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I tried to install the game through the itch app on a linux laptop. It didn't want to, gave a few errors and then I tried a manual approach.

Downloaded the game directly off the page, and after making it executable, it ran fine. Problem is, I couldn't change language, and when I tried the keybindings option to check controls, the game crashed.

Bug report aside, I just wanted it to run in portuguese to show it to a friend. Is this available in the itch version?


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Something weird happened. The Itch app doesn't seem to be translated to, or doesn't seem to like Brazilian Portuguese.

I changed it in the app and the window just goes black. I tried running the updater and no luck. Trying reinstalling the app.

edit: I was able to fix it by finding the configuration.json file and removing the "Lang" parameter. Seemed to happen also on european portuguese, but not on spanish.

I have the game on steam, but whenever I see a pixelart game, I wonder...
"What engine does this game run on,? Would it run on a raspberry pi?"
The second question would most likely get a "no", but I can dream.

Oh my gaad~ yeeee xD

This is niiiiiice! Thanks for your work!

Still waiting about that link.

It's an engine you need to learn at least a thing or two to mess with. I can't begin to imagine how full of lost people this place would be with the program being open. 
Unlike some other development tools out there, this is heavily focused on coding and how to use the most of it in a limited enviroment. I want to learn more, but I'm just using it to run the games on a raspberry for now. Also, most of the games are free anyway, with a select few being actually sold somewhere. Konsairi being one of them.

This thing ties my brain in some weird naval knot.
10/10 would bend the strip again

This is a 2 in 1 topic. I like pico8, but there's something extra about PQ93 that caught my attention. Not sure how to explain yet. Are there any project page/forum to find some of the games made in this? 

For the linux crash part, I just tried launching and it didn't even open. Sent a report through the itch io report system. Also, a shame that the raspberry projector/port is on ice for now :c

No, I'm not a dev, simply another player that does like to mess with things to make them work in the weirdest places since I got a PSP.
That said, also no, the BIN file is a genesis/mega drive ROM because this game was originally made to be able to run on the system. Just like Pier Solar has a genesis compatible version.

About the missing library not being included with the game itself, I believe it's a thing about linux games in general. They MIGHT install additional libraries for you, (specially if it's steam stuff) but more often than not, they won't. When they don't work, you need to check for log or launch them from a terminal to know what kind of error it spits out, find out how to install what it needs, restart if necessary and try again. It shouldn't be as tiring as "missing .xna package, install from microsoft site" but it feels more tedious or like it is extra work because we're likely not used to it.

I get what you mean about "don't get extra packages unless you trust them" but I personally don't mind it much. I've used way too many sketchy software in windows to be worried about everything I'm getting on linux. I dunno, it just feels safer?

It's basically an old library, I'm just not sure how to install it either. 
The command should be as follows

sudo apt-get install libpng12-0

Thing is, like I said this library is old and may not be found by your system. Not even Wine saves this one because the graphics get messed up. At the very least it comes with a Mega Drive rom version too so it's the one saving option for us Linux users.

If anyone knows how to work around forcing installation of older libraries, please do elaborate.

I need to check out this Jam, but your game was featured in some Youtube channel picked from the top 100 general games of the Jam. Good going!

Action rpgs, not even 3D ones, just sidescrolling/platform ones with light rpg elements and good combat. Stuff along the lines of early "Tales of" games and Odin Sphere.
If there was a decent battle system for rpgmaker xp i probably would've tried to make a game in that in the past.

Isn't this above 1700 items now??

I could learn a thing or two here. While not a game developer, but a creator in general, I had my drive diminished to really low tiers. This reached the point where I can't do art or write anymore, and I WANT to make games. I have such great ideas, but with the barrier of learning how to code and the whole lack of energy for creating brought up by a ton of unfortunate events, I just couldn't make much for the past MONTHS. This has been going since before the whole pandemic (and cop bullshit, lemme add) happened.

You can also make a .sh script to run things. It ends up working like a link to the program itself, and is very useful for new linux users and raspberry users alike, since it's so easy to find examples of.

The game won't load from the itch app on linux, even tho I got it through the Racial Justice Bundle.

Thanks a ton, fren. I'll join the reddit page to be able to search for other games if I run into issues!

Alright, the program/script thing is new to me, but I couldn't find anything about minit on their site? From what I get of that, I download and install the ./ thing, make it run the installer...? Thing is, the installer is the .deb version which you said was broken. And I need a script from the site or something, but it is not listed for minit there.

I'm very thankful for your help up until now, but I'm not making any progress, just getting frustrated. Was the script shared in some discussion board?

I'm using the right version, downloaded the 64bit file, used some instructions to put it on the /dev/lib folder and linking the libraries through a command...
No deal. I'll try to restart my pc, and if it doesn't work, I'll try to install both 32 and 64 versions on the sepparated folders. 

Any extra help is appreciated.

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You can setup the app, it works a bit like Steam, albeit more limited. It still helps with managing downloads and keeping your library more accessible. You can always just download the games and extract them manually anyway, most of these do not have instalation files like ones purchased from GOG, they're just zipped.

Games for a different system, say Windows, can't be downloaded directly. You need to download them externally, extract the zip or run the exe file through wine, and then you can just run the game, again, through wine. 

Aside from Minit, I didn't have much issue with most games I tried, specially having the second option of running the windows versions. (running Kubuntu 20.sumthing~)

I noticed the bundle does -not- give steam keys. That said, I can work around the download issue by just manually downloading from a browser. Still not sure why the app is so annoying with the downloads.

Thanks to that, I can't play Minit at all on Linux with barely any way to troubleshoot it. When this happens, I can try to run the windows version through wine, but in Minit's case, not even the windows version works.

I still need to test more, but couldn't use a gamepad with it out of the box. Some witchery may help, maybe through Steam.

Oh, this looks so good! Does it run in the background?

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality had this game, and while I can download the correct version just fine from the site, the app won't let me even get the full version, only detecting the demo. Guess the app is just not so well-mantained.

Also, I can't find a single steam key for things that are supposed to have steam keys on this bundle. 

While I have not yet seen the tilesets yet, I'm sure they can be edited and added to the rpg project easily. Or at least effortlessly since it should be mostly copy/paste on any decent image editing program to fit what the intended RPGMaker version needs to read.