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Tyson too, and then is Hoss.

But, "i'm not gonna get mushy and gay on you Dave"


Alright, after getting used to the game, I found it's not that difficult to find the passwords_(:з」∠)_

Love this game!

But as a Chinese, limited by my poor English, it's a little difficult for me. I spent about an hour to go through tyson's route, and evnetually I got a bad end because i never ever knew the passwords. Thanks for the comments, i found several ways to get passwords. At the end i saved tyson and avioded the shooting, but it already took me many hours. Realizing i haven't got the HE yet, i played again, attempting to get all the codes but just on the first day, i spent many hours again without getting a right one. o(╥﹏╥)o

But, all in all, it's an amazing game with amazing stories and beautiful character sets. Love it so much. But i think my eagerness to get a HE must be put down for a long time. Who knows when will i bump into a right code in so many words.

Oh, and thanks for the game and your hardwork!