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I played "The Search For The Green River" and made me have very strange dreams. I love it. 

I want to play other of your games, can you send "Living With The Moonoliths"?

Mi email is:

This little game is great and fun, the visual effects are amazing.
I made a little video of my walkthrough:

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At last I was able to make a video with 100% in Bloodseeker and made a complete map of the game.

What is sensible gravity in a 2d game movement? Would it be to have a maximum vertical speed? I have always had a somewhat crude mobility when trying to make platform games.

The controls feel pretty good.

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The main mechanics of this game is something that I have seen before but only as an addition to some very specific part of a game like in Ori and the Blind Forest in the frozen region where there were surfaces that changed the orientation of gravity ... and Sky Crawlers takes that concept and makes it the main mechanic of the game. It is a bit difficult to say if the game is more of a puzzle than a platform game, but I am more inclined towards the latter since there is a lot of freedom when solving the levels and it ends up being something easy, but very pleasant if you have experience with platform games and to have been made in such a short time, the mobility is very fluid and in general it is quite well done.

I did a playthough of the game, although I am curious about other games that have used this mechanic even if it is in small doses.

The concept seems original to me being a variation of escort missions that seems quite well achieved for a game made in a couple of days and the refined version has not only better animation and an extension of the content, but also the movements of the character that We guide are more responsible and the concept of caring for others is quite clear in the mechanics of the game. In general I liked the game and I did a playthrough.

The first thing I have to say is that I was very surprised how the way of moving around the original title changes so much; When the previous game offered a higher and slower jump along with an aerial lunge by a hook mechanic. If I have to acknowledge something about these games, it is that they are enjoyed more a second time you play them and you see the difference in experience and skill when entering the mountain, in particular I feel that this game is much more demanding and requires more precision when playing. advance through the levels even if this time I manage to collect all the strawberries that are distributed in the game for those who want to test their skills. For something done in three days, it's a great game and gives hope for a sequel to Celeste's console game.
I make a gameplay with controller display inputs:

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Something I have to say about this work is that at least in my opinion the narration is somewhat misleading, the natural reaction at the beginning is that what is narrated is of a character that we control, the idea that a normal person can have thoughts that become more disturbing as the plot progresses and that he ended up doing something terrible. The turn of the story is sudden, so sudden that when it is happening there is no time to think until the credits are running, there is an equal violent disconnection of the controlled character and who was really narrating the story and then return with the idea that the narrator was actively watching the protagonist the entire time, which leads to more horrific implications that the victim of the event was premeditated. I made a gameplay that I share with Spanish subtitles that were made by me, so if there is an error in the translation, I would appreciate the comments.

The light management is simply amazing and the overall setting is quite well done. The first times I played it I never found any idols, but as I was exploring more and the first one appeared, that made me want to explore even more to see what secrets I could find, although I have not finished finding all of them.
It won't have much to do with it, but it made me wonder about other games where the protagonist is an explorer archaeologist and things like Pitfall, La Mulana and Spelunki came to mind, even though they all have completely different mechanics.

I share my playthrough of the game.

The game itself has several bugs and part of my entertainment was looking for all those errors, but I can say that the mobility of the cat is quite fluid, the animation is nice and I like the game's backgrounds that remind me of something created with a program aesthetic windows 95 architecture that I can't identify but it makes me think of the words vaporware.

The concept is nice although I understand that in a game jam the time to polish a game is very limited.

This little game has surprised me in several ways, the feeling of discomfort that it is capable of producing with simple visual effects and text messages is quite large at the moment of feeling identified with the protagonist's frustration while answering the messages increasingly altered. This game is more surreal than traditional horror, I expected that at any moment a door would slam or something would pop in my face to scare me, but no, it just let the tension build more and more without an escape valve to finish with something that when you finish you have no idea what happened because of how strange it gets, it is a little difficult to describe but you know that something is wrong when you slow down, the image of the worms on the door made me I tried to walk away when the strange voice began to repeat the message that my friend was supposed to send ... but in the end I didn't even understand what happened.
What does this game mean? The first idea that crossed my head was that one really knows people even when they are friends, someone who seems to seek your well-being or just have fun with you could have ulterior motives to take advantage of you, I guess the feeling that , when you go to visit a friend for the first time in an unknown direction, it turns out that things go wrong or you are mugged along the way. Another version that I think is that someone or in this case something else is imitating being a friend, I remember that they have tried to deceive relatives by pretending to be cousins or children and then extort money from them, but once they are deceived, things could escalate to the worse if they have enough information about one. 

