experience.

I lived outside my country in Texas for a while but I can understand a bit of the scenes added to this little visual novel commenting on the joy of finding a store that sells products similar to those sold at home and a disconnection because of what was around and cultural differences, even though I didn't spend a lot of time growing up in an environment different from that of the family is a topic that I consider interesting and I can at least slightly empathize with.

On the other hand I have always been curious about Chinese culture even though my only experiences have been small visits to the Chinese-American, but I really appreciate games like these that serve as small windows into things that I cannot see directly from my small part of the world .

Without a doubt, a game that you should try and I'm glad that they polished minigames, added subtitles and improved the drawings of the characters from the jam version, understandable details when you expand the development time to more than a couple of days.

I have always thought that video games are an artistic and cultural medium, so seeing an experience like this where the issues of the loss of a family member and the cultural and family connection offered by the food we eat and taste are handled is undoubtedly a story. that moved my emotions with an ending which can be quite emotional if one empathizes with the situation of the protagonist.

Mechanically it is quite simple, even though it is quite representative of what it is to cook a dish that I really want to try preparing, even though I am afraid that it would not be the same without the correct ingredients and substituting what I can get close to home, but at least the minigame of mixing the sauces wasn't quite polished.

A fairly complete experience for what is a product of a game jam which is free and also was eventually polished to later release it on Steam so that more people know about it and expanding the ending a bit.

A beautiful experience that you may revisit at some sad moment in life.

Even though Mitoza's description is that it is not a game, mechanically speaking I don't see it as so different from what a graphic novel would be, although of course without the novel part being replaced by surreal or abstract scenes that have undoubtedly left me thinking What kind of idea would you come up with next? A pleasant experience that although small, was the right size for what they offered.

An experience that I can only describe as strange and surreal. It is the first time that I play something focused on sardines which by the way look quite good even though the whole environment feels uncomfortable with the piles of organic pieces in what should be a machinery, my interpretation is that many of the organic pieces are the interpretation of tube fish and other devices beyond their comprehension since they can only be seen as trapped in an unknown place or in the stomach of some creature.

On the other hand, although the narrative is focused on making a decision and how others face that problem, I get the impression that in the background there is something that represents something more like religion where there are some who think they know what it is. the right path to follow, others condemn us, stand at a point that seems to be able to give answers or rely on others to decide.

In the end, the decision leads us to a path where we please others at the cost of existence or paradise is reached in the most classic sense where everyone joins in a mass without self-awareness, similar to the Christian idea of joining glory. of God singing in a state of infinite ecstasy.

This is undoubtedly what would be called a kinetic novel, that is, a type of visual novel without decisions or changes, which for many puts it outside the fine line of what a video game is when it comes to visual novels.

Even so, I like the subject it deals with, the coexistence of a group of siblings who I suppose are on their own while their parents are away. It reminds me of the coexistence that I myself have had with my own siblings, which has been increasingly difficult as we continue to grow and our paths separate, even though we always try to give ourselves the time to continue living together.

A short but nice comic for those who spent their youth playing and hanging out with brothers and sisters.

Aesthetically it looks consistent with a simple 3-color handling that makes it easy to identify important game elements. In mobility it feels good but I feel that it could respond a little better when rotating the image of the character. Other than that, I found it entertaining.

Small atmospheric horror game where we go through a house trying to find the lost family after some accident related to time travel. This game is short it certainly works very well which is a short and closed space with which one becomes familiar and then makes some increasingly strange changes that makes it more and more unfamiliar.

It's certainly a good experience with the right scares and enough ambiguity to support some theories, but without being totally pointless and the ending I didn't expect until "it was too late".

This game is visually quite nice, the backgrounds look quite fantastic and the infection that starts the story with the protagonist seeing how something is affecting his girlfriend and everything else is a somewhat classic but functional trope.

Mechanically it reminded me a lot of the Celeste game (2018), since it is a precision and planning platform game where you not only have to know the path you want to take to continue, but the mere fact of taking it implies some skill to avoid falling into the infectious brambles.

Something I can say is that I expected the mobility to be a little slower when I saw the opening scene, it's fine for a short game that is also free but I think that a little slower mobility would have helped to reduce the difficulty and make it easier. It felt a little more natural, it's just my opinion but apart from that the truth is a curious experience that at least got me into a bit of trouble near the end by not knowing how to continue before something apparently impossible to cross until.

Nice game, it could be polished a bit but it's pretty good.

