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A magnificent roguelike game, excellent graphics that immediately attract attention, the sound is gloomy but not annoying and much more complex than it seems at first where you need to be strategic with each room you try to visit.

I already played the Ver. of the game and and I hope to have some free time soon to try the new version.

I don't play many point-and-click games, but without a doubt the gloomy and surreal atmosphere of this game has left me quite amazed and satisfied.

Visually the work is beautiful and grotesque in equal measure, with a strange combination of body horror along with what seems like an ordinary walk and encountering relatively normal people... at least at first glance.

The fact that everything is a dream adds a bit of intrigue as to why we see what we see, after all it is said that dreams are built with what we see, live and imagine. It makes me think of accidents or maybe someone has had an operation recently, although then there's the fact that it seems like you can get stuck in the dream if you take the wrong path. Is that scenario of seeing the ceiling with the fan spinning a dream? inside a dream?

In the end, like everything in dreams, it is usually quite subjective, but that is what is fascinating about this type of game. A disturbing experience that more people should know about.

Little story where you are the new person in charge of getting the boss's coffee, something curious about how the story is told is that it gives the impression that the former coffee boy left due to some bad treatment from the company, cameras everywhere, dancing forced, questionable scientific experiments, deprivation of liberty due to some error, children training to pay their parents' debts, etc.

Another thing that doesn't seem to make much sense is the large amount of tea found almost everywhere, along with some flowers near the end of the game, things that seem to have been placed by the previous cafe guy before disappearing, it surprises me. I couldn't connect both things since the tea is mainly made of herbs and flowers.

Something that surprised me was the secret ending which greatly changes the boss's messages trying to get the previous coffee boy and his reaction when he realizes that he disappeared for much longer than he had anticipated, perhaps the workplace. It may not be good, but it seems that the two are committed to their work, despite their eccentricities.

I get the impression that whoever created this game thought about creating something on the Bitsy platform, maybe he had no idea what to do but that same doubt became the idea of the game, capturing those thoughts and giving them life at the same time learning how to use said engine.

Sometimes I have thought about developing video games, but the ideas are always complex or simply too nebulous to start trying to program or learn a new engine, the truth is I had not thought about the value that a tiny little thing could have which serves as a clear sign of progress and a foot in the right direction to continue developing increasingly complex things.

Without a doubt, the result has been a very pleasant experience.

Small game created incredibly quickly (I had never read about a game jam of only 10 hours) which is funnily written presenting a couple of girls in a presentation that they have not prepared to present an idea that they forgot.

I like how they take advantage of anything to invent what to say and how varied the endings are. A small but fun experiment.

It is a somewhat short game but it is certainly fun for anyone who likes photography as a hobby, quite well done for having been done in just 49 hours.

A quite reflective game in which we read Emily's thoughts as she tries to recover from depression and the support that her family tries to give her, as well as finding a passion or pleasure that can help people, such as taking care of plants, art or doing something active.

Without a doubt, something that confused me was that the protagonist had a feline appearance, but near the end I understood that it was just a representation since the people in the house loved cats very much... also I found all the discarded socks funny.

I remember that in my saddest moments studying abroad, what calmed me down was cooking and taking very long hot baths, although it wasn't until I returned home with my family that I began to recover my spirits.

A curious experience, in itself the game looks quite good for the limitations of the engine, but what surprised me most was the ideas on which the work reflected.

It reminded me of the time when I had to study in a different country than the one I was born in for a year and how I began to miss everything related to the life I had had at home while I began to do repetitive tasks with the intention of not to fall into the frustration and nostalgia of feeling so far from home, although I knew very well that the trip and distance I had to make was beneficial for my future.

In general I can say that the reflections of an astronaut who remembers his past and reflects on how fallible memory is is a very good experience.

In general I liked the story and as something unimportant like seeing a pile of floating rocks seems like something unimportant and then it is revealed that it was important for the mechanical being because it was something that had caused her curiosity for the first time in a monotonous job. I find it interesting that the search for a new body is an analogy to transsexuality and shows the fear that the people one loves will reject the new version of someone because it clashes with their previous ideas of what that person should be.

Without a doubt a very interesting story.

I found it to be a touching story and quite well done to be made with the Bitsy engine, you can see that good use of pixel art makes a lot of difference in said engine, the music is very good and above all it is a beautiful poem.

What I see here is an analogy of the preparation of bread with the growth and maturation of people, where each step of our life, good or bad, is part of what ends up molding our life and going from childhood to being a little ball. of dough to be an adult in the form of a loaf that has finished baking.

A short project that fits quite well for the fermentation theme of Bitsy jam #71.