I make a playthough of this beatiful game, It is a quite emotional game that moves from comedy to awkwardness naturally, the soundtrack gives a calm and magical feel to almost the entire game that I find rare to find.

If there is something I can say about the play, it is that it seems to me that one of the most important themes is the theme of innocence, this innocence leads the protagonist to be friendly, to solve certain problems simply by playing or by accident and also several of the problems they arise from others trying to protect the innocence of the character. The construction of the climax of the story on the island on the right is generated from the beginning in a magnificent rhythm that fills you with tension for what is a complete turn of tone that I feared would leave me at the end with a bitter feeling for then be solved. One of the most moving stories I've seen in video games in a long time.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing the fruit of your work.

Mi errror, pero bueno, sigue con tu gran trabajo.

Tengo curiosidad, ¿Que clase de cambios hubo? ¿O fue mas que nada algun parche de correción de bugs?

I really liked the alpha of the game and I hope to see the finished project I have made a small gampelay of it. I'm curious what inspirations they took to make the game.

I did a little gameplay speaking the texts I found from the game in Spanish, a very interesting game that gives you theories of what it means.

For a Castlevania-inspired game the game feels very light in mobility including being able to choose the direction of the jumps in the air which is strange when I expected a movement that felt heavier, the attacks themselves I think they are missing something so that they feel more solid. I think it has potential and could be a good introduction to the metroidvania genre, although the beginning of this type of game is always simple, so I am curious as to how it would develop in more advanced stages where difficulty becomes a relevant aspect. .

It is a very good demo that gives a good visualization of the somewhat more oppressive environment to the saga on which it is based, generating in sections a sense of urgency and exploration with the oxygen meter mechanism that forces you to cross quickly or look for possible air spaces to survive the exploration that gives it a different but fresh touch. Mobility is somewhat clearer than in Super Metroid, you cannot jump on the walls but a mechanism of ledges was added to climb that I liked to give verticality to the levels and it seems more "normal" for the doors to open when close instead of shooting them. It also made me curious how the character crawls to pass through small spaces, which makes me think that the Metroid morphball probably originated to make a simple animation when passing through closed spaces. I hope to see the complete project.

I made a gameplay capturing the inputs of the control, although I must say that the control was quite responsive and fluid.

The game concept reminds me a bit of the Bubble Bobble 4 Friends with the aspect of being able to ride your own bubbles although mechanically the bubbles act quite different and the jumps are quite clumsy but suitable for a fish that is on land while encourages you to use the bubbles to move around. Por otro lado el arte del juego es simplemente precioso y considerado que tiene bastante potencial si se potencia algo puzzles y exploracion mas adelante en el juego.
I did a little gameplay that includes the controller inputs, but I must say that the control felt quite responsive and fluid.

Es un juego que he tenido que probar varias veces y me sigue intrigando, la estetica es bella y no puedo dejar de pensar en el significado que pueda tener o simplemente el que yo genero al verlo. Muchas gracias por tan linda obra.

I quite liked the game, I can recognize references to Castlevania and Hollow Knight to make a pretty good metroidvania. Of course, I got lost for a while in the catacombs for a piece of ground that I did not know how to open and that I ended up opening without knowing how. I loved it and recorded my gameplay even though I had to make a cut in the pile of attempts to open the area that I mentioned before:

Me encanto el juego con una contrucción bastante singular, creo que otros deberian de darse la oportunidad de jugarlo para experimentarlo aun que no necesariamente les pueda gustar, pero minimo se les quedara en la cabeza las imagenes que evoca.

Quizas lo mejor seria jugar el juego pero grabe mi gameplay y le hice un muy improvisado doblaje al español en mi gameplay que pueden ver a continuación.

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I quite liked the game, mechanically it has a nice and fair mobility, it reminds of other games like Castlevania II, Zelda II Link Adventure or Faxanadu and I look forward to your next expanded version of the game.
I hope you don't mind but I did record a couple of my Playthroughs in both the NES version and the Commodore64 version. 

The game reminded me a lot of Shovel Knight with a touch of the clasic megaman and Shantae, the game is magnificent in many ways, with jokes about the characters full of charisma, characters with personality and even challenges for the completists. It is a game that should be better known.
I hope you don't mind but I did record my Playthrough of the game: 

Great work, I quite liked the concept of the game with the rearrangement of the map, it reminded me a bit of what they did with the editable dungeons of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Swith).
I hope you don't mind but I recorded my playthrough of the game