This game presents a story that feels quite personal, it reminds me of going on vacation as a child even though in my case more than a lake was exploring things in the desert.

I really like the fact that it introduces Finnish cultural and folklore elements that are unknown to me since they give context to an experience that otherwise I would not be able to appreciate its meaning, although there will undoubtedly be things that would be better appreciated by people from that culture.

The only thing that wasn't quite right was the performance optimization, I had to lower the specifications but after trying several configurations I couldn't find any that was completely stable for me, undoubtedly due to the lack of capacity of my machine and the low budget of the game , although I couldn't demand much from a free game.

Good experience, just do configuration tests until the experience is smooth, even if part of the graphic quality is lost, I hope to see more games with this style.

It's been a while since I played a point-and-click game, even if it's only a demo, the author Yames has body horror and mentions of the Christian religion as recurring elements.

In this case the story seems that of a daughter of a religious man who apparently makes sacrifices for "god", it is difficult to know exactly what is happening but we know that something bad will happen if we stay so we must escape.

The art is well achieved to give a gloomy experience, even though everything seems normal until reaching the fairy hole, it is a curious representation that I suppose is closer to its original representation of strange creatures that could do favors or kill humans with the same ease. I know it's a demo and therefore it's done as an unfinished idea but I feel like it could have been given an ambiguous ending instead of congratulations for playing the game, even though overall it's a satisfying experience for how short the game is.

This game is quite curious, I'm not sure what it represented but the idea of sacrifice as well as giving what's left over to "god" is a common idea in Christianity. What I see here is taking these ideas to the extreme can lead to a disastrous outcome as we lose our way or die for giving more than we can.

It won't have much to do with it but it reminds me, especially at the end, of the story of "The Happy Prince" where a golden statue with the help of a sparrow detaches all the jewels and gold from the statue so that the sparrow takes them to those who need it most, at the end of the story the sparrow dies in the winter by staying to help the statue, while it is melted down as it is no longer beautiful in the eyes of the ruler, the only thing left of the statue is a a heart of lead that refuses to be melted down to be thrown together with the corpse of the sparrow, only to end up being taken by an angel who was ordered to bring the two most beautiful things before God.

Perhaps the story puts it in a more positive light but both stories speak of detaching even from one's own existence and how God approves such choices to earn a place in paradise. Via Negativa is short but it has undoubtedly left me thinking about the influence the Christian religion has had on the stories I have seen and how it has influenced the values they represent.

A game that is clearly inspired by the Ghosts 'n Goblins franchise and themed around modern music production. Unfortunately, since I don't know much about music, I can't perceive many of the musical references that are made, but it's a solid game that could have lasted longer if it didn't have a finite number of lives, but very well done for a free game.

The game is not very long but it serves as a means of publicizing the hardships suffered as well as giving others an opportunity to empathize with a bad view of the conflicts that led to many innocent and unnecessary deaths due to being in an armed conflict.

I had the opportunity to get to know and try this game thanks to a bundle on to help the Palestinian people and from that package, this is its flagship game.

Mechanically it does not offer much but it does very well to show the many misfortunes suffered such as destruction of infrastructure, deaths of infants, places that were thought to be safe and were demolished, etc. A game worth trying at least once.

It's a curious experience that I rarely see having options to be on the raft for 5 minutes or for an indefinite time, the only thing I didn't like is that the type of scenario you go up to, I don't know if it's random or restricted by something like the day of the week, the time or something else, but the point is that I could not see a scenario (sailing through icebergs) while I loaded the game several times to see if it gave me that scenario or some other that I had not seen . But overall this is a good experience to use as an interactive screen saver.

I found this graphic novel especially funny since I've played D&D with my friends for a long time and it's fun to see how when you don't play with published material and the DM makes inserts of what he likes, it can generate a completely different environment than of a heroic fantasy and the table is filled with personal memes that only regulars could understand.

On the other hand, the game talks about the importance of sharing time with people close to one, without that effort to get closer it is sometimes difficult to see beyond the superficial ideas that one may have, which I consider a good message.

Regarding the romance, as soon as you get to know someone better in the game, a romantic ending opens with that character, the scenes look a bit awkward but at the same time that makes the most adorable scenes endearing, in general the three possible choices for going on a date are quite adorable.

Finally, the art is adorable even though I found the use of memes in the game curious, although I can't blame them since even in my games memetic things have come out with the rock or Terry Crews.