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Absolutely adorable art and such an interesting idea! Nice work!

Such a great idea and a sorrowful experience:< Thank you for making this game✌

Even though it's in progress, the game is already so engaging! I'd love to play the final version✌

Amazing idea!Well done🙌

Thank you for playing our game Anxiety Monster!:) your timer idea is great! If other team members have enough time to spare for the game we may improve the UX, fix some bugs and make a better control for the game

Really love the game idea and visual. But the control is a little difficult for me. I think you could do it with a key for hammer and another for rod instead of switching the weapons.

Thank you Mike! Thank you for your comment:) I was so excited about your comment because it's actually first online comment about the game and I am so happy that you like the game :) I hope we can one day make this idea a big one with a lot of juicy rewards. Again thank you for your support

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Hi everyone :)

It's my first time publishing a game on and I am so excited about it! Can't wait to see your feedbacks!

Garden of Silence is an arcade game in which you control moving lines by raising and falling of your voice. You are meditating in a zen garden and control winds that are moving in the garden. avoid obstacles to go further. It may not sound like that but it's really fun to play especially if you are with a bunch of friends! :D

The game is under development. We are not currently working on it but I love to get a proof of concept to maybe continue working on it in future.

I really appreciate any feedback :)