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Revisited is not a Remake, it's a reimagination of Morenatsu.

Essentially the Original is unfinished, and full of social problems, such as having underage characters, rape, kidnapping, grooming and other aspects that are not cool. Those were completely removed from Revisited, all characters are +18 and the main protagonist now can be a Human or a White Fox, all characters are re-drawn and all routes will be different and finished. Some routes haven't changed a lot, but some of them are being completely rewritten. So yeah, that's the difference.

If you wanna see NSFW scenes, only the Original MOrenatsu have them, Revisited will focus first on finish all routes, THEN, they'll make the NSFW scenes, those are expensive or costly to make.

Developing anything takes time and learning does it too. It took me an entire year before opening my Patreon, to take Godot, learn it, and create a system that would work as a Visual Novel. It has it's perks, but also has the downsides. One of them is that for me to port it to Android I need to manually recreate a lot of menus. 

Either way, keep on studying, Godot is far easier than a lot of engines out there. 

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Sorry for the huge delay.

Update: The issue was that I upload the files as labeled as executable, I changed their tags to "other" and this fixed the issue.

I was able to select the build and launch it. So I hope you guys can enjoy it now.

I... Don't think so? I never put anything not even a single reference in-text to Steven Universe.

Just Friends is powered by Godot 3.5.4.

Ren'py was one of the choices but after seeing how big projects like Camp Buddy would start running on that platform I decided it would be way more difficult to optimize code and edit already existing scenes. 

I created the whole visual novel code from scratch to work with Godot years ago. 

Sorry for taking so long to answer: Each answer you give gives, or subtracts points from your affinity gauge. After the third day in-game, if you have enough affinity points, by answering the correct path, you can get into more interesting routes, one of them with Wagner can even lead you to a cutscene.

For guides though, that's a Patreon-only perk, every ten or so builds I update a chart for patrons to use. But there's no public chart made yet. Maybe, eventually, I'll make one for the public, but right now my focus is solely on my Patrons and Patreon content. 

I can give you a tip though: Every time you answer something wrong, 90% of the time the character will have a bad reaction to what you said. That's not a rule, of course, but it is a design choice I made for the first days. :)

I'm sorry to hear that mate. So, the thing with MAC is that it needs a special key that is very, very expensive for me to buy right now, and I can't test it without owning a MAC which, sadly, in my country is considered Elite hardware. 

For now, only Windows and Linux are compatible, eventually I will be porting it to Android. iOS will not be supported for the exact same reason, and I'm so sorry.  Apple is known to be very strict with how people develop stuff for their hardware, so it's a whole expensive, and difficult process for me, considering how much I make monthly for this game. But hey, maybe in the future once the project is at it's end or released on Steam I will be making enough money to buy apple hardware and fetch all the licences to port the games to their system too! But for now, that's impossible for me, so I hope you understand.

Thank you for your interest in my game, please keep following the project if possible! :)

Well, they work on this game for free, while working on the game that ACTUALLY give them money to work on. So we should just be glad they found an artist who is kind enough to donate his art for this project OR that they have the spare money to invest in the project because Art is expensive especially good art, good music, etc. So I'm not complaining, I'm gladly gonna wait for months, even years as long as they keep updating the discord every now and then saying that they are working on it slowly or not. 

Just remember it's very, very hard to make a visual novel, and work on one for free, and give quality work like they are doing? We should be forever grateful. 

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The art alone from someone like Wagnermutt costs 150 minimum, not including background and everything, I only (and recently) started making 200, I'm already working with him on installments at times, plus at the end of the day I'm also handling coding and writing alone, and as you can imagine, I can't pay the bills and eat with 50 ~ 100 a moth, still here I am working on the project with all the love and passion I got and right there to answer everyone's questions about it whenever they need.

So I guess it's quite fair to compare popular VNs making 1k+ a month and me trying to work through mine with the little I got.

The game is Zipped. You need to unzip it.

install win-zip on your system and unpack it. Both files should be on the same folder.

Then run the .exe file.

I'm working on (slowly) an android Version. It will take  along time since it's not what my current patrons want me to, and I'm not making a huge lot to hire someone to help me, so yeah. But eventually we'll have android builds too. I hope. 

There's no install button.

it's two files: One .EXE and another .PCK

You need to extract both of them to the same folder and execute the ,exe file.  I hope this helps.

As I DO think the Morenatsu characters were released to the public domain, the music probably belongs to someone else, so it would be wise to AVOID any legal stuff especially for a fan-project that raises no money at all.