This game tells me about the creator's memories and experiences through the rumor which gave a small reason to continue playing one of his favorite games, hoping that his fun with it would never end. I can understand the feeling of intrigue and amazement for these kinds of rumors, even I thought at some point that I had obtained in the game of The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time a third improvement of the orange Longshot that was much longer, but at the same time As it turns out, that never happened, so I keep wondering how I thought I would discover something that doesn't exist.

A short experience, but I must admit that he gave me many memories and worked very well on the funds for something made in Bitsy.

I really liked the reflection on the subject with what has happened lately on the internet where little by little it is conquered by corporations and is used by the media or even governments to separate people when before it was a wild and dangerous place, where people could be themselves and share their ideas and creations freely.

Unfortunately it does not seem that the situation will improve soon without first getting worse, but at least it remains a tool where people end up finding people with similar ideas and sharing their tastes. Although it would be nice if the Internet helped to sympathize more with people of different tastes instead of trying to create conflict between people for attention.

It's been a long time since I played Picross. I liked how they combined the hidden images with a small plot in the form of a graphic novel that gave consistency to the type of drawings when choosing the theme of magic and even defined their role in a world of magic which makes one have curiosity about the world where those little witches live.

I'm not very experienced in those types of games but the relaxing music and general tone of the game make it quite relaxing as well as entertaining.

The story develops slowly but the characters grow little by little, the designs are adorable and at least the translation into Spanish makes all the characters charismatic, although I was undoubtedly left wondering about the fate of the little witch who suffered from living dead disease. Without a doubt, the mother of the protagonist reminded me of my own mother since I have seen her many times prepare special food just to attract my brothers to spend more time with the family.

The part of waiting for customers to sell them things and being able to make more medicines was sometimes a little tiring, but I suppose it simulates well the experience of running a store with many moments occupying yourself with whatever you can (in this case the plants) and then seeing a large group of people entering, wishing it would continue like this and then no one arrives for a long period of time, it is a curious rhythm but the truth is sales has never been my thing but it did make me feel like the owner of a store waiting for customers .

A good and cosy game.

A game where the idea is to fill out taxes sounds extremely strange but I can't stop thinking about Baba's face full of stress when faced with something that many people really don't know how to deal with and for which many turn to accountants to take care of it. your taxes.

At least I don't feel that the game clearly indicates what it wants from you, but in the end the game qualifies how much you pay attention to the shapes of the document but mainly how much the signatures resemble Baba's, something curious about that is that of course Yes, making many signatures in a row is tiring and it is normal that the form of the signature is not always the same, but trying to duplicate a signature instead of your own makes things more difficult.

Curious game that parodies how frustrating it is to do government procedures, but it is fine as a small but certainly original experience

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He gave me the idea of a children's story where a child meets monsters, but it turns out that they are good. I found the idea curious that the monster only appeared to lonely people and that its only reason for existence is to eliminate that feeling of loneliness.

On the other hand, the monster said that he was the first person to speak to him, which makes me wonder what his existence would normally be like until that moment or why when you rejected him you kept looking at that look.

Still, I think the story could easily be adapted to be a rather adorable children's ilustrated book.

I like this kind of experimental games, curiously I have seen games with similar control and aesthetics in some modern art museums, although those tend to be somewhat more obtuse in what they show.

On the other hand, it reminded me of moments of going for a walk with friends and being a bit silly to have a good time, although instead of the beach we ended up visiting one of the numerous mountains in the city or visiting an ecological park, although I I would have added a grill with some meat to the game for the final part by having the museum finished to celebrate, although that is probably just my custom.

Some auditory effects would have been nice for the game, at least a sound of waves or a sound when picking up an object, but other than that I thought it was a good personal game.

How do I reset the game?

I've already tried deleting and redownloading the game, but the character selection keeps appearing.

The game is a bit short but the environment is intriguing and the mechanics of magnetism feel quite good with some curious puzzles, I hope they eventually expand the idea.

The atmosphere feels quite oppressive, with muted colors and those giant machines that react when they feel something move. It makes me think of a world where machines destroyed the world and when there is nothing left they sleep forever until they detect that something still exists in the world. Will there still be a world beyond the storm clouds?

I like how all the characters look so innocent which makes them easy to fool, but not even the antagonist has any real malice which results in a pleasant story of friendship.

It is curious how the work was inspired by the sensations that the color white usually transmits, which are usually associated with positive things such as light or good things in general, but which can also evoke a feeling of isolation as it does in Omori's game that when the character is locked in his world, he finds himself in a white room and then gives rise to a large number of colors when he decides to go out and contact his friends.

