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Battle for Iwo Jima simulates the Invasion and desperate fighting for the island from Feb 19th 1945 to March 26th 1945. You take command of the US Marines and will test your ability to do better than those brave Marines did back in 1945.

Each turn in the game represents one day with each day broken into phases. Units are approximately company sized.

Be warned this is not an easy game to win. You will need to exercise Command and Control over your units by keeping them in range of their HQ. Armor should be used in a supporting role and not in the front lines otherwise the Japanese will eat them for breakfast. Troops need to rest and not be constantly engaged in combat.

Use the support points on units that are likely to be fired upon by the Japanese, especially when moving, to reduce your losses.

Keep your units fatigue levels low by resting them from combat as they will become less effective as they suffer fatigue.

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