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I'm having a few issues between mic detection (but that's mostly a system issue rn) and hotkey detection. It seems to not be able to detect keys at all. I can either run it as super user (yes, I'm in Linux) or run it normally and have a chance of it detecting my mic but having no hotkey usage.

The devs are preparing to go to a con really soon, so they might have some stuff slowing them down. It's in one of the recent devlogs.

Now I regret not going to that event. It IS expensive af tho.

I guess people having issues thanks to some recent linux update? I've been using 1.4 for literal years now. The 2.0 version was not working, but 2.0a did. Make sure all the requirements are installed.

I'm pretty sure the files are basically .zip files. Try to open it up on 7zip. If it doesn't work, check if you can save/export the avatar as .veado file instead of .veadotube and try again.

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Ok, same? My mic works fine, but PNGTuber+ doesn't seem to detect it? How can we change that?

edit: I just found out where to change the mic, you need to be OUTSIDE of the edit mode, with the transparent BG. There is a mic icon in the corner, and you can select different options in there. One should work for you.

On the OBS discord server, someone was able to test the transparency setting with a setup that IS working. Veado doesn't work with the transparency vkcapture setting. The veado transparency setting isn't actually becoming transparent at any moment, just keeps the checkerboard pattern.

Well, it finally runs on my 22.04 Kubuntu. I even was able to install the gamecapture plugin, but it isn't detecting the transparency setting. Either that, or the transparency setting isn't going transparent on Veado2.0a. There's a checkerboard pattern, and I think that's how it worked before on windows too, but something isn't working.
I tried adding it to steam to launch it with the recommended command, but with one set it doesn't open, and with the other it launches, but transparency doesn't work.

Has anyone had luck with it on linux? The scale setting is at least enough for me right now, keeps the avatar consistent.

Look, the 2.0 version didn't work at all for me, I need to still try version 2.0a, but 1.4 still works flawlessly. I don't think there are enough new features on 2.0 (there's certainly some tho!) compared to 1.4 to force you to update. That's why it's still there to download. I'm still using 1.4 like RIGHT NOW.

Can you post a screenshot of how you set up the pngs? Might be easier to see why it may be wrong if we look at the program itself.


A lot of people got pico8 on the bundles three years ago, but no one got a key for it. We don't have a way to link it to our lexaloffle account. Will this ever be possible?

Y'all really missed the 5 bucks bundle 3 years ago. It was SO worth it.

Another user answered this:
> Capping the frame rate with RivaTuner lowered it to under 3%.

You can also wait for version 2.0a, which will fix more stuff like linux version issues and memory leak issues.

Same here. Still on 1.4 although it doesn't close correctly right now for some reason. Well, better not closing than not opening.

If 2.0 is anything like 1.4, you're trying to load a whole avatar. To add your pngs to it, you have to click on the states themselves, then on which part of it you'll use (open/closed eyes/mouth) and that should open a window for you to load your image. If that doesn't work, then try clicking the pencil to edit its properties.

That's the neat part: You don't! The old version works still, and a lot of people are having some issues with the new version, independent of OS. It'll come around, but it's not something you should worry about instantly.

I was about to suggest to build it versionless if possible, but that works too.

Oh no... I can't run the new version. My Linux is probably too old for that. The good news is that by the end of the month I should be able to make a new install of my OS (been meaning to anyway) and it should work then.
To linux users, if you run into the following error, your OS is probably too old as well. Don't try updating this, things are going to break badly.

./veadotube_mini: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by ./veadotube_mini)

It makes me feel like there's on-foot gameplay, like no man's sky. There isn't, right? This is just ships, right?

I'm gonna get the demo anyway, but I need more all-terrain space games, with on foot, small vehicle/mech suits, fighter and utility ships, and motherships. No Man's Sky and Starbound are peak space game for me, and I need more in that vein.

I have to say, the dogfighting and ship designs look great tho, and this runs on potato pcs (from the steam specs) and on linux too. That's good stuff right there.

