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very good retro game i enjoyed it.

then dont use unity. 2d games should run fast on computers from 10 years ago (think pentium 2).

if you can find away to make it run faster in unity, then your good enough to do it even in c++ and smfl/alegro etc.

from my experience this can be anything, do you render all the level? maybe dont render the parts that are off screen. this can be any number of small things.

graphics are great, also the idea. but the game felt too slow, maybe its the unity player on my pc. 

overall not bad.

score:1140 after a few times trying to figure out out.

enjoyed the art it was nice. gameplay has potential as a defense game.

wasn't easy to understand, was thrown into the action without even a start screen.

tyrian 2000 best shmup ever.

generally you have the opposite problems I have. your art is great but your execution (im guessing coding skill) not that much, you also need to learn game design.

the idea can be developed into a good game, the art is there, i envy you im only good at programming.

if your using game maker, drop it for a while and learn game programming with java/c++ or even as3(flash). dont use unity(not as a beginner anyway). using a tool instead of coding will limit you at some point.