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Thank you for this thoughtful review! There are several ways a single battle can be concluded, indeed. I am glad you got to experiment with that. I am planning to release an updated demo that includes a Help file accessible in-game to refer to the various mechanics and how they affect gameplay.

PS: Starsio is not ok ):

Thank you so much Ghostie! I appreciate your support so much! <3

A very heartfelt, wholesome and emotional game that leaves an impact on you long after gameplay.

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the complete game when it is out. :D

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Hello everyone! I have released an updated demo of the RPG I have been working on; Black Crystals.

Here is the game page!

Black Crystals is a free turn based RPG with point and click elements, and a hand drawn style.

Starsio used to sing songs on the street for a living.  He was kidnapped and sold on the black market to the entertainment establishment "Paprika", where he was forced to become a performer.  

One day, Starsio awakens a mysterious power. He takes this as a sign that it is time to escape and return home. Together with his reluctant friend Arthur, Starsio sets his escape plan into motion with one last song. What awaits Starsio and Arthur outside the doors of Paprika?  Will they be able to make it? 

Features in demo:

  • Battle system where you can overcome adversaries by interacting with the environments or talking your way out of conflict.
  • Skill learn system where you learn skills by using skills.
  • Skill combo system where compatible skills link to form more power skills.
  • State of Mind system where your parties mental state greatly affects their effectiveness.


I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

Awwww, I really enjoyed it! I was sad when I got the woodcutter ending, but after I got used to the rules I really had fun playing!

Sounds interesting! However, my game is only a demo. Is that alright?

Many thanks for the gameplay video!