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A member registered Jul 12, 2020

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Good stuff! Simple and polished controls and compelling premise! Good job!

Thanks a lot!

Beautiful art and music. The puzzles are challenging and rewarding. Great job.

That was fun! Simple and easy to understand; very difficult to complete. Great job.

Charming art and funny concept. Sometimes the chickens are flame resistant though, and that is a touch concerning.

Interesting mechanics. Spooky atmosphere. Needs a pursuer. Keep working on this one!

Entertaining mechanics with a very amusing premise! Music is a touch repetitive but a charming game nonetheless!

Brilliant! Love the music, art, and sound effects! Very challenging and entertaining. Will play again.

Cute art and a fun premise! Needs wolves. :-)

Clever idea and a compelling mechanic!

Digging the platforming and the wall jump! The beat drop caught me by surprise and really got me hyped to continue playing! Good job!