I believe this is because the program/game listens to your keyboard/mic input constantly. It is safe, something similar was reported in the past.

It's certainly something on your end, unfortunately. I'm on Kubuntu 22.04 and use it daily. Make sure everything is up to date on your system, and if possible try in another one.

Wait, you're using C#? Godot supports that! You can probably port Veado easily to it!

Focus on PROBABLY. But considering it's a smaller scope project, it shouldn't be that painful to adapt it.

Someone made another png avatar app based on godot. They have some interesting stuff (and proper linux transparency support <3 ) but there's a lot of weird stuff in it and only one sample. I really like Veado better and am planning to properly support mini with a purchase since the full version isn't out yet. I just like the things you did better.

Y'all can't mark it up as exception on windows defender BEFOREHAND? Not that it was an issue here, running linux.

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Didn't the video show that this is already in (change sprite during animation)

I agree with the use of animated files tho. Gif, apng or webm, anything that can add a bit of extra to the model. I have to say tho that the transparency works flawlessly on Linux, and I was missing that from the other one.

I'm not sure HOW I could use it tho... Been using another one and I kinda like the restrictions, but this kinda does what that one is planning to do in the future.

Now I have to decide if I'll use this, if I'll keep using the old one, if I'm going to do it MANUALLY via OBS, or if I just go full 3D. what have you done to my amphibian brain???

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Wait, I thought this had a demo because of SAGE :c

It was unfortunately/fortunately cheaper to buy the game bundled with DLC on Steam. One of the few games worth buying twice for compatibility (not like I paid much for the first one anyway)

Ai mel  delz, elas são colegas de quarto <3 

Assim que puder eu vou jogar, talvez em live kkkkk

You just execute the .exe file? Or are you using another OS? IT just opens instantly with the mascot as an example avatar.

Late response too, but I ended up buying the game again on steam because it plus the DLC at a discount would be cheaper than getting the DLC here on itch io. Mostly because Steam has regional prices for me, while Itch doesn't.

Not complaining tho. I'm having a blast.

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The game is great, so I'm obviously looking into it, but... Can I purchase ONLY the DLC from GOG? 

I mean, both versions are drm-free, and I got this one from a bundle, but the prices differ a lot since GOG has support for my local currency and Itch doesn't. I wonder if I buy it there, download and do a manual install, it could work? Just want a confirmation before I do dumb stuff.
(there's also the Manlea DLC there that just made me ROFL xD)

Doesn't seem like it, since I don't have the game on GOG, I can't purchase the DLC. Now that's annoying.

The game is great, so I'm obviously looking into it, but... Can I purchase ONLY the DLC from GOG? 

I mean, both versions are drm-free, and I got this one from a bundle, but the prices differ a lot since GOG has support for my local currency and Itch doesn't. I wonder if I buy it there, download and do a manual install, it could work? Just want a confirmation before I do dumb stuff.

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I want to support this project some more, but I'm so broke

You need to adjust how well the green screen filter is working on your avatar. Might need to up it a little more.
Other than that and maybe cleaning your image, there isn't much more we can do when this happens.

Not anymore, I guess. LOL

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oh no...
local hosting is a nightmare in my country for some reason. The game looks super interesting, but maaaaan
edit: I had to switch to playing it on windows when doing multiplayer, but IT IS SO WORTH IT
Gotta find a way to do easy multiplayer on linux and I'm set.

Then why not switch to Linux in the first place?? With proton and wine, probably more games work on linux than on macos nowadays.

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I have a question for linux users. Has anyone tried using the obs-vkcapture plugin with Veadotube?
It seems the transparency option in veadotube only works with the game capture option in OBS, but that's not available in the Linux version of OBS. Technically, that plugin fixes that. I wasn't able to install it yet.
(Obviously I can use it with green chroma key and it works fine, but I wanted to try that just to see how much I can make use of transparency in it)

Your computer issue is having windows on an older pc. Get a manjaro on it and have fun :>