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removing the grave stone so you can go far enough to see the X is part of the puzzle I think

did you get the 3rd lantern by using the shovel randomly? because there's an X made of glowworms.

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Good job finding the treasure! that was the most secret thing in the game!

yes it was. it really was. 


this is already great

I couldn't figure it out until I looked at the controls. 

X, V, or M: Dash/PICK UP/THROW

you can grab arrows after they've fallen and use them to set off traps. you can also carry them in between levels

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there are a lot of rescuable cameos in this game. like over 15 i think. 

...or was that part 2?

225 is my best score on normal mode

then don't pick the "cursor is invisible" curse



I tried to beat 3-13 with the first tile type being empty. I did it :)

my best time is 12:15

my best score is 960

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if you want spoilers then move all of the gibberish one key to the left

the puzzle that made me feel the smartest was the one with yjr vsmmpm smf yjr pyjrt od;smf. 

my favorite ;smyrtm ;pvsyopm was the C ,sfr pg h;peept,d pm yjr ;ohjyjpidr od;smf ejrtr upi jsf yp ,pbr gst sesu dp yjru djpe i[. 


I also liked the puzzle that esd vsmmpm [;id pyjrt od;smf [sty yep r;rvytov npphs;pp. 

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Was not expecting this game to turn into a bullet hell.

not complaining though

never mind I figured it out. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked for help with this clue before figuring it out without the help, I would have two nickels. which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice. 

I can't figure it out. I found a buoy with no seagull on it but that's about it

let's goo deathless hard mode 3:58 with 47300 points

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art I made of this game I made a little over a year ago. and by art I mean I took a screenshot of me playing the game and attempted to make a 1:1 replica of the image I took on a random online pixel art website. 

the weird spinny thing with the fire was an arsepain because the first screenshot I took that part was blurry so I had to take the screenshot again but I moved a tiny bit and it looked different because of the moving layers in the background so I had to try and move back and more slightly painful things occured such as having to keep the forklift wheels consistent with what I already made and the page reloading. 

I fully agree. 

why the heck did Eclipse give Vinter the board game?

why is there no pause button

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kinda funny how when the elder is talking about how stupid you are for hitting the gong, one of the endings he talks about is ironically the worst one out of all 10 endings. 

I decided to try and find out how many layers of background  there are in the main room and counted 9. is that correct?

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wait...Vinter? this is in the same universe as Planetaario?


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oh this snake looks familiar...

it looks like the snakes from the second-to-last level of planetwo


this game makes me feel smart

I mean the fact that jumping forwards is always the same angle and general distance. I like games with more control in the air

I want a sequel. 

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tip for each attack

flowers: just be smart

cards: stand so there is a gap between you and your clone. any distance is fine as long as there is a gap. when a card approaches one of them: 

if the gap size is 2 long, move up twice quickly. 

if the gap size is 4 long, move up twice slowly.

if the gap size is 6 long, move up then down. 

lasers: there is always a safe spot. 

coins: just move in a really big circle. you don't need to pay that much attention to the hat that the clone throws at you. 

actually because why not here's some tips on the next phase too.

5 hat attack: have a gap between you and your clone that is exactly two tiles. move up quickly when the opportunity presents itself.  edit: you can actually do it with a gap of any size. two tiles long is just the easiest to visually time. 

lasers and cards: the laser attacks are identical  to the ones in the previous phase, except the lasers appear simultaneously instead of one by one. quickly find the safe spots. the fourth set of lasers will stay in place and pretty much lock your horizontal movement while another clone does the card attack. it's the same as the normal card attack so you can still just move the same way depending on your location. the only exception is if you and your clone are forced to be right next to each other. in that case, it's impossible to not get hit. 

those are the only attacks in the entire phase. good luck

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my best record is 3:44 no deaths

best on hard mode is 6:04 2 deaths


it's hard. it's fun.


I have an amazing theory: the main character did the wrong spell. that would explain their distress and the concerning amount of dynamite. 

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there should be an upgrade that helps with popups. maybe an upgrade that has a chance to auto click the x. or just buff the trail upgrade so that it can click popups because right now the trail is pretty bad. 

also I think the invincibility frames for the files is too long

nice game

how does the card game work

spikes lose their hitbox after like half a second. you can walk through them after that