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Took a rest in the game, love the atmosphere

Thanks for playing the game. Yes, we are looking for someone who can help us make music.

can i still submit now?

i'm glad you like it! thank you!

thank you~  :)

really nice! i tried the puzzle games too. I came the idea : when player walked towards a room, the room appeared a bit like the form in your game! Its a interesting coincidence~ But i think your expressions is better then me. (try not jealous~ :p)

In the sun room you can go alone the top of panel , pass through the sun hat. Then you can use the ladders. ^_^

the stars behind me,  blooming...... peaceful and beautiful. i love it.

its romantic , that i crossed dangerous just to give my lover a gift.

haha! its really interesting when i carry a lot of people behind me. i like this feeling, that i call a lot of people to attend a party! And the artworks in first screen just like comic. Really special!

thank you :)

thank you! :)

sorry, i have updated the file. please check it.

sorry, i have updated the file. please check it.

Your video moved me! thank you!

thank you. And your art(especially the map) is also very nice!

thank you very much!

thank you~ :D

i tried. it's interesting!

thank you^_^

thank you! i like your "i heard a dog barking"very much!

can i go to the top of white tower?