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it,' not the best but good for 4 hours for a beginner 

I will try to take my time making it better 

stay tuned

i began working on it like 3 hours ago wich me luck

10 min should be enough

great story but the game was not in the same level

great idea but not easy to find food

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

I will start :

Top 10 games for sure

good game needs more polich but overall a good game 
also needs more level and a reset button

i want to use in a board game for gmtk jam

cool pack

Easy yet great game

Great game and really good graphique

Pls try my game

Pls try my game

A orb eating alien

You can use Firefox

Or use the link i put for downloading the game

the best thing i saw this year

very cool 

good game i had so much fun but i think it's too easy

Playing my game will be really appreciated

Pls play my game and thank you

Try my game pls


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good game with a relly nice idea

but the problem that it's not addictive enough

Wait for it I am still working on it

you charge the jump by pressing pressing Space then when you stop pressing it you will jump 

My english is not that good

Good game but a little hard if you repeat it all when you die

Try my game please

check my game my game please