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Just beat the game, and I must say, this has been one of the most rewarding RPG experiences I’ve had in a long time. I decided to write down the aspects that I particularly enjoyed!

The story – Its such a unique story with unexpected twists (some very sad twists). The story flows in a nice pace where everything moves along and I was super interested in seeing what would happen next.

The characters – I LOVE the main cast (humans and evocations). Its so refreshing to see main characters that do not follow your typical “RPG hero” tropes. I love how their personalities shine through and I love their dialogue and banter. For me, wanting to see how their stories conclude was the driving force throughout the game because I was so invested in their wellbeing that I had to know what will happen! (btw, Miriam is my favorite human and Farudon my favorite evocation!)

The battle design – The battle flow was nice and rewarding. I played on medium difficulty and it provided a good challenge, however I didn’t have to grind. Just going through the dungeons fighting normally was sufficient to keep me at a good level. In particular I liked how all skills were useful. I found myself using all my skills, support and offensive, throughout the different battles. Its great to feel like everything in my arsenal is important. This was the most evident in the final battle where I found myself using EVERYTHING I had to win, which was SO rewarding!

The enemy designs – The game is all about psychic powers and psychology. The enemies reflect that. The enemy designs and their names reflect different concepts in the human psyche. Enemy designs felt so thoughtful and meaningful. And there are so many different designs, it is so much fun to find new ones, learn their names, and try to relate the name to the design. Very creative!

The MUSIC! I love the music in this game so much! I was surprised when the credits showed that the music was from different sources. When I played, I thought everything was composed by the same person because all tracks complimented each other and the environments so well. I would find myself getting into battles just to listen to the battle themes in some of the dungeons, haha! Also I little thing I appreciated that in the same dungeon not all normal battles have the same theme. I thought that was a really nice touch.

The atmosphere! All the areas felt very immersive. I think atmosphere really shows in the creepy/horror/otherworldly areas (highlights for me are the playground, the descent, the pockets of vedim space that you get to through the invisible creature) I had to stop in many of these areas and just take in the atmosphere, it was so good!

Wooooh! That was a lot of writing. In short, I thoroughly enjoyed Weird and Unfortunate from start to finish. It is one of my favorite RPGs in a long, long time!

Final note: I thought the sound of 25 obols was therapeutic, and then I found the 50 and 100 obols! Euphoria! 

What a beautiful game. I was filled with so many emotions at the end. It was such a great experience and such a fulfilling ending. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this story to life!

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I absolutely loved this latest demo! There are so many elements that were highlights for me, starting with the art style that spans everything from portraits to maps to animations and even damage pop-ups!

The opening and ending cinematics are beautiful, even before that starting with the opening of the title screen. I was captivated at the start by how well the opening flowed. The battle animations and all the fluid interaction animations with the enemies are also a very nice touch and adds so much personality. 

Another highlight for me are the circus characters themselves and all their different designs, personalities and interactions. They have this endearing found family feel to them that I really enjoy and am so interested in seeing where the story takes them. I think this came through to me because the writing is so good and gives them all so much life.

This is a perfect demo to showcase what Ressurflection has to offer, familiarize us with the style, mechanics, and characters, and raise excitement for the rest of the game. Hats off to you! Well done!

I really enjoyed it! I love how the characters are written. They are very likeable and play off of each other very well.  Lovely bust art and map design as well. The game took me about 2 hours to complete and it was a wholesome enjoyable adventure.  The story progresses the relationship of the protagonists in a nicely paced  manner and you cannot help but root for them by the end. Thank you for making this lovely game. :)

An incredibly charming and well designed fantasy RPG. The amount of care put into the mechanics is impressive. Every item counts. Every stat buff or debuff counts. The game kept me on the edge of my seat because I needed to make sure I made the best use of my resources. 

The story and writing are well done. Very charming and clever. There is lots of lore hidden in dialogue choices or books, which adds so much depth to the world.

Great music too! The tunes are all so catchy.

 This is a must play for RPG fans! 

