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I might post my generic RPG System, but it's about 20-30 pages - is that too long? I know "minimalist" tends to also include a page count maximum.

awesome! Here you go:

Hi, not sure the best way to get in touch with you. I misread the deadline on the Cozy Winter Jam and missed the submission window by a few hours! Any chance I could get a link to submit late? My game is totally ready and definitely on the theme of "Let the light guide you". Feel free to respond here or on my twitter @yonahsienna. Thank you for your time!

Hello! I'm super excited to announce my new game, Miracles & Maccabees is now available. It uses dreidels, gelt, and candles in the mechanics, and it's pay what you can with community copies available. I'd love more people to see it and let me know what you think!

Hey! Tell your Jewish friends, your Jew-ish friends and your friends who think Jewish stuff is cool! If you like Matzah and storytelling and feeling things, you will probably love my new game -  In Every Generation: A Passover RPG ExperienceIt's my first time publishing anything on Itch, so it would mean a lot if folks would send it around and comment if you like it! :)