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Yiren Wang

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It's really creative to make pixel-style 2D pictures in a 3d game. The art style is very unified and stylized. Each character is designed very delicately (I love the cat!) I am very curious about what happened in the village and the whole story.

I really like the moment when I turned back and found a pair of eyes behind me. The only problem is the interaction. I use the keyboard in the beginning but use the mouse in the last room.  This makes me a little bit confused.

I really love the amazing museum,  which makes me feel the smallness of human beings and the greatness of nature and culture. Some things in the scene are very realistic, but most of them are not. I think it is because there is no normal maps on the floor and the walls. If you add them, I think the scene will become more realistic.

I love the particles you made for the players, they work well and very stylized. But I think the material can be more stylized, you can use lowpoly shaders to shade different sides with different colors and you don't need to unfold the UVs, which may be suitable for your game.

I really like the music of the platform part, which is the motivation that I will continue to play even if I fall. But there is one problem I found in the scene, the height of the player seems to be as high as the dining table. Maybe you should adjust the size of the scene or the player.

The scene is beautiful and full of details. But when I was standing on the mountain or the tower, I hoped to see farther. However, I could only see the boundaries of the map. Maybe you can add more mountains around the scene to make a better distant view.