It gave me the feeling of how weird people are sometimes isolated from the bulk of society, but they manage to get company from other weird people who share their tastes and qualities, someone alienated from society may be more receptive to accepting someone equally alienated.

It is interesting what was achieved just by thinking about the psychological influences of the color white, it is a small artistic piece more similar to a poem than anything else, but one that I have enjoyed while thinking about how cruel cold and indifference can be.

Like a childhood nightmare, a small child wakes up in the middle of the night hearing his mother calling him. It is dark and even though the darkness is frightening, he must respond to his mother's call in search of comfort and to return him to bed and rest. But as he goes down he starts feeling that something is wrong...

I really like the structure of the game, it's an idea I think a lot of people have had that you're looking for your parents, but you're afraid that what you find is a monster that just wants to eat you. The dialogues about being so short that he can't open doors or reach tables serve to put you in the character's shoes and try to understand his helplessness and innocence that only a small child could have.

It is a short game, but it is quite well done, especially visually, which for the limitations Bitsy has, it was quite well done.

I was looking for something for Mother's Day and I found this game that talks about how many women end up losing their identity in the role of mother, often pushed by the expectations of their family and friends.

But with the message that it is not necessary to forget who you are and try to reconcile being one with the new role you have. I thought it was a good message and something quite tender although I don't think I could say much more, the mechanics of how each new resolution of the being reduces the weight he feels on his person, which is reflected in how gravity is reduced and it is possible to reach to new places.

Very good concept for a small project, but with a lot of feeling.

Game with clear inspirations in Castlevania, aesthetically the game looks quite pleasant with what is a Dracula castle theme, only with shadow demons instead of more classic monsters.

Mechanically the game feels a bit heavy and not very responsive, perhaps it was the lack of range and that everything took multiple hits to fall unlike titles like traditional Castlevania where only a few well-delivered hits were enough even if they completely stopped you from attacking and had a delay between starting the attack and carrying it out. Another option might have been to stop enemies a little with an impact, but overall I didn't get used to the movement.

For a jam game it's pretty good, it could be polished a little, certainly a good project done in a short time, although to be done in a vampire-themed jam, the game lacked more vampire themes.

In a short game you can see a lot of vampire politics, betrayals, as well as the loss and desire to recover humanity that degenerates over time in vampires.

As something based on a narrative game, having the antagonists of the story change to better fit the plot is something very classic of narrative RPGs. I would like it to be a longer experience, but for having been done in a single week the result is incredible.

The game is quite adorable although the movement feels a bit clunky, but this is forgivable due to the small scale of the project. Something I definitely have to admit is that I had trouble finding all the presents the first time I played it, which makes you explore the small world a lot the first time you play it.

Without a doubt a very cute game for any fan of the Momodora series.

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I only find 3 endings: 

White: Using the Plane or three random items.

Mystic: Sacrificial Child, Scrying Mirror & Celestial Mask.

Utility: Skyward Glass, Machine Turbine & Liquid Accumulator.

The "End Your Journey" count as the four ending?

And is possible to jump in the water at the end of the world and fall in the sky.

This made me think about multiple things: Are we our personality or our memories? Personality is created from the experiences we have in life, but perhaps these do not define who we are, just as a frying pan and a fire create a saucer, these are not part of it. Many times I have asked myself who I really am. When I was young I felt that I was always a mask that I showed to others instead of a true self, but that my true self was perhaps behind it, but well, that has already been a lot of deviation to the game.

The main ideas that the game brings to mind are mainly the trauma that even when forgotten changes the way the protagonist behaves, the peace of not being that she probably feels when escaping something horrible alive, the desire to lie to feeling some control and security, thinking about dark motives where they don't seem to make sense "because a little paranoia never hurts" and walking away from someone who promises to help.

I have never encountered any feeling of helplessness even close to what this visual novel conveyed, I can't stop thinking about the place where the girl was and I can only think that the person who found her was probably someone who had gone through the same thing. and in a certain way it represents the future of the protagonist, willing to help without ulterior motives.

It's a beautiful game.

The game itself is difficult but the game is so short that the lot of deaths happen in just an instant, which makes it quite light to practice doing it quickly, apart from that, the fact that there are multiple endings motivates you to explore it a bit and see how you can improve. (or get worse) in multiple games as you get familiar with the levels or start to feel like your fingers start to hurt from the precision you occupy and the high number of times one has to use the jump button.

