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Yoko Taro The Second

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Loved the fact that you could change between many pallets. 

Also loved the artstyle and presentation of this. 

However, there is a lot to nitpick here. The sword, if i am to be honest, feels useless in comparison to the shuriken. Which feels as overpowered as spamming hadouken in a street fighter game.

The procedural level generation is great and all, but at times this lead to some bugs. Like the enemies getting stuck in the gate and neither taking any damage or doing any damage. 

Also, the dash while not slippery, feel awkward for some reason. I can't put my finger on it but, sometimes it feels like you are not stopping at the intended place or intended distance that the earlier dashes taught you about.

However, the music is great and the overall level designs are also pretty fun and challenging.

So great work. This is not my favorite game of this jam but i can see how so many people can love it and the developer truly deserves this praise.  

So this was really fun in an arcady way. Business advice, you guys should make a time traveling machine and then travel back in time to make an arcade port of this game because oh god, if this is fun. I could easily see kids in the late 80s and early 90s losing their mind and coins over this.

The music is fantastic. Jammy even. 

The artstyle is charming and unique.

And the level design is challenging, fun, and enjoyable.

If i have any complain, is that the dash can sometimes screw me over. There were times i swear i made a perfect dash but still took damage from the spikes.

Except for that, all of it, including the animation (which by god, is really charming) plays out as intended. 

Just remember my advice on time traveling tho. 


I really loved how the entire ring bounced when you jumped on it.

The gameplay is fun, charming, and addictive. I can see the developers making a great stride in warioware like titles if they ever decide to make a full game.

So, i understand that the jumping in this game is momentum based and not movement based but the awkward placement of platforming doesn't help.

With that said, loved the idea of it. The open hole reminded me of the hole from Silent Hill 2. And the overall visual presentation reminded me of the game Mappy for the original Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System. 

There is potential in this demo that is waiting for a better re-release to actually utilize that and become something good.

Love how you can just kick all the time. I laughed at that.

Though, at points i experienced weird feeling when i couldn't go through certain areas. And it wouldn't have been much of a problem if there would be one of those skulls or rocks to indicate the player visually that "yes, you can't go past this area", but there were none. So it felt kind of awkward. Like encountering an invisible wall in an open world game.

With that said, the artwork, writing, and overall visual presentation is pretty great. Absolutely lovely to look at.

Lol. Reminds of good ol' troll-like web browser games. May Adobe Flash rest in peace.

Fun and charming. Loved the open level design. This game, I think of all the submissions, has the best potential at being a full game. 

I would recommend providing the game to alpha beta gamer or manlybadasshero to get even more public feedback and attention, because it truly deserves it.

If i have any complain, it would be that I was rather confused on how to pick the passenger at first. 

Except for that, this game was gorgeous to look at and gorgeous to play through.

Bravo! Well done!

A slideshow like presentation for the text might have been better. As it would have allowed for the player to read the text in their own leisure. Not saying the text crawl is a bad thing, lol. But sometimes the text could feel rather too slow and then when i try to skip ahead a little, it would feel like i have skipped too much, and now i have to catch-up with whatever i read with robotic precision.

With that said, loved the gameplay. The crab -- Anita Dick -- feels right to control and handle. The switching between shells is also pretty fun. Though i kind of found an exploit, which greatly helps in the final level. If you just keep shooting, the enemies ahead can die offscreen. Lol. Saved me a lot of headache. 

The animation is the highlight though. The switching between shells, the crab dancing, and The snails bobbing their head, all felt natural and lived in. It is pretty great stuff, not gonna lie. Almost AAA quality. 

The music is fantastic and mere appropriate for a GameBoy game. The tunes are simple but majestic, they fit both to the adventurous feeling of the gameplay and the satirical tone of the story. 

It was truly a charming experience. 

Reminds me of old starfox games with a GameBoy twist. This is really well done. The controls are janky for all the right reasons. It understands the control structure of GameBoy games and old starfox games, and recreates them as it is, without making it look like the developers threw janky controls for the sake of janky controls and call it a day by saying, "That is how they used to make it, back in the day." 

This developer understands the both limitations and the fun of that generation, and hence, this theoritical recreation feels like something out of that era. 

Absolutely a great game, if the developer is reading this, I wish to tell you that you should be proud of yourself for so successfully recreating the feel of this era. Even many modern developing teams would struggle with it and you guys performed it all within 10 days. 

That is not an easy thing to do.

So yeah, you all did great man. You all did great.