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No problem. I agree about difficulty - it's no fun without a challenge. With writing it's best to edit after leaving it a while; I guess it's the same with games. Though games are partly about mastery through practice, so it's a fine line. And you're right to be proud of the hunger mechanic, it's good.

No problem, it's well deserved praise. I have to confess I love mixed up genres too; I think you're right about 'adventure'. Also looking forward to what you produce next.

I noted on the game page it was based on something else, but haven't tried it before; I certainly have in mind to check it out. We each have our own experiences; part of the fun creating things is reinterpreting our own experiences for those who haven't experienced them before. Still, it was a great job, and I enjoyed it. Thanks. :)

I love the graphics and the interesting gameplay. It took me a while to get used to the controls, but it just needed some reading on my part. It's a great job. Also loved the scrolling game over text - I saw it a lot.

A nice, fast, snake implementation; great fun. It's frustrating, but I loved the hunger mechanic. Not sure if it's due to distraction, but certainly not got as good as 69 yet. Good tip about the menu too; perhaps it's the green, but I kind of lost it on the screen. It makes me want to try my hand at making my own snake clone.

If not obvious from my entry, I loved playing text adventures as a child. (I sucked at them, but that's not the point...)

As a text adventure, it was atypical, but I liked that. At times it felt repetitive, making me wonder if there was an end, but that's the point. I did eventually roughly work out what was going on and got to the finish. It was fun, and I enjoyed it.

When I saw Jupi play this, I could see what she meant; it looked like some complex number crunching was needed. I found the game a little confusing initially, and it could have benefitted from some extra explanation; but hey, deadlines. I note that partly due to my own failings.

All that said, once I sat down and started playing I got into it. I started to get a feel for what to do and had a lot of fun playing it. Way too much fun - I've wasted more time than I meant to playing this. Criticisms aside, this was a fun game I'd gladly play again.

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Thanks for the comment; looking forward to sitting down and trying your games as well.

Why? Why did I do it myself?! :P I really started hitting my lack of understanding the language. Just yesterday, researching my next game, I found the Spectrum has a modulus function, just sat in the ROM and not generally available - I didn't have to create my own. But, then, where would be the fun in that? :P

If I ever get to rewrite this as I wanted, pen and paper would be harder to use. Let's hope for all our sakes I don't get my way. }:) (To be honest, it would probably still be just as easy...) That said, a probably overlooked feature (my fault) is that you can 'examine floor' - that should tell you whether you've been there before and approximately how much.

Also, love the fact you had to check my code to see if I was just trolling everyone! Seeing that made my day! XD Thanks for the compliment on its structure; it's the first proper thing I've coded in Spectrum Basic for myself.

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Hi Jupi; thanks for the comment and letting me know about the video. Apologies for the late reply, but I've finally sat down and watched through both - you did a great job. I do hope you enjoyed the game.

Things I noted and should have forced time for:
  1. A little introduction/explanation screen, noting the 'help' command.
  2. Implement 'look' not just 'examine'.
  3. From seeing you play someone else's entry, an 'exits' command.

I had wanted it to be more fun rather than just frustrating; I hope I'll return to the idea later and rewrite confuddle in the form I really wanted (named something else). If I do, I'll let you know, but before then I have a game competition I'm looking at on World of Spectrum. #hopefully #iwish

I think you were right about the generational thing - I'm in an odd position where I kind of straddle both. When I looked at my entry and noted the "" I instantly worried you'd hit the same issues as previous entries, but you were starting to understand. Check out a ZX Spectrum keyboard and you'll understand why you were having difficulty. (Notably, though the fault of the emulator, the ZX Spectrum cursor keys are 5-8! X_x) One thing that didn't help this jam for speed and responsiveness was its restriction to BASIC; working in machine code is faster (but more complex). On the plus side, you didn't have to wait for these to load via tape with the threat of a tape load error, or worse, a chewed tape. 8O

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Thanks for your comment; so sorry it took so long to respond, but the last couple of weeks have been very busy.

Regarding your question, not much. There is an escape hatch, which is your objective, though it only leads to another, slightly larger, maze (which starts as 5×5 but originally planned as 16×16!). I had wanted to add a key or coloured levers to unlock the hatch, but I ran out of time; much as there was a day added, I needed to focus on other things, unfortunately.

Clearly, the movement scheme was intended to disorient (and took more programming than an NSEW  scheme than might be apparent). Though now you mention it, I think I recall playing a game before that might have used an FBLR scheme.

Looking forward to getting some time to play your games. This whole jam was a fun learning experience.

*Flumps over finish line.*

Hi; I'm Ian and I'm a software developer living around the Cambridge area in the UK.

I meant to pop in here earlier and say hi, but its been busy. Finally managed to upload something, even if it was less than I wanted. Been great fun though, and learnt a lot (which is always great).