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The following command worked for me:

xattr -c /Applications/

Have fun :D

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So excited to see someone playing like this :D 

It is in fact a design goal to make "leaving it alone" possible. For that I also revised the colors several times to avoid disturbing scene.

The top right corner seems some bug, though... Hope I can get some time to fix that.

Glad you like it!

These are all good additions. I may make some updates and add some options in the near future.

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It is snake-like so you could play just like a normal snake game.

But please don't! In this game, you have to act like a spade to dig the seemingly meaningless super thick "walls".  After that real food will be spawned and you can eat it to earn points.

Two players can battle with each other under such rules. Take the best strategy for you: safely accumulate points, take risk to earn more, disturb the board or chase your opponent... and avoid sudden death. link:

Some screenshots:

This game brings much much fun and is so addictive! Simple mechanism derives lots of micro skills which makes the game worthy replaying (again and again!).

A minor issue: some gaps cannot be passed (may be problem of collision calculation?)

Thanks a lot :)

Glad you like it! Thanks!

Thanks a lot! Will keep improving the game.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm very glad that you find these issues. It is intended to leave a black "gap" while eating up the orange, in order to force a player to make some difficult movements (like a sharp turn) to connect the route. The yellow food at the cross issue is known and hopefully a better spawning algorithm can avoid it. Currently you can only follow the pink route without any digging to eat that food, or keep eating fake(orange) food so that more yellow food fill the neighboring areas.

Music & sfx are also what I wanted! Thinking to include some electronic styled pieces.

Many thanks for your encouraging words! In fact I have been developing small games in spare time for about one year but haven't published them. I may use more and submitted a few previous work in a few days.

I have to thank Godot for the good support for multiple platform :D

Thanks a lot! I have plan to further develop the mechanism. Will publish the updates as soon as I add something interesting :D

You are a genius LOL

Thank you very much! :D

Thanks a lot again :)

Thanks a lot! I like your games (they are always inspiring) so it is a great pleasure for me especially. :D

Glad you like it! In fact I was a little worried about the idea at first since the rule of dying is not that straightforward.

Polishing the game is on my plan:  some graphics, some music, a more compatible web version at least. If my spare time permits, I will also try to explore the possibility of two player mode.

Unexpectedly thrilling... Immersive and very easy to start (and die and restart).

Love it! It is quite different feeling to guess rules by action, instead of taking action by rules. The stage to verify gamers' guessing is simple but elegant.

Really interesting to play! Love the rhythm of smooth moving and turn based battle. Very good concept and solid implementation. The graphics and music are minimal but also well completed in my opinion.

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Why thrown to the universe and died immediately by an asteroid when I was just skating???

Having fun and saving people. A win-win game. :D

It is clever and fun to play! I like the minimalistic but lively snake btw.

The game brings lots of fun. Incredible that you finished it on 3 hours! I only managed to complete the core idea without any graphics or music :-/

Hi I have uploaded the Linux version. Please feel free to try and comment!

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Yes it is browser playable! I exported it using Godot 3.1.2 and I think there may be several problems:

  1. The browser should support WebAssembly and WebGL2. Recent versions of Chrome/Firefox/Chromium should work.
  2. The downloaded and unzipped html5 version should be served through a web server. The simplest way will be invoking `python -m http.server` if you have python3 installed.
  3. About 12mb of files have to be downloaded before the game launches in browser.

I would like to add the Linux version but the uploading always failed. If you still cannot play the html5 version please let me know. I will tell once the Linux version is uploaded.