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thanks you for playing!, i hope you found the good ending XD

Thanks for playing our game!, also thanks for subscribing!

we hope you will grow!, thank you!


Thanks for playing, thanks for the feedback!

good idea!



thanks brrrro!

can you find GOOD ending?! Thanks!


haha thanks bro!

wow, this game is amazing!, the idea of ​​the game is good, but to wait for the bus is very long, or give some interactive so it’s not too boring, but this is already good, i got game knowledge from this game!, thank you majik!

Thanks! xD

just silent install


Thanks Bro!

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Good game, but the handling of the car is too slow.

Add sensitivity bar to set sensitivity,

This game is good, Cool Developer! Good work!

we just want test the new software, thanks bro!


Windows or linux?

Wait while we release our new game! (under development)

its horror game, so some time will scared you… Just kidding Download NOw:D and Relax!

thanks bro!


I’m very sorry for the disappointment of this game, we made ALL the images, shapes & sounds only by ourselves, and also we coded by ourselves, sorry, look forward to our new game which is better than this game (Under development)

  • YapGamedev

Very very thanks a lot!!

try to escape from the chase in the hallway, and you get a good ending!


try to escape from that chase

kinda sus… :D

No bro, just like that, we made this game to practice our skills… thanks for playing!

thanks you bro!

Hi imZyll51 thanks for the suggestion, we YapGamedev are looking for a solution to build our game for linux…wait for this game update!

Hi DragonExplosion

Thank you for playing this game!

Thanks for the suggestions for this game, waiting for our new better game and longer story.

Thank you for creating this short game for your gameplay content

We really appreciate it,

Cheers, I hope YouTube grows fast :D

Hi, thank you very much for playing this game!

yes we understand this game has a lot of flaws, we work less than a week, and we are alone, but our passion is not limited to a few people and time, but our passion starts with you …

Thank you, your video is cool, many have secret messages and we understand …

Thank you very much for playing this game, I hope you enjoy this game! support us to make horror games better than this!

Cool game!, this game is good, the atmosphere is good, it’s just a shame on the performance, on my potato computer, this game is a bit laggy, so the player doesn’t feel comfortable for long, but the game is still cool!.

Random Overflow Good job!

/- YapGamedev;

Thanks bro, you are cool😅👍

Thanks for playing❤️‍🔥

it’s okay bro, keep your computer safe

Thanks you so much for PLAYING this game!, i hope you like this free game :D, look forward to our more horror and cool games.