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This game is pretty good! The animation is smooth and the art is pretty. AND I can play it without closing the tab immediately out of fear! And also, [ENDING SPOILERS BELOW]

I can't believe you pulled off 2 plot twists. I was surprised when I clicked on the door in the balcony and she said "No, I need to go" Like, yeah we're leaving through the door, how do you think we're getting out of here? I then had an idea and clicked on the broom, but dang, I had no idea that was the reason she was there.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for the hint! I did find the underwater room before this, but I never thought of bringing the needle with me! Also, can I ask? The dancing, explore the room, and the needle ending didn't have a name I can click on to bring me back to the beginning. The name of the guy in the cave also kept on changing (at least, when he introduced himself. He did consistently say he was Raven when I asked him who he was). Were these intentional? 

Ah, thanks for telling me! And yes please, I think I need another hint. I'm not good at figuring clues out.

I'm really curious if I can do anything with the needle or if you can actually survive Nienevin. Also, kitten ending superior

Your kind reply really made my day. Thank you. Wish you luck on your journey!

So uhh... I checked the bonus content and, well... there's only one thing I gotta say...

COME ON!!! /j (seriously though, this also happened to me in a Backrooms wiki, and NOW in a game!? Not mad though, just surprised.)

Now, on the game itself. It was kind of too hard for me, and I wish there was an option to adjust how fast the ball went. Although that's probably just me being terrible at playing games and being too impatient to practice.

10/10 best ending ever

I'm not good at giving hints without giving too much away, but here's what you have to do:

Go through all the posts, you'll see someone mention they live with Ella. Then scan through other people's posts, there is someone who says something about going to that person's place. They'll also mention the address.

I finally know who Lady Jane is! (not Adrian though, I'm still having trouble with them) If you're still struggling, here's a hint: Her last name is the largest city in their county. The answer itself isn't in the game, it'll only mention the county they live in, so you may have to look it up. 

(Side note: If you already got through the day and know how to find Adrian, please let me know. I'm lowkey desperate)


This seems to be very...


I don't understand Indonesian, but I still had to play the game because, well, it was too cute to ignore. And I wasn't disappointed! Although I can't understand the game's dialogue, the game itself was really cool! And I really loved the art!

This game just classified me as a worthless human being and honestly I don't think I can disagree with that notion

How do you scroll/switch E to U?

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I never ever expected to know how anglerfish fuck, and I'd especially never expected to know that this way

Edit: I'm shipping Angie and Anastasia and no one will stop me

This is very froggers (ba-dum-tss)

Mine is 5500

I really had fun crashing cars! I also found out I can murder people, which made crashing cars even more fun!

I don't even know who Clint is but I love this


So uhhh, I got the final ending, and dude bro, I am SO sorry. Also I was lowkey surprised I managed to turn my phone off, I barely manage to get through things like these without watching a playthrough. I was so nervous I literally checked the man before and after every single question in session C. I don't know if that was what made the the ending trigger, but hey, at least it worked out!

I found the mechanics (I'm not sure if I'm using this word right) of the game quite unique! I'm starting to get the hang of it, and so far my highscore is 86. I can't get far, but this game is pretty enjoyable!

It looks really cute!

I genuinely enjoyed murdering people with eggs just because I didn't want them to order bread. Jokes aside, this game is pretty cool! I just wish I had more time to make the bread.

Unfortunately I couldn't type in things like this and every time I press any key it just spells to *insert statement that was supposed to appear since I forgot*

I didn't really need this since I'm not making a fantasy tea, but I gotta say, autumn nectar sounds pretty darn good.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't an old man cursing me into a meatball using spaghetti. I love it.

I don't hate Jerry and I'm not irritated on the stupid things he keeps on doing! Is what I wish I could say, because at this point it's hard keeping him alive and I wish I could just let him die. I did manage to finish the game but I hate Jerry. Like, I actually pitied him at first and had nothing against him, but now I know, JERRY SUCKS. AND I HATE HIM.

I love how the summoner is just not taking this seriously. And their dynamic is amazing!

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I just made an account to write this comment and tell you how hard the menu song bops. It REALLY bops and if I can put it on loop  I definitely will.  The music in this game is awesome, but since I'm a noob at games I can't complete a whole song. But it's really nice to have a lot of options, it might make it a lot easier for me to learn playing this game.

Edit: I finally got the hang of it!