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Oh goodness. I am so sorry about that! That's a mistake from my side, I forgot to add him.

Unfortunately, these scenes seem to crash for a lot of people as of now.
The only workaround that some people have found so far is to click slowly and not rush it! You might want to try that and see if it works.
The next update will come with the option to skip these scenes, so that it won't crash anymore for players who run into this problem.
I am currently trying to figure out a way to fix this error though!



1. The plan is to send them to the basement as slaves once you buy them back, however I also want it to be possible to bring them back into the mansion's upper floors if you manage to get a good relationship with them again. That will be up to the player though.

2. Definitely! I have one in planning already!

3. I can't spoil too much about this section, but there is something planned for him!

4. Yes! In all honesty, this is something I forgot to implement with that update, yet I meant to. I'll add it as soon as I find the time!

5. I'm definitely wanting to add more freedom with the game's dialogue in general (which will also be affecting the player's morals), what the slave market is so far, is really just a rough outline of the vision I have for it, so it's going to get reworked in the future!

And yes, I haven't forgotten about that, ha ha! I'll try to come up with something! Thank you for your support!


I actually haven't thought about implementing a preference for the extra scenes, but that sounds like a really good idea! I'll definitely write it on my to-do list and try to get it done for the next update then! 
And don't worry about it, it's completely understandable that you wouldn't like everything in the game! 

So far I don't have an exact number of desires I want to implement yet since I always get new ideas for more of them, so the amount keeps growing for now, ha ha. If the game should ever run out of space for those though, I would be very happy to make a second game like this with all new desires! 
I'm really happy to see that you enjoy the desires that are there so far! It's always motivating to read something like this, ha ha.

No need to apologize! I'm happy about getting feedback, no matter how long it is! 
And thank you so much for all the support! it really means a lot to me. I hope I can continue to make content that you and everyone else enjoys! 

I'm glad you're looking forward to it! 
It's still a little while until I can finalize the update and upload it, but I'm working hard on it to get a lot of content done!
Thank you for the support~

I have set it up already a few weeks ago and It's actually coming with the next update! It'll work just the way you've described, you'll also be able to change preference at any time.

I'm very happy to hear how much you like the game! I'm currently hard  at work for the next update again, so you can be sure to expect a new version of the game soon!
Thank you so much for the support~

I wasn't planning on it, but if there is interest for Lio, then I'll try to come up with something in the future!

Of course! I'll try to answer as best as I can.

1. It is not implemented yet, but yes, I do plan on adding more to that in the future!

2. Yes there will be other options to give away desires in future updates!

3. It's planned, but might take a while until implemented, since I want to overhaul their entire dialogue if you've sold them once!

No problem! I'm always glad to see when people are still interested in the game and I'm glad to answer any questions, ha ha. Thank you for the support!

Hello! Can you tell me which characters you have in your team when that happens?

Thank you for your understanding!~

Hello! I'm really happy you enjoy the game!~
Currently it is on hiatus due to health reasons, but when that period is over I am definitely going to pick up the project again and continue where I left off!

Unfortunately the hiatus will still be going on for a while as it looks since the health problems weren't solved yet. 
I apologize for the wait and hope I can soon get back to developing!

Ha ha, I'm glad you're liking it! Thank you for the support!~

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Enemies don't appear everywhere on the world map, it's possible that you're walking on a part where you cannot encounter them!
Here is an image of the world map. Encounters can happen in the red, green, yellow and orange marked areas. The colors aren't visible in the game though.
I hope this helps! If the problem still persists, don't hesitate to ask for help again!~

The cow horn can be obtained in the yellow marked area by fighting cow boy desires!

That sounds like it might be a bug, if you encounter it again, could you attach a screenshot? That would be very helpful! And thank you for the report, I will add it to the bug list!

Currently, the game is in hiatus due to health reasons so unfortunately it is hard to say when development can continue.
I'd like to try working a little on it again soon though if possible!

As mentioned by LaPlace, Rahel doesn't have a romancing event yet, however you should encounter Lanch's first event at 500 points and his second at 800!

when you leave Nodrya, walk left and you should find a campfire! From there you get to Nodrya mountain!

This is incredibly beautiful! I keep getting stunned by the great art this fandom creates, ha ha!

It is! New update will be coming still this month!

This is really stunning! Thank you so much for taking your time to make such beautiful fanart of this game, ha ha!

I'm very happy to hear that you're enjoying it so much! Hmm I'm not sure why it's loading so long, but I will look into that. It might again be trying to load too many events at once, but due to a new pre-loading plugin I implemented, this should be completely gone by the next update!

I do plan on making weather based features, but that wasn't one of it, ha ha!

Oh, really? No that is certainly not supposed to happen... I'll have to write that down on my to do list, thank you!

Hmm reading this now, that really seems to be a confusing bug... right now I have no clue what's causing this, as no event on the worldmap or in Gesthra should trigger a black screen upon entering a town and no one else seems to have had this bug so far either.
Do you have a specific weather condition in the game when you're trying to enter a place?

Hello! The loading screen problem is most likely an issue of it trying to load too many events at once. I will get on it and try to finish making it much faster in the next update!

Hello! Glad you like the game! Where exactly are you getting a black screen?

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I go through my mails once in a while, but a better place would be the discord, as it has a feature collector which allows me much easier to go through a list of what everyone would like to see in the game! The discord is also nsfw, so you can post anything there without having to censor it beforehand, ha ha!
Mainly the reason I censored the images here was because I wanted to show what's to come but still keep a little bit of a surprise for everyone, so I think writing here would be perfectly fine too as this game has an adult tag.

Ha ha, that's super nice of you! I'm glad you're enjoying the game and I hope you're enjoying the updates in the future! Welcome!

Oh, what a beautiful Ruko! I am absolutely stunned by how realistic your artstyle is! It's really great!

I'm very glad to hear you enjoy the game, ha ha!
About your question, when you go to the world map, search for a gate on the floor in the north. When you interact with that one, you should be able to get into the sewers!  For further help, you can also visit the wiki and see if you find anything you need there or you can also join our discord, where we have a lot of really helpful veterans at this game that love to give advice!

Such an amazing artwork! I'm really admiring your skill!

Ha ha, it seems just that way! I will do my best for his route!

Oh, this is incredible! It's crazy to me that this game gets fanart, I'm so excited to see this! And it seems like someone really likes Rascal, ha ha!

Unique idea! I don't know these kinds of character types too well, but I think If I research enough I might be able to pull that off!

Ah! Thank you for reporting. I will fix this right away! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I like that idea! I was having something different in mind for removing desires in a non-hateful way, but nothing speaks against implementing this feature as well. It also gives me a lot of ideas for filling in the world map a little more. Thank you!

Battle activities in quests basically means battling enemies to progress in a quest. An example for puzzle solving is finding out that you need to take the axe with you to go deeper into the celestial forest!