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Hey, nice that you were dedicated enough to spot it yourself :) We got notified several times that this information is not clear enough communicated... Who knows if I have some free time I might do something about it^^

Anyways hope you still had a good experience even though this happened? :)

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Hey, the game looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I can't start the Mac Version. It states the file is broken. I also had to change the permissions of the .app-file via the terminal. I am on Big Sur 11.6. 

We feel honored! Awesome to hear you had fun playing it :) Also thanks for your feedback and critique. We will share information here on itch as soon as we have something new coming up!

Have a nice day

That's super nice to hear! Thank you very much for playing and sharing :)

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Hi, thanks for letting us know! If you don't mind you could send us an email to with more details (Windows, Mac or Linux which version do you have and do you play in 1080p?) so we can see what we can do :)

Nice to hear, thank you for playing and sharing! :)

Oh, alright! We can try:) We Never had that kind of issue before but if you can give us some more information maybe via email, we can see what we can do. Other than that try to click "New Game" or "Load Game" in the Main Menu after reopening the game or delete and reinstall it. Maybe this solves the problem.

Hope that helps!

That's nice to hear, thank you very much! :) Unfortunately, we can't translate it... Glad you still had fun and hopefully you could find all the clues in the end? So you at least know what happened.

Thanks for the feedback and have a nice day.

Thanks for sharing, we definitely will check it out! :)

Thanks for these very kind words and your help in sharing this game! We enjoyed watching your first impression and would love to hear if you solved the mystery?^^ We will inform you if there is coming more :) 

Have a nice day

Thank you very much for playing, sharing and the feedback! You were pretty good at solving the mystery, well done. :)

Thank you, that's nice to hear! Even though they are two completely different games :)

We are looking forward to create more content for sure!

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it :) So far there is only one riddle to solve but the letters are randomized. Maybe there will be more stories in the future.

Did you see his playthrough? It was awesome to see him playing and figuring out the solution.

Thanks for showcasing our game. Such a nice video format :) We are looking forward to your playthrough and upcoming videos!

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Thank you for your feedback! Additional mysteries are in fact something we have thought about for the future. :)

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Hello together,

after four months we released today our first game Postal Secret on We are very proud of it and now we would love to get some feedback on what kept us pretty busy the last four months. Although we are new to indie game dev, we think it is definitely a decelerating game for those who enjoy atmospheric visual and auditory entertainment.

Far north on a small island group, a tragedy has happened. Breaking the Postal Secret is the only way to unravel the mystery of the dead postman. Undercover as the new postman, it is your job to find out what happened by getting to know the islanders and their stories. Even though you may start to like them, reading their letters and manipulating their relationships is the only way to unravel the mystery. The Postal Secrect no longer counts!

Freely available on itch for Windows, Mac and Linux:

wow thats just so awesome to hear you talking about our game :) thank you very much!

Wow! We feel very honored you putting in the time and effort :D

This literally made my day and I had to try it myself... Could not beat ya yet but be aware! :)
I submitted a run but still has to process... (I've got 12:41)

Greetings Tarek

This is soo nice to hear!  Also fun to watch you playing it and getting to know the abilities step by step until pulling of the smooth moves in the last level :) 

just a question out of curiosity... would you have liked to get more explanations while playing or was figuring out the stuff part of the fun?

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Thank you very much for this feedback! You‘re video is really entertaining! excuse the late answer :) I am amazed how well you got everything from the getgo (okay we should have made it more clear I guess with the abilities... you loose energy if you dont move and use ur abilities. the blue circle on the ground shows which abilities are available) but yeah you figured it out :)

thanks for pushing our project! means a lot to us

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Very cool to see you playing it :D you will get used to it over time. Hope you had a fun time anyways