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Wait how do you get the new CG on Ray's route ? I'm not on the "corrupted" path of Dave right now.... do i need Dave to be corrupted to get the CG ?


Okay nevermind i did Ray's route all over again with the same choices i made before and i got it.
For some reason when playing a new update it's like the choices i made earlier are nullified and Dave's back to neutral with the love interest (i don't know how else to explain it). It's like the persistent file of the game is reset with each update or whatever it is. 
Not a big deal on my end but i do wonder if it only happens to me ?

Aside from that it was a great update and a very sweet scene with Ray so thank you !!

It worked !!!!! Stupid me accepted Hyper's date (of the last update) and it made me go back to hugo's halloween event. I just had to decline his offer so now i have access to Dagio's halloween event ! 

Thank you for your time and your response :D 

Hi uuh for some reason i can't access Dagio's halloween event... played a new game, even tried to reinstall the game but to no avail. I accepted Dagio's offer after the phones that calls i didn't answer, so it would normally lead me to Dagio's route right ? Am i doing something wrong ?

The story is becoming crazier and crazier (in a very good way of course) with every update holy moly what is happening ??! That cliffhanger is cruel by the way 馃槶

Buuuuut i'm so hyped for the next update !
Thank you for this amazing update and have a wonderfull day !!

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Spoiler !!! (well more like hypotesis but still)

Well this adds a whole new perspective to the story. Were Michael (Templar) and Jacob (the black wolf) friends ? Or at least acquaintances ? Something's telling me that Jacob didn't want to kill Templar but i'm getting ahead of myself with the assumptions.

Poor Nick finding himself entangled in all this mess.... too much going on to know what the hell's happening, and the fact that SPEC is trying to recruit him.... i don't know why but i get the impression that SPEC isn't only dealing with super heros here, and that Templar's death has indirectly something to do with them.
But again with the assumptions...

A really exciting story and i'm hyped to read what's comming next !

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Hi, i'm getting the same error as well. I tried to reinstall the game, even without the persistent files but i gets me the same error message.

I just saw Pierre sprite and we can clearly see him wearing a jockstrap hehehe... 

your welcome :p

Wow... just wow ! I got chills during the scene with the demon... 

The mystery, the fear, the description of something that cannot be described, the feeling of extreme dread from even THINKING about it, the fact that we can't even look at it and got no other choice than triyng to imagine what a demon might look like, THE SOUNDS OH MY GOD THE SOUNDS !!!!

I've rarely been this immersed into a game than there holy crap that was something on another level !!!

Mar can't ask for a better welcome damn !!!

Loved this update thank you and have a good day <3


But.... maybe it's Apollo......? But that would make no sense ! Or maybe it makes sense because Apollo wanted to see the concert and say a proper goodbye to Tai and Adrian.....?
I guess we'll see in the next update.

Loved this one by the way ! And Roux and Roo being together.... they are soo cute !

Read this post, it's pretty short and effective at explaining what's going on about Russel

WHAAAAT you can't leave us with that cliifhanger AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god that cliffhanger at the end...... WHAT DA HELL HAPPENED I WANNA KNOW it's driving me crazyyyyyyyy !!!

That was to say the update was awesome and i can't wait for more !
This VN is soo good and only getting better and better !

5 level points and 300 gold

Tried that, making sure i only had the latest version and it didn't work.

I unnistalled everything in the game's folder, in the %appdata% folder, in the itch app. I kept my old saves and persistent files elswhere so it didn't interfere and didn't put them in the game's folder after freshly installing the game again. I tried to make a new save and press "suppr" (or 'delete' in english cuz i'm french lol) and it gave me the same result ; i still can't delete saves in-game.

I don't know if this happens only to me but it's not really an issue since i can delete the saves directly in the game's and %appdata%'s RenPy folder, only a very tiny minor inconvenience.

Thank you for you time anyway and have a good day :)

Ok so i noticed this a couple of updates ago... it seems that i can't delete my saves in-game anymore.

In order to delete them i have to go to the game's appdata folder AND the game's renpy folder '( in the %appdata% folder) and delete  the saves from there.

In any other games i can just delete the saves in-game but not in ToS... is this normal or is it intended ?

SPOILER (kind of ?)

I feel like Sentinel was a second father to Chad during those 10 years he can't seem to remember. After what happend when Chad and Fred got searated, maybe Sentinel took care of Chad for some time ? He's definitely connected to Chad since he seems to know him.

The last scene got me the impression that Terry (Chad's dad) was beating him...... I may be wrong but i could see some sings that maybe it was the case... If Chad has PTSD when he sees a metal bar on an empty hand then that's a solid clue for me. Along with Terry's demeanor during the flash back.

Anyway, lots of mysteries and unanswered questions, i loved this update and am looking foward for the next one !

The appdata folder is separated from the game folder and i think it's not exclusive to the app, before i started to use it i downloaded the games directly via the site and i had an appdata folder. If i uninstall the game in my games folder, the files in the appdata folder aren't deleted, so if i re-install the game i get to keep my save files and my progression (read text), at least that how i understand it (i'm no expert hehe).

