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very cool! My only complaint is that the hints make the solution a bit too easy ^^ but the narration is so cool!

Thanks a lot for playing!

thanks for playing!

Hi! I hope you'll forgive me replying to myself, I just wanted to let you know that I realized that I had severely misconfigured my page and the game was not able to run when embedded on the website! It's now fixed, so maybe it'll improve your experience! Sorry

Awesome and poetic! I wish the beginning in particular was a bit longer to teach me more about cultures I don't know ^^

i played this game years ago and it left a deep mark on me but I didn't properly keep track of it! So happy to find it again today! This time I'll not let it go!

thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And don't apologize for your random thoughts, they're very interesting, I want to think more about it

As my first game is called "you doesn't exist" I couldnt ignore this game, could I XDD brace yourself for a lot of "you suck at english grammar" comments xD

Anyway as for the game itself, it's neat, but it ends right when it grabs me xD I can't wait to get the next bit ^^

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I'm working on a quirky narrative RPG inspired by the likes of Nier Automata, Undertale or Dangan Ronpa V3, and since what I want to do is too experimental for any existing engine I'm making my own. 

Therefore, to try it out, I made this little standalone game, which should take you 30-60 minutes and showcase what I'm aiming for:

You will be offered to the Goddess as part of a mysterious ritual. Can you escape unscathed? Do you even want to if it means condemning the world to the Goddess' wrath?

Any feedback is most welcome and will help future projects! I hope this will help me find people who are in the same mindset as me, because gamedev feels lonely ;_;

  • Minimalist atypical art style
  • Procedural generation of the world
  • Quirky narrative battle system
  • Favorite old RPG features coming back: world map, character naming...
  • Experimental and boundary pushing
  • Multiplatform universal web engine
  • Free :) 

Hi! I just played this game, did a bunch of endings, not all of them yet ^^ my favorite is false #2 friend. I wish there was a computer in the game to insert the flash drive ^^

Anyway I thought it was pretty interesting, I especially like the visual effects and their unpredictability!


I've just created a page for my game You Doesn't Exist. It's an experimental rpgmaker-like, free/pay-what-you-want, should keep you busy between 2 to 8 hours depending on how exploratory you feel, and aims at shattering your concepts of reality and identity ^^

Quick pitch:

Set out on an adventure that challenges all the codes of the RPG genre, toying with its boundaries to create something unlike anything you've ever seen. In a world full of magic and adventure, a young boy starts his apprenticeship to become a knight...

I was a bit ashamed of it because I've had a hard time with the open source game engine I decided to give a chance to (rpgboss), but the openness of the engine allowed me to tweak the sources and do stuff I'm pretty sure you haven't seen in any RPG before XD

I hope you have a good experience!