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Yoav rozov

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wow, that was really cool

there is a "continue" button in the dialogue

I did not understand how doe's it fits the topic of the wowie game jam. 

Great game I had a lot of fun playing it

Great game. But it is hard.

Pleas check out my game ;)

Great game

Thank you very much :)

you can press the space bar for a long time to jump higher

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This is intentional, but there is no need to reload the game you can press "P" or escape to go to the pause menu and then you can press "play again". Thanks for playing 😃

Thank you very much

Amazing game

Great game

all the rules you need to know is on the jam page:

also, you can use all of the unity templates

my second

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something that looks like a man covered with blood.I just can not hit it with my axe

How do i Kill that thing?

very cool game i love it

can you please play and rate my game?

Im gonna play yours too

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Thanks for the feedback! Great job btw

You need some thing to move the key up

You need some thing to move the key up so you can reach it.

i published the game in time but for some reason i can not find it in the game jam so here it is:

can i use 3D models from the unity assets store?