Thanks for your time playing the game. Every time I find some time I try my best to find every typo I did on the current builds, I also use Grammarly to help with those but sometimes it does more damage than help. Just yesterday I was compiling Wagner's first day as an ebook for Tier 4 patrons and I found lots of small typos I fixed on the first day so eventually they will be fixed! :D

Patrons also can send their own corrections in-game for me and I add their name on a revision team in the credits too, so if you're interested, consider supporting the project as a Tier 2+ on patreon! :D

Sadly no. I'm still searching but so far any build I try to export for Mac OS just won't run on any MAC computer, so for now Mac is out of the question. I believe there are ways to emulate Windows on Mac, which would make it possible for you to run on your mac, but so far that's the only way. Sorry.

No. To develop it to android I need to re-work the entire UI to work on a small screen. That would mean creating a different build of the game just for Android and so far the game is not making enough to justify an Android Build. 

I use Godot, and most of the work to make a port is on me, not on the engine itself (like it is for Ren'py), so for now, no Android. Sorry.

Only Windows and Linux Operating System such as Ubuntu, Manjaro  or Mint.

Of course not.

The sole reason every single team always want to do a Remake of Morenatsu, apart form the atrocious writting of the original and stuff that only works in Japan, is because Tora never had his route.

That will probably be the last route. 

I don't remember if they are re-writting the story or using the original script (which I do remember is not the best story ever written) or if it's a mix of both, but I do know writting anything takes a long time. 

I will be doing that soon. I wanted to let the MAC version, but sadly the way making stuff for Apple is, insanely expensive, and I do need a MAC myself to be able to buy the keys from them and all that, and frankly it's not worth it.

Ironically though, my issue this month was with someone wanting the game for ANDROID. I know Android is based on Linux, so I made sure to tell on the main page that the game only works on LINUX OPERATING SYSTEMS ON PC. Just to be sure haha. And at this point the MAC version here is insanely outdated. 

Thanks for the advice though.

At this point I will be absurdly glad if they finish the writting and then add cutscenes later on. Making a Visual NOvel is a tedious, long and super expensive project, art is not cheap, and since they are re-writting new stuff and making sure they can have two scenarios, one with a human and another with a fox for Hiro, that work is doubled. The same for artwork, if they will implement a system with Hiro as both human and fox, that will take a long time and it will be quite expensive, volunteer or not, the time they lose making this game, making assets for the game, etc, is taken away from their free time since they need money to survive. And any other projects they have with a Patreon or a Donation system or wathever, the money raised from those projects are to be used on these projects alone, so there's that.

Let us just be glad a team decied to actually make an effort and create a quality visual novel with a good visual artstyle that is close to what we had but at the same time, different so it's not the exact same game. Morenatsu had way too many problems they are trying their best to fix here. XD

I did answer you there and I already checked the scene, and found it's not having any issues for me there. I also sent you a message explaining what could be, but I'm almost 100% sure it's a save-file issue. The version you guys can play here is 10-15 builds earlier than what we have on Patreon, and I did code new stuff in the game from that much time. I do recommend every time you grab a new build, to just start a whole new save. The Skip Dialog is a feature that saves constantly what dialogues you've read in each route you enter, so even if you start a new save, you just need to click skip and as long as the route still exists in the newer build,  you will be able to skip the same number of dialogues you had before. So it's quick to get back to where you were.

Sorry for the delay.  If anyone else is reading this message and having the same issue with any build, public or not, remember to always start a new save and see if the issue persists first. 

Do you know the original morenatsu?

I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to play Torahiko's route together with the other two that never had a route before. And I'm sure as hell that they will release his route last. Especially since they are changing stuff, so the story is not exactly the same either. 

Just wait, maybe in a year or two we'll have the stories done, and we still need the CGs too, which are expensive on their own XD

 Oh, that's interesting. Good to know.

Game in development. A lot of place holders are inside sometimes, just to fill every part that should be used in the future, even if it's not used. You always should only expect to complete galleries and any other stuff if a game is on version 1.0. 

Sadly no. For now there are no plans for an Android release.

Well I did add the versions to the TAG section. If it's not working, give me a heads-up so I can check what I should do. Thank you for your feedback. 

When you click on DOWNLOAD button, you can select your version. The last MAC working version was the 0.21. I'm really sorry for not being able to keep up with the MAC version. 

(1 edit)

Hello there. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. As much as I wanted to fix this issue, that's impossible given this version of the game is an older version, it's impossible for me to fix it. All I can suggest is for you to wait for the next build to be released which will be in December, or to become a patron and grab the latest build of the game if you want to support the project. I'm sorry again for the inconvenience. 

For now, I am removing the 031 for MACs here and restoring the 023 instead because that version seems to be working. That's all I can do so far, I'm sorry. Again, I really am. 