I remember buying a version of the game for like 5 dollars just before it went on hiatus last year (?), but i didn't have to buy the limited version of Lars special episode, i just downloaded it and now i wonder how could i do that if this version of the game apparently wasn't free....? And i don't remember if i downloaded it via the itch app or via the itch site but either way i got the game folder and the appdata folder so i don't know what else to say

I did yes but it didn't work, when i loaded a save or played the episode all over again i wasn't able to see the 'one time' scenes so i just deleted everything in the appdatta folder and reinstalled the game completly. It made me loose all my progression (% of reading that we can see at the 'about' option in the game) but i was able to see the 'one time' events all over again

Had to reinstall the game but it worked ! And it was Interesting (even tho i didn't understand what was going on but i guess that was on purpose).
Thank you for your time and have a wonderfull day !

PS: Anders day 8 actually made me cry, and it takes a lot for me to cry sooo... man good job !

What files do i need to delete ? 

I don't really want to mess up the game files but i'm willing to try so i can at least witness the scene you've wrote, I would feel bad to just miss it because of my mistake.

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Don't read this if you didn't do Lars Special Episode

Sooo i have a little problem. In Lars special episode i accidently rolled back during Walter's dream, and i can't see the dream again.... Is it intentionnal ? And is there a way for me to see this dream scene again (well actually too see it  for the first time) ?

I noticed this mutiple times during my sessions, one in Mark's route during the early morning he invited Walter to the park and another one in Gil's route when Talbot speaks to Walter just outside or the scool if i remember. There were brief flashes, like screen bug flashes or something, but when i try to see the event again, it just isn't here anymore.... I feel like it's part of the plot since Walter has memory issues and the more we try to see (like roll back and see the scene again) the less we actually see. I bet our minds will be completly blown once we reach the climax of this VN.

By the way this is just genius story but right now i'm missing something i couldn't witness so i try not to strangle myself too hard for now haha.... pls help

PS : Loved this VN since i started to play like 2-3 years ago, love it even more now ! Keep up the amazing work and have a good day/night !

Damn the "karen moment" was golden haha

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How do i get likes from Tank ? I didn't beat him by having sex during the bandit's camp quest, but can i get likes from him at the fishing village ?

Something that did the trick for me

when the same number show twice, one above and one below, choose the one below

when the same number show twice, both above or both below, choose the one on the right

I don't know if it'll work for you but it did for me so i hope it helps

I never went back to Solitude after freeing him so i didn't think about it hehe... Thanks again and have a great day :)

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Hi, first of all i love the game, not gonna make a book of a review but i really enjoy it to the fullest, so thank you for making it !!!
I do have a question tho.
I seem to be missing 4 characters in the dicktionary and 2 cards of the strip lucky collection. Any idea of how to get the rest of them or is it not yet implemented in the game ?

PS : Also, can we see the dragon Dodoro again outside of the dicktionary and if not, will we be able to see him again at later updates ?

Mr. Plow hehe..... oooh Diego, you're in for a good(?) time

"The beer...

....It's good"

I almost died laughing so hard 馃ぃ


Who the hell is that guy at the end of day 8 ???! He better not do anything to Gil !!!!

Well now i wonder what is this "interesting thing" about but i'll wait for next update 

OH NO 馃槼

Wait until you try Tai's route.... your mind WILL be absolutely blown away (in a good way of course)

Well yeah sorry about that hehe....

But seriously Adrian CAN'T handle both at the same time right ? I know it's furry world and all and inside's anatomy is "messed up" but there's just no way right ?
.........RIGHT ?????

We know that Tai said Lukas was big.... like even among his kind he is "extraordinary" (his words) sooooo... considering Tai is hella big as well i don't think Adrian could handle DP from them..... right ?

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I hope there is gonna be a "Tales Route" for one of the spicy moments between the two of them

I mean Tai and Lukas

.....also, i wouldn't say no to another tales route with a threesome between Tai, Adrian AND Lukas...oh boy that would be beyond hot

That cliffhanger..............


Hooo boy.... what an update ! This time i'm not gonna go crazy with a 10min reading comment so i'll keep it short :

Let's say that the "answers" we were all looking for were actually more than answers for me, and it pointed at things i didn't even noticed until it was mentioned, so i'm really satisfied with it and most importantly, not dissapointed because GOD DAAAAMN THE HYPE WAS KILLING ME.... anyway...

After the hole "explanation" thing ended i really appreciated the following part, witch had a very "light" (idk how to say it otherwise) and cheerful atmosphere compared to the previous updates, so it was a good resting point where we could ease our mind with some normal life events such as being invited in a frends house with a little crazy caring gentle parents hehe..

Excellent update as usual and still excited for the next one, but i'm not gonna die of crazyness desperately wating for it since my mind is more at ease this time.

Take care !!!

I laughted so fking hard reading this update hahaha !!! Maaaan this was good karma !

Also i love Sidd, so don't you DARE hurting him again !!!!! (i'm looking at you Calder)

I kinda imagined Logan and Adrian becoming friends, but i was pleasently surprised anyway that they ended up banging AND managed to be friends (with benefits too and that's one thing we ALL wanted to see lol) in those unorthodox circumstances. This part of the update felt good, sooooo good that I (like many other surely) just fell in love with Logan....

Now for Tai i don't know what to think really.... I guess i still wanna know exactly what's up with him (and spencer) and his VERY secretive life he cannot share before i make up my mind. The 'official' break up part, well.... i felt bad for Adrian, but maybe not as bad as i should... ? Idk really, i might be thinking it's not really the end (witch it isn't right ?) but something about this moment felt odd to me... it doesn't make sence but maybe i'll be clued why in the next update ?

Anyway, stunning work as always, loved every bits of this update and looking very foward to the next one where we'll FINALLY get some god damn deserved and needed answers XD

Have a good day!