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We have a new version (version 1.4) on, if you have problems with it, you can write to "st dot mader at gmx de".

We are working on a version 1.4 with the "file name correction" you suggested. Turns out we had to use extra petscii characters for this, so you might have to copy the d81s together yourself when the fix is ready (on your c64/plus4 setup). I'll ping you back soon. Thanks for the good idea/suggestion.

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The C64 has an excellent sound chip, while the plus/4 has one of the simplest sound chips I know. The C64 has built in sprites which makes it much easier to make games with the C64, on the plus/4 you have to create the sprites of the opponents/players with your own and therefore slower routines. But. The plus/4 offers about 121 unique colors (expandable to about 200), while the C64 only supports 16 built-in colors. The plus/4 is said to have a faster processor, but because of the more expensive graphics, it is not much faster than the C64's (in reality only around 1.25x). Both computers use the same instruction set, it should not be an unsolvable problem to convert games from one to the other, since almost all the code for it can remain just the same.

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You can watch the longplays on youtube. Some guys already uploaded some longplays there. I hope you are able to finish the game. Actually there is just one "small city" location left for you somewhere on the big map. Good luck!

We'll release a commercial version somewhen soon.. There will be a lot of additional content in that version (zip and box). We will not put out additional stuff with the free version.

No, you would have to play the game from the beginning. Sorry, but 1.1 is pretty much the same like 1.2, except that some (mostly non-critical) bugs have been ironed out. The main bugs of version 1.1 are broken saving of some Easyflash devices and not finishable SD2IEC version.

Solo la versione sd2iec non può essere completata nella versione 1.1

Hello Luca! In the Dark Tower, you'll get a message from Nora if you've flipped the right switches. So you don't have to leave the room to check if the switches worked with a good result.

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If you downloaded version 1.1 from here, saving to Easyflash may not work. You can go to and download version 1.2 or wait here until version 1.2 appears and then try again. Saving is done via Gomez, a guy you meet in the village who secretly follows you through the game. However, you have to solve the very first quest before Gomez can save your progress (using version 1.2 of Lykia, of course).

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This seems to be a dead end. Version 1.2 will be released here today. The Easyflash support is now fixed in version 1.2, it is now saving propperly on all known Easyflash devices. And e.g. SD2IEC is now completeable (Gerda preselected on SD2IEC). Easyflash has now saving so the problem is gone for the crt.. Did you use the crt, or the disc version? I'm very sorry, but if saving fails, there is no way to finish the game with the old version. I really have no idea how to fix the bug in the old versions :( Sorry for the big inconvenience!

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For Eliona you need to find a place on the map (Pories in Tronden may have a clue), Gerda is also one of the women you should check.

we publish updated versions on However, the last versions were buggy. You can expect a version 1.2 in the next week...

Common D81 disks feature a maximum of 296 files. This is far too few for Lykia.

Just tested the Easyflash support on Vice (emulator) and it works fine, no problems with saving there. It has been reported to work fully on several real Easyflash devices already. Maybe you need the latest KungFuFlash firmware? If there are further problems, you can use the bugtracking.txt files link in the zip file, or write to the eMail address given on top of that linked GoogleDoc.