I really enjoyed it! The highlight for me was the dynamic between Chris and Vladimir, its very cute and heartwarming. This is a very strong and intriguing demo that makes me super excited for the full game. Well done!

What an amazing chapter! I cried at the end! Loved it to bits! Thank you for all your hard work Lydia and I can't wait for the conclusion in Chapter 4!

I played the Mare demo a few years ago, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the full game ever since. Oh, man. Where do I start? (I will refrain from talking about specific details so as to not spoil, since the game is still new).

My most favorite aspects of Mare are the storytelling and the characters. The story has many dramatic emotionally charged scenes, but also  subtle quiet scenes where things are implied/visually presented rather than stated. A note here, a picture there -- little details that tell big stories. I found these two ways of telling the story of the main and side characters really worked well.  The story the game tells is a very serious one. I won’t go into details in fears of spoiling anything, but the game’s message is told in a nice subtle, yet impactful way.

The characters – oh, the characters! The two leads are very charming and interesting. I was emotionally invested in Naomi’s quest from the very first scenes. The rest of the cast are also brilliant. The characters are designed in a visually pleasing anime style, with vibrant personalities, and very interesting stories.  

Immaculate care was put into the graphics of Mare. Character sprites change depending on the events in the game, as do character dialogue portraits. Even the character’s menu portraits change throughout the game! These additions provide so much life and personality to the game, and tell me so much about the characters without having to spell it out.  Mare also has custom CG art that accompanies the game’s key cutscenes. The CG art is beautiful and enhances the impact of the scenes. The CG art is spread nicely throughout the game, that getting one feels like such a treat and adds importance and a sense of accomplishment. Locations are also uniquely designed and have strong signature visuals and motif. Even the battle transitions are custom and unique to each area!

Mare has an all original OST. The game’s music adds personality and life and to the game’s locations, battles, and cutscenes. A certain battle theme at the end of the game comes to mind as one of the most memorable and emotional ones, as do the themes for the second and third locations of the game.

Mare has turn-based battles. I found the difficulty of the battles just right. I didn’t need to do any grinding, but still needed to pay attention in battles and strategize to overcome some of the more difficult foes.

Mare is such a joy to play. One playthrough took me about 3.5 hours to complete. It is perfect to spend an evening on. There are also multiple endings. The characters and story will surely leave an impact long afterwards.

Tldr; Mare is an artistic, poignant, inspiring, and important game that All JRPG fans need to experience

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Ahhh! I loved it! It is amazingly true to the style of the game, I could easily see it as an actual epilogue bit. Well done! The writing is so good!

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Thank you for this thoughtful review! There are several ways a single battle can be concluded, indeed. I am glad you got to experiment with that. I am planning to release an updated demo that includes a Help file accessible in-game to refer to the various mechanics and how they affect gameplay.

PS: Starsio is not ok ):

Thank you so much Ghostie! I appreciate your support so much! <3

A very heartfelt, wholesome and emotional game that leaves an impact on you long after gameplay.

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Hello everyone! I have released an updated demo of the RPG I have been working on; Black Crystals.

Here is the game page!

Black Crystals is a free turn based RPG with point and click elements, and a hand drawn style.

Starsio used to sing songs on the street for a living.  He was kidnapped and sold on the black market to the entertainment establishment "Paprika", where he was forced to become a performer.  

One day, Starsio awakens a mysterious power. He takes this as a sign that it is time to escape and return home. Together with his reluctant friend Arthur, Starsio sets his escape plan into motion with one last song. What awaits Starsio and Arthur outside the doors of Paprika?  Will they be able to make it? 

Features in demo:

  • Battle system where you can overcome adversaries by interacting with the environments or talking your way out of conflict.
  • Skill learn system where you learn skills by using skills.
  • Skill combo system where compatible skills link to form more power skills.
  • State of Mind system where your parties mental state greatly affects their effectiveness.


I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

Awwww, I really enjoyed it! I was sad when I got the woodcutter ending, but after I got used to the rules I really had fun playing!