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Ending was completely out of place to the point it felt like trolling.

This game looks super cute and sweet and seems like something I would love, but I can't event get past tutorial, when I get a task to take 2x sugar and 1x egg and to make a cake all I can do in that room is choose bake from a memory and then cook and when I do that game crashes with message "Script 'Cooking Window #Memory' line 113: NameError occurred.  undefined local variable or method 'cookstart' for #<Scene_Cooking:0x89ec7a8>" Tried a couple of different things but there doesen't seem to be a way around it, I hope you fix those errors, I would really like to play this game.

Additionally, I didn't quite get it from your description, but is this a demo version or a full game alpha/beta version?

Hi there,

No worries about late replay, it happens sometimes, I understand. I am happy that you took a time to replay at all, many devs don't.

I am aware of "The Masquerade Killer" and I had been keeping an eye out for it, if that is a commercial VN you are talking about, at a time that I made comment I don't think you had made it official that it will have a GxG route in it, but I found out about it later.

Hope you continue with making of good VNs, and hope you enjoy making them as much I enjoy playing them.

Posted in AIRIS comments

I had finished Everea route yesterday, all 3 endings, and I must say I love this game very much. Character designs are beautiful, romantic events are very sweet, setting was nice and that plot twist after Aliya founds out the truth about her blackouts was unaccepted and very interesting, I liked characters personalities, especially Aliya's, I loved how she is both feminine and strong. I wanted to say a lot more but for some reason once I actually started writing words just aren't coming to me, but basically I loved nearly everything about this VN I have very little "complains" about it, and those aren't even really complains they are more a few things I thought could had been improved. One of those things are action/battle scenes witch I thought could had been more exacting, now I understand this is not an action VN and I am completely fine with it that way, but I thought since there are already battle scenes/events there could be something more to them. Another thing is that I thought that there could be additional events between some events, I am not saying that they are really necessary but I did find myself a few times thinking "Oh I wanted to see what happened in between" like in between an event where guild talks to the king and event after that in a dungeon. The last thing are CGs, those seemed to be of a lot lower quality then the rest of the game's art and I thought it's a shame since art for characters was so beautiful.

It's funny how while I have mostly positive things to say about this VN I spend half of a post talking about things I thought could had been improved instead, but like I said in beginning I really loved nearly everything about this VN. I am also very glad that a VN witch is generally aimed at girls [otome] included a GxG route, if you ask me more of GxG VNs aimed at girls are always welcome and I hope we will see more GxG routes in your future VNs.

A really great VN! Probably a best free short VN a had read. Are you guys working on any other VNs? I can't seem to find much on your group, is there any place I can fallow your work?

Also since you say you appreciate a feedback I might mention one minor complained, when Ada and Martha talk after they had escaped from goblins and Martha asks Ada if she isn't interested in man everything was going in direction that Ada is interested in woman and what actually turned up to be a case really seemed out of place for me, maybe it is just because I knew it is a yurijam game so I fully expected it to be yuri so when Ada says she was interested in man it was really disappointing for me. Aside from this there might had been a few other lines that I thought ware a bit out of place like when Martha fought an ogre and says she has to slay it because if she doesn't he will continue to kill innocent bypassers seemed out of character, especially since the primary reason she was fighting ogre was to bay time for Ada to escape so I thought that something along the lines of she has to fight an ogre to buy Ada time would be more fit there, but those are mostly supper minor complaints and the only one witch was pretty disappointing was the first one. Still a great VN, I hope to see more from you.

As for my opinion on the game itself, I thought that girls are very cute and it was a very interesting plot but unfortunately it really felt to me like I am just reading a short summary of a whole game rather then a game itself as everything happens way too fast.

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When I try to extract a game it says files Icon and Game/Icon cannot be extracted (Tried downloading again still the same), the game is still playable but it doesn't have any sound also after a bit in game I get this error:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File "game/avaRoute.rpy", line 250, in script
show a big surprise at left
Exception: Showing 'a big surprise' is ambiguous, possible images include: a surprise big, a surprise big, a surprise big

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File "game/avaRoute.rpy", line 250, in script
show a big surprise at left
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\ast.py", line 1061, in execute
show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, "atl", None))
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\ast.py", line 1033, in show_imspec
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\exports.py", line 536, in show
new_what = renpy.game.context().images.apply_attributes(layer, key, name)
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\display\image.py", line 530, in apply_attributes
return self.choose_image(nametag, required, optional, name)
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\display\image.py", line 580, in choose_image
raise Exception("Showing '" + " ".join(exception_name) + "' is ambiguous, possible images include: " + ", ".join(" ".join(i) for i in matches))
Exception: Showing 'a big surprise' is ambiguous, possible images include: a surprise big, a surprise big, a surprise big

Haunted Heart's Mystery 1.1

It is possible to chouse to ignore it and to continue reading.

Also the extra options in menu doesn't work and I am not sure if this is a bug too when I get someone's romantic ending the Girl whose ending I got appears in a menu but when I get other girls romantic ending after that she disapires from menu and the girl who's ending I got after that appears in her place and no meter what I can't get a 4th girls ending (as there are 4 shadows in menu).