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Can you give us the screen recording video? You can do it via YouTube video and send the link here…

Also, if possible, please include the specifications of your computer/laptop, thanks.

Thank you for playing, I know about the bug but I’ve fixed it but the bug hasn’t been solved.. Sorry for the lack of playing experience..

Hello GabboE03!

Thank you if you really want to be part of us, but I’m very sorry, the game language is fixed in English, meaning the language cannot be changed…

even though I know the English in this game is too standard because English is not my first language…

After the launch of the game I actually want to add multi-language, including our native language, Indonesian.

but unfortunately if I really force myself to make that cool feature, all the game dialogue will have to be revised, I mean it’s like I’ll change all the dialogue text one by one into the desired language…

Not because I don’t want to try it, but I have tried it and it takes a very, very long time, the more language choices, the more time it takes..

so I can’t change the language in the game yet, I know that’s because my knowledge in game development is still not extensive.. thanks =)

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Makasih saran nya!, aku suka video kakak, tapi saran aja kayaknya lebih seru kalo kakak nya pake facecam kayak dulu lagi… makasih sudah bermain!!!

Thank you for the encouragement! I’m an Indonesian citizen, I’m not American, I understand what you mean. Thank you for giving me encouragement! I will always develop my games, I will continue to learn to master Unreal Engine.

Can you give a reason why the game won’t run?

thanks for playing!

thanks you!

thanks for the tip!, I’ll try because making checkpoints is not that easy, but I will try to make sure that each of my future games has checkpoints.

Thanks for the advice!

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Thank you for your support! Try to feel like a 16 year old kid making games while being a student, staying up late every day from afternoon to morning, only getting 2-3 hours of rest, then continuing with full day school =)

BTW Thanks for playing!, now try my lastest game called Replace the Lamp 2, now available for Windows & FREE!

Thanks for playing!, sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll fix it as soon as possible =)

Thank you :’)

Thank you very much bro!, that really helped me =) Thanks for playing!

your dog looks kinda scary

Don’t hesitate to comment! Give your suggestions for this game!

thanks for playing!!!

thanks!, thanks for playing!

thanks for playing!!

makasi saran nya bang, player nya bisa lari tapi klo uda dapet satu ending, tapi itu harus di aktifkan gitu, jadi kyak cheat, karena skrip player nya itu uda agak lama bg, itu skrip player nya uda lama ak buat dan pas itu fitur lari masi belum penting, jadi kalo di bikinin fitur lari, aga susah, dan kemungkinan harus ngulang projek nya hehe, tapi tenang, di game gua yg akan datang akan ada fitur lari, udah aku perbarui skrip player nya, sekali lagi makasih banget udah mainin dan saran nya bg!


thanks for playing!

Thanks for Playing!!!

Thanks you =)


makasih sudah bermain bgg! =)

Thanks for playing!, you play older version of the game, and in that version I forgot to turn off the “dev Mode” in the game, so when you press the shift button, the game will speed up the time up to 20 times, sorry about it, I have handled it and has been updated to version 2.5

I was too tired when publishing this game on I didn’t have to sleep for about 20 hours, I didn’t rest after developing the game but instead published the game, as a result a few things I didn’t pay attention to, And I didn’t test the game first …

And also I work alone, there is no team, but well the game developer is my hobby …

so sorry for the bug ..

thanks =)

thanks for playing =)

thanks!, looking forward to the game, maybe next month, because I’m trying the latest version of unity =)

thanks for playing! walking speed is automatic, so at certain times the walking speed will change using the code in the game

sorry, for the Korean language I don’t understand and haven’t learned anything about Korean, sorry, thanks for the advice


Thanks you!, I will fix it ASAP!

thanks for playing!, I enjoyed your gameplay video, thanks :)

many reasons i am using untiy 2021 version

One of the reasons is that the Character Controller that I have can’t run on Unity 2022, or in the latest version, there are lots of bugs that appear if I force myself to use the character controller that I made from the first time I made a horror game.

For the first time, I made the character controller from the Untiy 2019 version, and I chose the 2019 version of Unity because before I was still using a potato laptop,

And as for the bug, I can’t find the bug, can you provide a video clip of the bug? It will really help me to develop the game better.

Thanks =)

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sorry, i forget to turn off the dev mode 😔

now it’s safe from any bugs, thanks for letting me know about that!

omg, i think i forget to disable the “dev mode”, sorry about that!


thanks =) thanks for playing!

thanks for playing!!!