Sadly you're right. The game engine does support android at least but that means months of coding and testing to make sure touch commands works on it. And also recreating the entire UI to work on a tablet or phone screen. Right now the menus would be too small even if I make touch compatible. 

Unless my patrons decide to ask for a android release I won't focus on that since I release updates monthly for them. 

And about iOS I doubt it would happen even if I make the game compatible with Android since Godot so far does not support iOS. Sorry. 

Hm, I never owned an iPad so I have no idea if the system is the same as the macOS. However, since the iPad is a mobile device, big or not, made to work with a touchscreen, I doubt any of the versions would work on it. The only way as far as I'm aware would be for you to download the files for the PC version (windows), or the Mac Version (MacOS) and play them there since the game is not at all compatible with touch-screen devices. 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

One of the things I kinda hate of the original is how different the CGs are compared to the sprites. It doesn't need to be the same, the sprites usually have more quality, but when the artist style is absurdly different from one set of art styles to the other it became quite jarring to look at them. 

I'm not oposed to you all using what works on the original, I would like to see certain routes getting more love compared to the original, for example Kouya's route is one of the most simple ones since it was one of the first finished ones. If you're going to add three endings for other routes, just do it for all of them XD.

I can't wait to see the entire cast with the new art style though. Good work guys. 

Then be ready to wait, it makes no sense to make the only two routes that were NOT in the original game before the others, it's like, releasing the only thing that is actually holding people here in the first place before finishing the project XD.

Hey there just to be sure you know I already answered you there. If you still need help just talk to me there and I'll do my best to support you. Thanks for becoming a patron and supporting the project!

It depends on the patrons actually. I could make the game run on Android, however that would take a lot of time out of the current focus of development, so far I work based on what my patrons want to be added to the game. It's not out of the question, but it's not something I plan in the meantime either. Sorry.

First question: Yes, this game is meant for Adult Audiences there will have NSFW scenes eventually. Since artwork cost a lot of money it takes a while for me to get enough to pay for more art. There is some written content that is very much +18 already.

Second Question: Yes, you need to become a Tier2 patron to access the latest build. You can also suggest corrections with the latest build as long as you give your current Patron Name (username on Patreon) when sending the suggestion, accepted suggestions puts your name in a special list in the credits as one of the Revision team members. And every build on Patreon is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. I can test the Linux and Windows versions, but I already had some Mac users there that assured me the MAC version works too. 

On Patreon, you will have a new build every month, usually, the new builds come with new story segments or bug fixes, new features when they can be added, and so on. 

And ah, your name will be permanently added to the credits once you become a Patron, even if you help the project for only one month, so remember that. If you want your name censored or removed from the credits you need to report that after you become a patron. :D

Anyway, I hope I have answered your questions properly if you have any more doubts don't hesitate to ask, I'll answer you as soon as I get the notification in my e-mail. 

Thank you for trying it, I'm really glad people are getting interested in the project. Thanks again for your time! 

The current public build has a very complicated base resolution, and usually, some laptops and older monitors would not achieve it. It was a mistake on my part, that kind of issue was fixed on the next selected public build so I'm sure from the next update forward you won't have that issue.

By using Window-Arrows you can put your current window in any position on the screen, left, right, minimize and maximize it, and I'm sure that will work for the game since the game has a built-in code that should allow the game to work in any window resolution from 800x600. 

Next month I'll have the next public build posted here, so if you wait a little longer you won't have any issues like that again. 

And remember: Patreon Builds are the only ones I can actually fix bugs since it's the most recent one and the only one I truly have access to fix issues. Sorry. 

That depends. I'm pretty sure the game has a credit scene so if you were at the end of his route you would trigger the credits. This could be a bug. Next month I'll be uploading the next public version and I'm sure this issue will be fixed. 

So far I would recommend you to choose other options to see if the route ends abruptly I may have committed a mistake there where the game is trying to go to the next route but it's not sending you anywhere. 

On Wagner there is a route where you would get a crash after selecting a choice.

So save the game frequently so anytime you find issues you can go back and select another response. I can't fix this build because it's literally ten or more versions older than the current one for patrons. Sorry.

There Is no Android version right now. Creating an Android version would take a lot of time and currently the new content is selected by patrons they usually vote for bug fixes or new story content. 

this happens if your window size is a weird resolution. All tou need to do is press windows key + up. That will maximize the window. 

Yes there is. When you select download the site will ask you to pay something. That's completely optional just select 0USD and then click download it. Then the site will let you choose between three versions one of them is the windows version all you need is download and extract the files to a folder and play the game by executing the .exe file.