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For Eliona you need to find a place on the map (Pories in Tronden may have a clue), Gerda is also one of the women you should check.

Thank for the answer. 

My issues are more technical now. 

Im using retro arch and have been unable to save direct to disk since the beginning (failed to save)and there is no option to save to a user disk, so i have been using save states but I need to load so i can go back to gerda and load disk 3 data. 

Any help would be appreciated as I can't seem to find a solution elsewhere 

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This seems to be a dead end. Version 1.2 will be released here today. The Easyflash support is now fixed in version 1.2, it is now saving propperly on all known Easyflash devices. And e.g. SD2IEC is now completeable (Gerda preselected on SD2IEC). Easyflash has now saving so the problem is gone for the crt.. Did you use the crt, or the disc version? I'm very sorry, but if saving fails, there is no way to finish the game with the old version. I really have no idea how to fix the bug in the old versions :( Sorry for the big inconvenience!