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A really great VN! Probably a best free short VN a had read. Are you guys working on any other VNs? I can't seem to find much on your group, is there any place I can fallow your work?

Also since you say you appreciate a feedback I might mention one minor complained, when Ada and Martha talk after they had escaped from goblins and Martha asks Ada if she isn't interested in man everything was going in direction that Ada is interested in woman and what actually turned up to be a case really seemed out of place for me, maybe it is just because I knew it is a yurijam game so I fully expected it to be yuri so when Ada says she was interested in man it was really disappointing for me. Aside from this there might had been a few other lines that I thought ware a bit out of place like when Martha fought an ogre and says she has to slay it because if she doesn't he will continue to kill innocent bypassers seemed out of character, especially since the primary reason she was fighting ogre was to bay time for Ada to escape so I thought that something along the lines of she has to fight an ogre to buy Ada time would be more fit there, but those are mostly supper minor complaints and the only one witch was pretty disappointing was the first one. Still a great VN, I hope to see more from you.