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Very nice effects of interaction volumetric fog with light, great particles and materials. But for frame rate >= 30 fps you need modern computer:)

Now it became obvious that I was right)))

After reading several books on AI for computer games, your game looks more understandable to me:)

Congratulations, you have created a wonderful demonstrator! It seems to me that it is significantly underestimated here.

I think it would be great to add different ways of combining behaviors, from simple linear combinations or a priority system to more advanced ones.

I noticed one problem - in my Google Chrome browser, the text label of the upper slider in the left settings panel is not visible.

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A wonderful game! Flight dynamics is based on smooth movements, probably through linear and angular accelerations or forces and torques. It's great that you chose this way of building a controllability model. This gives you the opportunity to increase the realism of the flight dynamics to the level of a good simulator.

It is unusual that such an interesting 3D project is made with Godot.

I will try to come back in the near future and give a more complete analysis of the aerodynamics in your game.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm very glad that you liked the game.

The spaceship has been invaded by aliens.

Kill them all!

The ray gun, controlled by the left click, works only in close combat. 

You can launch powerful rockets with the right click. Be careful when using this weapon.

Clean the artificial gravity module. This part of the base is a huge rotating toroid.

You can play this game in browser.

For the best experience try the downloadable version for Windows.

A rather strange idea and design. But the game is fun.

Nice race. Not bad mazes:)

It would be better if you set the optimal fullscreen settings for unity games on itch.

Sorry, I didn't hold the key down earlier. Shooting works great!

A good idea of the game. The space bar does not work on the desktop version. Chrome browser.

Very fun gameplay. Good!

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A new version of space horror.

Do you want to survive? This creepy planet is not the safest place. 

However, your salvation is near. The orbital base is a safe and comfortable place.

There is even a rotating toroidal module that provides artificial gravity.

Nice game! But it is very hard. My best result was 4. About 10 minutes.

Space horror game.

Download for Windows:


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This game really resembles Battle City. Only music is missing to complete the effect.

You've chosen a great topic for your school project!

I really like Conway's Life. Right now your game doesn't have a good aesthetic, but you've already created the foundation. The game implements the calculation of new generations. Further improvement will not be difficult for you. There are many ways of development. You can allow the user to adjust the field size, the frequency of generation change, the color of the elements. You can add the option of drawing and inserting ready-made stable shapes. Dynamic color associated with the parameters of the game, automatic recognition of a stable state - all these are only the most obvious possibilities. It seems to me that the potential of this game is inexhaustible.

Not a bad shooter. Excellent division of complexity by levels. However, it would be great to prohibit the bee from hiding above the screen:)

A great idea of the game's plot. However, the mechanics of the game need several improvements. The most noticeable drawbacks: I can look through a closed door, I can't use a key card (it's probably possible, but very difficult), the first-person controller is limited in the heading angle.

Things related to the plot of the game turned out well.

Nice start!

Nice. Good instruction how to play.

Very fun flight simulator:)

Great gameplay. It's a pity that there is only one level in the game.

With blackjack, that's for sure:) I've seen playing cards:)

A very unusual shooter. Great game mechanics idea.

Improved tetris:)

Good job. The landing process is very exciting.

Nice. Object inertia in controllability is unusual for this genre. But this is probably not bad.

A very strange demo. But there is something in it.

Very nice gameplay. It is not too easy. It is not too hard.

Very fun retro!

It is not so easy to understand the principle of this game well. There is no way to do without understanding the work of neural networks.

I haven't delved deeply into the essence of what is happening, but it seems cool.

Nice office. I like the possibility of using a jar to push furniture and monitors:)

Nice game. Beautiful landscapes, it's a pity that there is no possibility of rotating the camera. I liked the view of the Egyptian desert. However, the rest of the tracks are made no worse, judging by the screenshots.

No problem. I think you're on the right track. Once again, good luck in your work!

Nice art, nice sound, nice controllability. To my mind it is too hard to survive. Very agressive environment, I can play only few second.

Unfortunately, browser versions don't always work like PC games.

In principle, Unity allows you to make controllers for FPS that work well in both versions. I've seen it in other people's games. But when I was building my own game with a first-person view, I ran into limitations of mouse movement in the browser. The Windows version worked well, but the browser version worked poorly. 

I wish you a successful release of your new game!

I've never seen anything like it. Amazing game. Great game idea, very nice sound.


Very good for 28 hours. To my mind it will be better with full screen option. Nice game!