An interesting theme in the game is that all the endings where one seeks to further extend one's existence feel like bad endings, the protagonist has long since passed his natural life with an artificial heart and every scenario where one survives is full of regret and desire. to reach the end. Only when the end of life is accepted is when one is freed from regrets and can rest in peace with the time he has had to live, whether it is saving a young woman who has her life ahead of her or simply stop running and admiring the beautiful night sky for the last time.

Definitely a good game.

It is quite well written and has many variations for a free game, plus all the character models that are not demons are adorable and the dialogues were often quite funny to me.

I like the general theme of the work of looking for the best in moments of grief and making the most of what life has to offer, unfortunately the protagonists have to learn their lesson in the middle of the end of their world. Of course, special mention to the adventure of trying chocolate even knowing that as canines that is lethal, since I saw that scene I can't stop thinking about it and every time someone has a dog and chocolate nearby, I can't stop thinking about it. "the forbidden flavor".

Interesting game that shows the passage of a person's life in the form of a platform game, a game to reflect on what it is to live, grow and know oneself.

It is curious how birthday cakes are used as save points, I have heard that human beings are bad at perceiving the passage of time and rely on anniversaries to be able to realize the elapsed time and delimit the periods of change.

Another curious aspect is that the game gives me the impression that it is a space civilization because of the suits, even though what delimits the last face of growth is climbing a tree which is a natural symbol rather than a modern one that I suppose makes sense by trying to connect with one's own life, something that is more an introspection of the nature of man than of the technological environment.

I was not familiar with the Bitsy 3D engine but without a doubt this game has a rather curious aesthetic and the theme is quite nice of someone exploring the house accompanied by the sound of a pleasant rain.

Of course, I can't fully understand what the role of the control room at the end is but I suppose it is a creation of the ghost to control the doors and other things that make the protagonist end up outside in the rain while going for a walk outside , although it may all just be a strange dream that ends in the end as a peaceful dream.

The concept is nice and both the protagonist has a personality, unlike the antagonist who looks a bit generic but maybe that's the point. The controls could be improved, everything feels frictionless which makes it a bit difficult to give exact movements but the game is nice even though I would have preferred to change the scheme of the magic attack since I had problems using it even after reviewing the game controls.

A platform game with a hint of a puzzle that is a bit small but quite cute, the music is quite simple but I liked the simple graphics and the mechanics of reversing gravity.

Curious platform game that tries to convey the feeling of being a person with "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" in which one tries to do everything right but everyone acts badly and they act as if one can't do anything right, tasks simple become complex getting lost, not being able to remember information and simply being poorly valued since what for one is a difficult task, others see it as a trivial task in which we are pathetic.

A short experience but with an interesting message.

The game is quite abstract in the environments but the important thing is the music and how it feels to control the kitten, in general it is controlled well with the stick but the direction pad does not seem to detect it well, apart from that the sensation of speed that is interesting is one can reach in the game and the second zone that reacts noticeably is interesting to listen to.

I liked the concept even though I think the levels could be polished a bit so that the music sounds better when climbing (for example in a rest or holding a suitable note), but the concept is quite striking.

Curious stories of ghosts, the environment described by the texts is very atmospheric and it is a surprise when trying to make an offering to a forgotten altar found to later find a condemned spirit that portends doom.

This game reminded me visually of Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight in the light effects and the strange red spots that faintly appeared on the screen from time to time, visually it is quite interesting and little by little it becomes more and more strange.

The combat style is initially more similar to Cave Story with a short range shot, although with upgrades it becomes a bit easier to shoot. The movements and jumps are very responsive, although I suppose that the initial discomfort in combat is fine to feel how it improves.

From the story... I'm not sure what's going on, it's like a combination of the Twin Peaks series with Momodora 1. A detective wakes up in the forest, her mind is confused but she's looking for clues of a homicide, but when she returns to Her hometown begins to have strange visions of the past together with a strange deer man, her companion does not seem to see anything strange, which makes us question the sanity of the protagonist. The visions get worse and the visions seem to indicate that what we see is not a memory of our own. Was it a past life or maybe someone we knew?

It matters little since when we hunt the deer man the world ends, fades and mixes while we end up in a kind of limbo or dream world where we find someone who is looking for us to recover whatever we have stolen from him. which we hang from a tree? Your identity which we replaced? In the end none of that matters, the world has come to an end and the mistakes of the past could not be changed.

This game was more frustrating but fun than I expected, mechanically it reminded me of "Get over it" due to the not so conventional mobility, this game that confronts us with having a large lever which we must use as a lever and support to be able to climb through increasingly complicated caves.

As one understands how the character moves, everything becomes easier, but the eureka moment may take time to arrive even though it is quite satisfactory.